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Patent for a nut lock to keep nuts and bolts fastened. Illustrations included.
Mail Delivery and Receiving Device
Patent for a mail delivery and receiving device. This invention is designed for use whereby mail bags may be passed to and from passing trains. Illustrations included.
Patent for a motor vehicle of an ordinary farm type wagon.
Rail Joint, Chair, and Tie.
Patent for simple, reliable and efficient means to prevent the rails from spreading or sinking at the joins. Also to provide a metal tie designed to pass through the rail chairs at the rail joints.
Convertible Bed
Patent for a bed that can be converted from a sideboard or a table. Illustrations included.
Land Boller
Patent for a land roller. Illustration included.
Patent for a massage machine which uses air pressure to perform massages. Illustrations included.
Vehicle -Spindle
Patent for Spindles of light vehicles
Patent for an artificial stone beehive. Illustrations included.
Patent for a skate which has a special foot-plate that detaches. The invention is intended to be simple and inexpensive while still effective and long-lasting.
Adjustable Trace Connector
Patent for an adjustable trace connector. Illustration included.
Patent for a chafing iron for passenger cars designed to prevent injury to passengers who place their hands in between the irons. Illustrations included.
Patent for an animal trap and is spring actuated. Illustration included.
Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Patent for an acetylene-gas generator that provides an apparatus in which the parts may be readily detached for convenience in making repairs.
Patent for a float that can be attached or detached from a fishing line and has been improved to prevent the line from breaking. Illustrations included.
Patent for a display cabinet "whereby laces and the like may be displayed and dispensed from the cabinet" (lines 10-11). Illustrations included.
Detachable Shelf for Store-Ladders
Patent for a store shelf for holding goods that is removable and may also be used as a ladder. Illustrations included.
Animal Trap
Patent for an animal trap, particularly desgned for rodents and birds, which is able to trap animals without having to be manually reset each time. Illustrations included.
Patent for a joint for railroad tracks. Illustrations included.
Patent for a plow which may also be used to adjust a cultivator shovel. Illustrations included.
Air-Lock for Mines and Tunnels
Patent for an air lock to remove water, polluted air, and heat from mines and tunnels and force in fresh air. Illustrations included.
Mail-Bag Catcher
Patent for a mailbag catcher to be used with trains. Illustrations included.
Patent for an elevator guide to be used for safety elevators used in mines. Illustrations included.
Patent for a water heater which operates by connecting to the smoke stack of a furnace. Illustrations included.
Patent for a mail catcher that obtains mail placed beside the road and automatically carries it to the door of the car. Illustrations included.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Show Case
Patent for a show case. Illustration included.
Design for a Post for Fences
Patent for a design for new, unique, and decorative fence posts.
Refrigerating Apparatus
Patent for a refrigerating apparatus for the purpose of regulating the liquid refrigerant agents in the expansion coils. Illustrations included.
Patent for a horse releaser. Illustrations included.
Patent for specifications in Wind Turbine.
Wire Basket
Patent for wire basket. Illustration included.
Patent for a vapor burner and generator. Illustrations included.
Rotary Engine
Patent for a rotary engine. Illustrations included.
Propelling Device for Aerial Ships
Patent for a propelling device for aerial ships which operates by forcing air through a tube, creating suction and exerting propulsion. Illustrations included.
Spindle-Upsetting Device
Patent for a spindle-upsetting device designed to stave up the spindle of a vehicle axle for the purpose of restoration. Illustrations included.
Trick Amusement Device
Patent for a puzzle toy consisting of a lid and blower. Illustrations included.
Patent for a churn designed for churning butter in smaller quantities and preventing foreign objects from entering. Illustrations included.
Shoe-Lace Fastener.
Patent for a new and improved shoe lace fastener, including illustrations.
Track Fastener
Patent for railroad track fastener. This invention is made of metallic track fasteners and uses a joint for meeting together the ends of the rails. Illustration included.
Patent for a match safe which can contain many matches at once, but only one at a time may be withdrawn. Illustrations included.
Patent for a "blow-off valve" (line 16). Illustrations included
Reclining Chair
Patent for reclining chair. Illustration included.
Patent for a water heater operated by heating pipes and coils. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cooler. Illustrations included.
Patent for a wire stretcher to stretch regular wires or barbed wired for fencing. Illustrations included.
Stalk Breaker
Patent for breaking cotton stalks. This device is designed to break down cotton stalks while sparing stalks of growing young wheat. Illustration included.
Churn and Freezer
Patent for a churn that may also be used as an ice cream freezer. Illustrations included.
Patent for a lever jack. Illustrations included.
Rotary Brush
Patent for a brush operated by a motor. Illustrations included.