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Improvement in Plows.
Patent for improvement in plows: "The invention consists in so attaching a revolving disk, cutter, or colter to the beam of the plow that it will rotate on its own axis, and vibrate laterally, to accommodate itself to the line of draft or direction of the beam of the plow; also, in the means used by which the revolving cutter or colter is attached to the beam of the plow, and having the means of swiveling or turning in the beam to accommodate itself to the line of draft of the plow" (lines 22-31) including illustrations and instructions.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for an improved seed-planter "which will deposit the seeds in the requisite quantities and proper distances apart, and which will cover and mark the bills, so that a plowman will not be at a loss where to start at the commencement of a new row, and after having passed around tree-stumps or other obstructions, as he can always see the marks on the preceding rows" (lines 16-23) with illustrations.
Improvement in Machines for Operating Pumps.
Patent for a new and improved water pump operating system. The patent includes an illustration and instructions.
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for "a gang-plow, which is so arranged that the beams can be adjusted sideways and up and down at will, and can be permanently secured in any desired position in either movement." (Lines 17-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a coffee roaster that intends to "supply a ready and cheap means of effectually stirring the grains of coffee while being roasted in any convenient and suitable vessel...(lines 6-9). The patent includes instructions and an illustration.
Improved Ditching-Machine.
Patent for improvement in ditching machine which “consists of a boring or ditching-auger, suspended from the frame of a truck, and having an enlarged head projecting in advance of the truck, and rotated, so as to bore out a groove as the truck is moved along, screwing the earth taken back through a trough, to an elevator which carries it up to a spout, chuting it to one side.” (Lines 13-19) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Sewing-Machine.
Patent for improvements to the sewing machine. The patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Sewing Machines
Patent for "a new Improved Sewing-Machine" that "has for its object to provide more useful and efficient machines than those now in use."
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for "constructing and arranging a gang or series of plows in one frame that they may have an adjustment on the supporting-runners, and a means of self-adjustment vertically, so that they may be set for furrow-slices of any given depth, and any one of the series may give way to an undue resistance in the line of the furrow without disturbing any other of the plows." (Lines 20-28) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for improvement in cultivators in which the plows can be adjusted by width, height and laterally to regulate the depth and angle of inclination. The plows, which can be operated by a foot device, may be simultaneously thrown from the ground. (Lines 73-76) Illustration is included.
Improved Compound for Treating the Human Hair.
Patent for an improved compound for straightening, softening and renewing the human hair, ingredients and proportions are listed. No illustration.
Improvement in Hay and Cotton-Presses.
Patent for improvements in presses for hay, cotton and similar substances, by making the machine portable and the box that holds hay or cotton is adjustable vertically and horizontally. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for improvement in cultivators by using adjustable screw-rods from the ends of short laterally-vibrating levers to suspend the cultivator-beams in the front; the levers are arranged to be operated by an attendant’s feet. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for improvement in cultivators by making all the beams that had blades attached to them adjustable by a lever. A roller is designed for covering the seed and smoothing over the ground after the seeds are discharged by a slider which is operated by a crank-shaft near the end of the machine. A detachable revolving stalk-cutter can be used for cutting stalks on the ground by means of a suitable connector at the rear end of the machine. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Clevises
Patent for an adjustable clevis, consisting of a hinged loop and an eyebolt.
Improvement in Cotton-Hoes.
Patent for improvement in cotton-hoes for the purpose of saving time when spacing and thinning cotton plants by providing an angular handle with bent arms that can be attached to the back of the hoes. The hoe is made up with three separate cutters with spaces in between to allow young plants equally spaced in each row. The middle cutter can be removed when second thinning is needed to avoid injuring the plants. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cotton-Picker and Cleaner.
Patent for improvements in cotton-picker and cleaner by using rotary breakers combined with fixed breakers to break the branches and outer coverings of the cotton in the bolls. The cotton then passes through an “inclined-way” where the rotary breakers are spirally-arranged on a concentric cylinder to carry the cotton out of the cleaner. (Lines 69-75) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Cotton-Plow and Planter
Patent for improvements to cotton-plows and planters.
