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Texas Patents - Browse

Patent for a windmill. Illustrations included.
Match Box
Patent for a match box whereby matches can be removed individually. Illustration included.
Post Hole Digger
Patent for a post hole digger. Illustration included.
Sheaf-Carrier for Binders
Patent for sheaf carrier for binders which allows sheaves to be gathered without danger of them being dumped or dislodged and allow for automation of sheaf carrier arms.
Railroad Motor-Car
Patent for railroad motor-car. The invention is "constructed that they can be knocked down to be loaded on passenger trains" (lines 11-13). Illustrations included.
Clothes Drier
Patent for a clothes drier. Illustration included.
Patent for a grass destroyer designed to remove unwanted vegetation. Illustrations included.
Well-Tube Holder
Patent for a well tube holder for removing pipes from wells and holding them in place. Illustrations included.
Patent for a paddle wheel. Illustrations included.
Corn or Cotton Planter
Patent for a corn and cotton planter. Illustrations included.
Cushion-Padded Horseshoe
Patent for a horseshoe with cushion padding. Illustrations included.
Check Controlled Apparatus
Patent for a check controlled apparatus. This invention "is to provide a check controlled apparatus for a receptacle arranged to fasten the lid of the receptacle and including a key supported to be released by the key" (lines 12-16). Illustration included.
Stalk Cutter
Patent for stalk cutter. This invention consists of rotating knives that severs the stalks into several pieces for use as fertilizer. Illustrations included.
Apparatus for Molding Hollow Concrete Walls
Patent for an apparatus that is a mold for crafting hollow concrete walls. Illustration included.
Patent for an apparatus designed to maintain a record of points earned and the number of rounds played in a game. Illustrations included.
Reinforcing Metal Yoke for Hollow Concrete Walls
Patent for reinforcing metal yoke for hollow concrete walls. Illustration included.
Railway Cattle-Guard
Patent for a railway cattle guard used to deter animals from attempting to cross the railway. Illustrations included.
Tying Device for Hay Bales or Packages
Patent for a tying mechanism for bales of hay and packages. Illustrations included.
Attachment for Planters
Patent for attachment for planters, provides a simple, inexpensive, easily-applied, and effectively operating attachmentc for cotton, corn, or other seed-planting machines in which is included a truck or a carriage whereby a sweep-plow can be connected with the planter truck or carriage for laying out a furrow and covering the seed (Johnson, 1902).
Patent for a car door. Illustrations included.
Disinfectant Telephone-Mouthpiece
Patent for a mouthpiece for transmitters that contains a disinfectant used to prevent the spread of bacteria that has been exhaled into the mouthpiece. Illustrations included.
Clothes Clamp for Bedsteads
Patent for clothes clamp for bedsteads. Illustration included.
Draft Appliance
Patent for a draft attachment to be used with a animal-drawn vehicle to hitch a third horse to the vehicle if need be. Illustrations included.
Patent for a valve used with radiator heating system. Illustration included.
Clothes Pounder
Patent for a clothes pounder. Illustration included.
Fruit Selling Slot Machine
Patent for
Tire Remover
Patent for a tire remover. Illustration included.
Pump Attachment
Patent for a pump attachment. Illustration included.
Patent for a railroad-tie. This is a "railroad track supporting device a practically indestructible clamp for the securing of rails" (lines 12-14). Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Washing Machine
Patent for a washing machine. This invention consists of cooperating rotary rubbers.
Door Brace
Patent for a door brace. Illustration included.
Seed Planter
Patent for a seed planter for use with planting corn and cotton. Illustration included.
Combined Tie-Plate and Rail Anticreeper
Patent for a railroad tie plate designed to remained locked to the base of the rail and to prevent dislocation of the base. Illustrations included.
Patent for an irrigation pipe designed to prevent clogging. Illustrations included.
Harrow Attachment
Patent for a harrow attachment. Illustration included.
Patent for a tire tightener for wagons. Illustrations included.
Patent for a carburetor to be used on internal combustion engines. Illustrations included.
Patent for a drill. Illustrations included.
Design for a Jar.
Patent for ornamental design on jar depicting the logo for the Jersey-Creme drink company
Extension Car-Step
Patent for an extension car step. Illustrations included.
Handling Machine for Baskets
Patent for a handling machine for baskets. This invention is designed to form wire handles to baskets. Illustrations included.
Patent for a water wheel. Illustrations included.
Egg Beater
Patent for an egg beater. Illustration included.
Metallic Flue
Patent for metallic flue. Illustration included.
Patent for a spring seat for wagons designed to absorb sudden shocks or vibrations caused by rough terrain in order to ensure that the driver or occupant is safe. Illustrations included.
Patent for a churn with a dasher with blades that is able to rotate to force the milk or cream in an upward and downward direction. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cotton press that operates slowly and requires minimum power. Illustrations included.
Book Guard
Patent for a book guard. Illustration included.
Sewing-Machine Attachment
Patent for a sewing machine attachment used to support articles or implements used in the sewing process. Illustrations included.