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Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This design utilizes a strap-iron binder with notches along the sides that allow for a bail to clamp firmly within them; thus, the bale is fastened.
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for a variety of cotton-bale ties that has has a series of notches and pins that lock together when the ends are brought together.
Improvement in Mold-Boards for Plows.
Patent for an improved design for plow mold-boards that involves using holes and a water pump to keep the mold-board clear of earth.
Improvement in Portable Steam-Engines.
Patent for an improved design related to reversible steam-engines meant to economize the space required by the engine and to provide a firm foundation that will allow it to be portable.
Improvement in Corn and Cotton Planters.
Patent for a new and improved construction and combination of parts used by machines that convert either into a cotton or corn planter, including illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Scrapers.
Patent for an improvement in the construction of cotton-scrapers, "which is secured to the stock or standard so as to project out to one side of the cultivator-shovel" (lines 14-16) including illustrations.
Improvement in Devices for Transmitting Rotary Motion.
Patent for an improvement to devices that transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another. It is comprised of a wheel on a rotary shaft that has has a groove that grips an angular nut mounted on a shaft.
Improvement in Molds for Sewer-Building.
Patent for a collapsible mold on wheels, allowing a sewer to "be built in sections around the mold and the mold moved along the trench as sections are completed" (lines 13-16) including illustrations.
Improvement in Combined Planter and Cultivator.
Patent for a new and improved planter and cultivator with illustrations. The invention furnishes a combined planter and cultivator constructed in such a way that "the seed dropping appliances can be readily detached and the machine adjusted for use as a cultivator." (lines 18-20)
Improvement in Elevated Cable-Railways.
Patent for an "elevated propelling cable-track for the rapid transit of cars in cities" (lines 6-7) including illustrations.
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for "an improved fastening for the ends of bale-bands, whether the latter be constructed of sheet metal or wire." (lines 18-21) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton Scrapers, Choppers, and Dirters.
Patent for "an improved machine for cultivating cotton" (lines 15-16)including illustrations. The machine is used to "bar off, scrape, chop, and dirt the cotton upon both sides of a row at one passage." (lines 17-19)
Improvement in Stone-Dressing Tools.
Patent for "an improved rotary hand-tool for dressing stone" (lines 7-8) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Windmills.
Patent for an improved windmill, including illustrations, consisting of an arrangement of "three stationary sails between arms on central shaft, so as to obtain double or increased power from the air passing through the wheel." (lines 7-10)
Improvement in Agricultural Implements.
Patent for improvements to a corn and cotton-seed planter with instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for 'buckles for harness or other purposes, adapted for connection to a strap or billet without sewing." (lines 6-8)Instructions and illustrations are included.
Improvement in Apparatus for Destroying Insects.
Patent for an "improvement in devices for destroying ants and burrowing animals of all kinds." (lines 13-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Picking Machines.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-picking machines including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-presses adapted for pressing cotton into bales including instructions and illustration.
Improvement in Fire-Lighters.
Patent for a device which allows the lighting of "fires, lights, blasts, &c., by a person located some distance from the object to be ignited." (lines 7-10) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Pruning Implements.
Patent for "an improved implement for trimming hedges and for cutting and laying down hedges" (lines 8-10) with instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Saw-Sets
Patent for an improvement in a device which sets the teeth of a saw, with instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Sprinklers
Patent for Improvements to cotton-sprinklers that provides "effective distribution of poisonous liquids upon cotton-plants, for the purpose of destroying the cotton-worm or other destructive insects." (lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustration.
Improvement in Harmony Attachments for Piano-Fortes.
Patent for, "an attachment for piano-fortes, whereby the musician may play the melody upon an instrument like the violin with his hands in the usual manner, and the accompaniment or harmony by operating the attachment with his feet."
Improvement in Harrows and Clod-Crushers
Patent for the improvement in the design of harrows and clod-crushers.
Improvement in Honey-Boxes for Bee-Hives
Patent for the new and improved construction of bee-hives. Provides instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Sheet-Metal Hames
Patent for improvement in hames by constructing them of sheet metal in order to prevent flatenning and wear on the hame. Explains how sheet metal hames are also flexibile in many attributes and because of this they are beneficial in many ways. Illustrations provided.