Improvement in Cotton-Plows
Patent an improved cotton-plow with curved flanges, with illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Plows.
Patent for improvement in cotton-plows by making the plow blades curved for the purpose of breaking up the land to prevent the plow from clogging. (Lines 27-30) The plow can break up the soil and laying off seed-furrows simply by reversing and removing the blades to a different position of the frame. (Lines 59-60) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Stalk and Cane-Puller.
Patent for improvement in stalk puller by using “two pointed teeth or prongs peculiarly constructed, and secured to a suitable handle to which an adjustable fulcrum is connected, in order to allow the implement to be manipulated by persons of different statures and strength.” (Lines 18-22) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Three-Horse Equalizers.
Patent for improvement in treble-trees by using “two stretcher-loops that are jointed on the double-tree at points on each side of the centre, so that the strain is not at one point, but somewhat distributed.” (Lines 42-44) “The loops can be adjusted so that should there be any material inequality in the strength of the three horses, one can equalized by arranging the loops accordingly nearer to or further away from the centre on either one or both sides.” (Lines 45-49) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Hair-Triggers.
Patent for improvement in fire-arms by arranging a hair-trigger on to a fire-arm that have a guard and a trigger without alternation of the interior mechanism of the gun-lock; it is not necessary for the application of a fly in the hammer to prevent the catching of the trigger in the rest-notch of the hammer. (Lines 11-19) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Hair-Triggers
Patent for a hair-trigger for firearms.
Improved Power-Apparatus for Vehicles
Patent for "improvements to powered vehicles with combined rim-wheel(s) in combination with a truck(s), resting upon the inner and lower part of the rim, and supporting a carriage-body or frame, crank-shaft. with one or more pinions, and guide-rollers." (line 8)
Improved Compound for Destroying Vermin in Cattle
Patent for topical medication to kill screw-worms in livestock wounds.
Improvement in Lamps
Patent for the construction of a combined oil burning lamp and candlestick.
Improved Machine for Breaking and Scouring Hides
Patent for machinery for tanning animal hides.
Improvement in Oscillating Steam-Engine
Patent for improvements to steam-engines that employ oscillating cylinders for the drive-shaft.
Improvement in Plows
Patent for improvements in the construction of plow-beams to be attached to the front axles of a wagon.
Improvement in Apparatus for Slaughtering and Curing Meat
Patent for the design of a facility to slaughter, pack, preserve, and cure meat.
Improvements in Velocipedes
Patent for improvements to a single-wheel velocipede.
Coffee and Teapot.
Patent for an improved coffee and teapot, in which the coffee or tea are boiled into the water and then strained out. Included instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Apparatus for Destroying Worms on Cotton-Plants.
Patent for improvement in insect destroyer by “placing a gas-generator on a wagon, in its lower chamber, a fire box is placed for creating sulphurous gas. A bellows attached to its lower end to regulate sufficient air in forming the sulphurous gas.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Syringe for Destroying Cotton-Plant Worms.
Patent for improved instrument to be used to destroy cotton-worms, this instrument “provided with a nozzle, having a fine discharge-passages, through which the liquid is forced slowly, in the form of spray, and that the same nozzle is provided with an inlet-tube, through which liquid can be rapidly drawn into the barrel for filling it, but which will be automatically shut at the commencement of discharging the liquid through the nozzle, and kept shut during such discharge.” (Lines 55-62) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Velocipede.
Patent for an improved arrangement of velocipedes "to allow the use of a much larger driving-wheel than is compatible with the use of pedals that are placed directly on the crank pins or wrists, and to increase the power that can be applied to the propulsion of the machine by the feet of the driver, and the the speed at which is may be driven." (Lines 16-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Velocipede.
Patent for improvement in velocipedes by using “two levers that are secured by a pivot-connection to pendent vibrating fulcra, on each side of the machine, and to the cranks of the driving-wheel; this would develop greater power than can be brought to bear by the placing of the feet of the driver directly on pedals on the crank-pins, or wrists.” (Lines 32-37) Illustration is included.
