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Knee Pad for Cotton Pickers &c
Patent for a knee pad for cotton pickers with a pneumatic cushion.
Saw-Filing and Gumming Machine
Patent for a saw filing and gumming machine for sharpening gin saws.
Patent for a tree heater for putting under small trees to protect them from cold weather.
Windmill Attachment
Patent for a windmill attachment that allows the windmill to be operated either by wind or hand power without needing to disconnect the sucker rod from the windmill.
Patent for a cylinder shaped animal trap for small furry animals.
Patent for an improvement to churns. "The purpose of the invention is to provide a novel churn structure embodying a pair of oppositely reciprocating dashers mounted in a common churn receptacle or body and operated from a single crank wheel" (lines 15-19).
Device for Tying and Untying Packages.
Patent for a device to easily secure and release cords used to bind packages, including instructions and illustrations.
Explosive Compound
Patent for an explosive compound made of potassium chlorate, granulated sugar, and alcohol that is not unstable.
Patent for a hair singer that contains the odor and smoke produced by singed hair.
Patent for a piston for use in pumps.
Railroad-Rail Joint
Patent for a railroad rail-joint that does not require holes to be drilled in it.
Patent for a new Railroad-Signal invention. The Railroad-Signal functions as an improved device for alerting locomotive engineers that an upcoming bridge is broken, flooded, or on fire.
Patent for a roof jack that will hold up scaffolding.
Rotary and Method of Securing the Pipe-Gripped Device Thereon
Patent for a rotary drill and method of securing the pipe gripping device onto it to lessen the strain on the drill parts.
Blank for Making Perforated Tubing
Patent for a blank for the manufacturing of well tubing used in water and oil wells.
Patent for the improvement of a churn. The churn has a detachable support and a closure for the upper end of the body of the churn.
Patent for a cotton chopper that can cut plants in hills or drills.
Patent for a new type of quilting frame. The improved Quilting-Frame can be used with a standard sewing machine. The device allows a sewing machine to in seams.
Dipping-Tank for Lumber
Patent for a dipping tank for lumber for applying soda dips to lumber at sawmills.
Electric Alarm System
Patent for an electric alarm system for triggering fire alarms.
Implement for Cutting and Handling Prickly-Pear
Patent for an implement for cutting and handling prickly pear for use in clearing land.
Patent for an impregnator for mares.
Patent for a dog race track where an artificial animal is chased by the dogs which then disappears underground at the end of its cable.
Register and Change-Returner
Patent for a fare collecting machine that also returns change.
Setting Tool for Brads &c
Patent for a setting tool for brads that allows them to be easily placed in position.
Patent for a rein holder for attachment to vehicles that stays securely in place.
Sectional Dam and Flume
Patent for a sectional dam and flume for small waterways that takes the water to a turbine.
Patent for a spool made by folding one piece of material into the correct shape.
Patent for a spring motor for use in operating small devices such as churns.
Stalk-Chopping Device
Patent for a stalk chopping device that connects to plows allowing the stalks to be plowed under the soil and used as fertilizer.
Patent for a door hanger for sliding doors to prevent them from swinging outward.
Fan Spring-Motor
Patent for a portable fan spring motor.
Patent for a sliding bolt lock for doors that requires a key to open from the outside.
Magnetic Separator
Patent for a magnetic separator for use in cotton and grain milling that removes all magnetic particles from the product.
Patent for a plow that can be adjusted to plow to different depths.
Patent for a rail-joint that does not sag.
Combined Rein-Holder and Whip-Socket
Patent for a combined rein holder and whip socket in the dashboard of vehicles.
Double-Action Ratchet
Patent for a double action ratchet for use with drills that allows them to be turned either direction.
Drain-Box for Railway-Crossings
Patent for a drain-box for railway crossings that drains water off of the tracks.
Operating Mechanism for Flushing Devices
Patent for an operating mechanism for flushing toilets automatically.
Patent for a safety stirrup with improved attachment of parts.
Patent for sash fastener designed for windows that will be cheaper and easier to manipulate via a specially designed spring locked upper sash and a lower counter sash.
Patent for a truss for holding a pad in position during surgery.
Patent for an animal trap whose specially designed cylinders play a crucial role in tiring the animal while it is struggling to escape the trap doors Ultimately, succumbing to exhaustion and hastening its drowning in the trap's water reservoir.
Carbid-Feed Valve
Patent for carbid-feed valve for acetylene generators whose improved form allows for balanced feeding whether closed or open.
Valve for Toilet-Basins
Patent for a valve for toilet basins which is specifically placed outside the bowl to prevent the operator's hands from becoming wet when discharging the contents of the bowl.
Folding Feed-Box.
Patent for a folding feed box that may be "readily carried or packed in a small space" (lines 18-19) when not being used.
Combination Rail-Joint and Nut-Lock
Patent for a combination rail joint and nut lock to hold railroad tracks in place.
Concentrated Animal-Dip
Patent for a concentrated insecticide dip for cattle to kill Texas fever ticks made of alkali arsonite, soap, pine tar, water, and ethyl alcohol.
Ice-Making Apparatus
Patent for an ice-making apparatus that both cools the brine and makes the ice.