Improvement in Toilet-Cabinets
Patent for improved toilet cabinets in order to better arrange "cabinets for containing sewing, writing, and shaving materials and various other articles" (lines 8-10). Provides instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Vises
Patent for new construction for vises that will "enable the vise to be set and secutured in any desired position and thus hold the work in a position convenient to the operator" (lines 8-10).
Improvement in Cotton-Choppers
Patent for improvement for cotton-choppers. Includes specifications and illustrations.
Improvement in Plows
Patent for improvements in the constuction of plows in order to obtain the "best" (line 50) results of "cleanness in furrow, lightness of draft, and facility afforded in constructin the plow" (line 51-52).
Improvement in Strap-Protector and Buckle
Patent for improvements in strap-protector and buckle for harness in order for it to not become cracked or bent. Provides instructions and illustrations.
Improvements in Compounds for Destroying Trees, Roots, &c.
Patent for a new and useful improvements to compouds used in the destroying of trees. Lists ingredients and dosages.
Improvements in Escapements for Time-Pieces
Patent for inprovements in escapements for time-pieces involving levers and duplex escapements as a way of improving force and regularity in time-pieces. Patent gives instructions and provides illustrations.
Improvement in Angle-Plates for Doors.
Patent for a strengthening bracket for improving angle-plates for door hinges, such that the door will be supported from sagging at the hinge.
Improvement in Bale-Band-Tying Machines.
Patent for a device that automatically ties bands of cotton bales by mechanical means.
Improvement in Churning-Machines
Patent for improvement in mechanisms in operating churns. Includes a crank wheel and spindles for churning, as well as a better balanced upright position.
Improvement in Hand Cotton Pickers.
Patent for a new method of picking cotton by hand, whereby 3 spindles remove the fibers from the bolls.
Improvement in Plates for Holding Screw-Cutting Dies.
Patent for plates to hold screw-cutting dies, which allows the threads to be more accurately placed. Dies are also able to work for left handed dies as well as right handed dies.
Improvement in Sheet-Metal Vessels
Patent for a cylindrical vessel made of sheet-metal rather than tin. Including a inward double hanging ledge and two layers of metal soldiered together.
Improvement in Vehicle Axle-Lubricators
Patent for improvements to the design of axle lubricators, in which the oil reservoir is in the rear as opposed to the front.
Improvements in Traction-Engines.
Patent for improving traction engines for use in hauling on farms and farm roads. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Combined Land-Roller and Harrow.
Patent for an improved version of a combined land-roller and harrow that allows for easier cleaning of its parts and adjustment of its rollers.
Improvement in Lever-Powers.
Patent for a lever-power which applies "the power and resistance to the lever, so that they will change positions with relation to the fulcrum as the power end of the lever descends" (para. 2). The relation of the lever with the fulcrum is flexible, and allows for increased leverage.
Improvement in Tape-Worm Medicines.
Patent for a compound called “Tape-Worm Medicine” that is used to “remove tape-worms from the human body speedily and effectually; and it consists in a composition formed from the fibrils of the roots of the pomegranate mixed with water” (lines 9-13).
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for a bale-tie designed to "provide a simple, strong, durable, and easily adjustable tie for bales of cotton, hay, etc." (para. 4), using a hook, a band, and a beveled eye. The hook has a barb attached to the end, and is described as a double hook.
Improvement in Double-Acting Force-Pumps.
Patent for a double-acting force pump that has "single cylinder and hollow piston-rod operate in connection with the upper and lower cylinder-valves, and with a valved piston adapted to have a reciprocal motion independent of and upon the hollow piston-rod, to discharge the water from both sides of the piston with a double action and in a continuous stream through said hollow piston-rod" (para. 2).
Improvement in Medical Compounds.
Patent for a medical compound consisting of magnesia, soda, potassium oxide, manganese, sodium chloride, acid phosphate of iron, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid. The compound is said to treat a wide variety of ailments.
Improvement in the Manufacture of Hydraulic Stone.
Patent for improvement in the manufacture of Hydraulic Stone to furnish and improved artificial stone for use in different purposes that can resist weather changes without being affected.
Improvement in Running-Gears for Wagons
Patent for an improvement on running-gears for wagons.