Improved Anchor for Animals.
Patent for improvement in animals’ anchor in which it allow the animals to graze without being twisted or wound up the rope by using the combination of a swiveled loop and a pivoted loop with each other, and a pin. “This pin is made with four wings, or radial longitudinal flanges, tapering to a point at its lower end and is readily forced into the ground, and easily drawn out, but will resist a very strong side-draught.” (Lines23-27) Illustration is included.
Improved Horse-Power.
Patent for an improvement in horse-powers (tread-powers) by changing the construction and arrangement of the driving wheels.
Improvement in Combined Plow-Carrier and Cotton-Chopper.
Patent for improvement in combined plow-carrier and cotton-chopper by “combining with a plow-carrier, a revolving wheel, placed at right angles with the line of direction of the plows, and provided with a number of horizontal cutters at the ends of its spokes, for the purpose of cutting square across the ridges of earth cast up by the plows, in which cotton seed is sown, and dividing the ridges into isolated hills, each containing one or more cotton-plants.” (Lines 23-29) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Brick-Machines.
Patent for improvement in brick machines by “providing the mixing and grinding-shaft with arms at the bottom, adapted in form and arrangement for pressing the clay through the openings, in the bottom of the curb, into the moulds, below, which rest on ways above a sliding carrier, provided with brackets, for forcing the moulds out.” (Lines 26-34) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for improvement in buckles “which does not require to be sewed to either of the straps which it is to connect, and which will securely fasten and hold the said straps of bands in any desired position.” (Lines 16-19) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Machine for Cutting Stalks in the Field Preparatory to Plowing.
Patent for improvement in machine for clearing cotton and corn-fields of the stalks after the crops have been gathered by “providing a revolving drum or roller with knives, set spirally around it, which cut the stalks of cotton or corn-fields into pieces of any desired length, for the purpose of being plowed under the surface for fertilizing, by rolling it over them.” (Lines 14-19) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Wrench.
Patent for improvements in monkey wrenches.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for improvement in seed-planters that is able to plant different kinds of seed by simply adjust the position of the lower ends of the end-plates in the seed-box. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Spark-Conductors for Railroad-Trains.
Patent for improvement in spark-conductors for railroad trains by using a “horizontal flue in sections and use “other devices to engage and disengage the sections, where by to arrest and extinguish sparks and conduct the smoke, ashes, and cinders to the rear.” (Lines 16-20) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Gang-Plow.
Patent for improvement in gang-plow by using an adjustable slotted cross-bar to enable the “plow-beams to oscillate, so that their landsides are always vertical, however uneven the ground may be.” (Lines 20-21) “This tool can also regulate the depth of the plows in the ground whereby the depth of furrow is adjusted.” (Lines 24-25) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Needle-Threaders for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for improvement in needle-threaders for sewing machines by using an “eyelet-frame that formed by two equal parallelopipeds. These parallelopipeds are being kept together by two springs and may be separated by pressing the pins toward each other.” (Lines 32-35) “The axis of a conical eyelet will be laid in the joint planes of the parallelopipeds, its apex in the front side, its basis in the opposite side of the eyelet-frame, through which eyelet the thread has to pass when the instrument is used and applied to the machine-needle.” (Lines 37-42) This instrument can be used with curved or straight needles. Illustration is included.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for improvement in seed-planters by using a combination of lock-lever, bars, set-screw and a tongue to “construct accurate planters in which the planting may be readily done in exact check row, and which will allow the dropping device to be instantly thrown into or out of gear when desired.” (Lines 16-19) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Hat-Ventilators.
Patent for improvement in mode of ventilating hats, bonnets, and or caps by “providing the inside of the head-coverings, at the point of contact with the head, with a liuing or an elastic spiral formed into a cushion, through which the air can freely circulate around the whole head.” (Lines 28-32) Illustration is included.