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Patent for an improvement in spring wheels in which "a maximum of resiliency or shock absorbing power is obtained, with the employment of comparatively few elements" (lines 11-14). The spring wheel has multiple spokes that are telescoping sections of coil spring, held in a distended position to eliminate lateral strains upon the wheel.
Bedclothes Clamp
Patent for a bedclothes clamp to hold covers on a bed.
Patent for a cooking stove that can be easily replaced with a new one if it breaks.
Curtain-Pole Remover
Patent for a curtain pole remover that allows the user to remove or put in place curtain poles without climbing on anything.
Game Apparatus
Patent for a folding game table apparatus for playing bowling type games.
Patent for a hole straightener for use in drilling oil wells.
Mail-Box Hanger
Patent for a mail box hanger for mailboxes that allows the mailman to easily deliver mail to them.
Patent for a plumb level that can have its stock changed.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary steam engine with an improved steam cylinder.
Surgical Instrument
Patent for a surgical instrument for increasing dilation of the uterine cavity and for taking medical tampons in and out.
Automatic Poultry-Disinfector
Patent for an automatic poultry disinfector that is applied to the chickens necks while they are eating.
Automatic Safety-Burner
Patent for an automatic safety burner for lamps that turns off the flame if the lamp is tilted.
Car-Door Mechanism
Patent for a sliding car door mechanism.
Patent for a cotton chopper that attaches to a cultivator.
Patent for a metal desk cabinet for holding office supplies.
Patent for a grain car door that keeps the grain securely in the railroad car.
Liquid-Fuel Burner
Patent for a liquid fuel burner for steam engine boilers.
Metallic Tie and Rail-Chair
Patent for a metallic tie and rail chair that eliminates the need for a wooden cross ties in railroad tracks.
Patent for a valve for rotary steam engines.
Patent for a whip-socket that locks the whip in place.
Patent for a wire cutter specifically for hay bale ties.
Preserved Wood and Process of Making Same
Patent for a process for preserving wood by treating it with various anti-septic chemicals mixed with oil that stops the wood from decaying for a long time.
Patent for a hay-press that has an improved plunger.
Music-Leaf Turner
Patent for a music leaf turner that is operated by a foot lever.
Process of Separating Ores &c
Patent for a process of separating oxid or carbonate metallic ores from a surrounding mineral through the use of a mixture of an oily liquid, water, and an alkali metal.
Patent for a switch stand with a switch signal light to indicate whether a railroad switch is open or closed.
Patent for a vehicle wheel with spring spokes that will not easily break on rough roads.
Patent for a watch case that can have different size clock works put in it.
Well-Boring Apparatus
Patent for a well-boring apparatus that has a rotary drill pipe.
Trolly Catcher.
Patent for simple and inexpensive devices for tripping the trolley pole of an electric car by automatically releasing the tension of the maintaining springs which hold the trolley pole in operative position, so that the trolley pole will drop downwardly shortly after it is displaced from under the trolley wheel and not rise up and break the suspension devices.
Patent for a brooder which prevents chicks from entering after a certain number have gone through the door.
Machine for Cracking Nuts
Patent for a machine for cracking nuts of various types but especially pecans.
Guard-Rail Clamp
Patent for a guard rail clamp. Illustrations included.
Patent for a baling press that packs the bales more effectively than other models.
Patent for a battery connector for providing electricity in homes without being connected to a power plant.
Beam and Shank Attachment
Patent for a beam and shank attachment for attaching harrows to cultivators.
Patent for a wire clothes hook that attaches to walls.
Cotton Harvester.
Patent for improved cotton harvester consisting of the parts, constructions, arrangements, and combinations of parts. Patent includes figures for parts in several views.
Telephone-Call Recorder
Patent for a telephone call recorder that allows the number of who is calling to be recorded when the phone is not answered and tell a person already on the phone who is trying to call them.
Air-Craft Propeller
Patent for an air craft propeller that reduces air resistance.
Corn and Cotton Planter
Patent for a corn and cotton planter that plants seeds in hills of equal distance from one another.
Patent for an oven that cooks evenly and at a higher heat than other ovens with the same amount of fuel.
Patent for a paper guide for paper and carbon paper for typewriters.
Patent for a boring tool that has both a bit and a reamer.
Duplex Water-Gage
Patent for a duplex water gage for train boilers.
Patent for a plow with an adjustable pitch and share.
Reversible Plow
Patent for a reversible plow with a different type of moldboard than other plows.
Roll for Cotton-Gins and Machines for Burring Wool
Patent for a roll for cotton gins or wool burring machines made of rubber and coconut husks that pulls the cotton seeds or burrs out.
Seed Planter
Patent for a seed planter that can plant seeds for corn, cotton, or grain.
Stenographer's Desk
Patent for a stenographers desk that can be put over a typewriter and is foldable.