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Rail Fastening
Patent for a rail fastening device that does not require spikes. Illustrations included.
Photographic-Printing Machine
Patent for a new and improved Photographic Printing Machine. The device allows for accurately positioning negative to contact accurately with printing paper.
Patent for pulverizer that reduces solid or liquid fuel while simultaneously mixing the finely divided material with an oxidizing agent and holding the mixture in suspension, producing a highly combustible mechanical mixture for use in furnaces, gas producers, and other similar apparatus that is more desireable to use finely divided fuel.
Speed-Regulating Mechanism
Patent for a new Speed-Regulating Mechanism. The improved device will automatically control engine speed.
Patent for a collapsible baby basket which attaches to the robe rail on the back of an automobile's front seat, for use while the car is in motion, that may be stored under the rail when not in use.
Patent for an invented form of the currycomb which features the teeth that are automatically shown for action when pressure is applied.
Hat-Pouncing Machine
Patent for a hat pouncing machine for removing naps from hat rims.
Patent for a horse releaser that allows the quick removal of horses from a vehicle in case of an emergency.
Patent for a mail box with an indicating flag.
Patent for a nutcracker that can be used for a variety of types of nuts without crushing them.
Pneumatic Cooling Device
Patent for a pneumatic cooling device for linotype machines that keeps the molds cool.
Resilient Wheel
Patent for a resilient wheel that is not puncturable by objects in the road bed.
Reversible Automobile-Lamp
Patent for a reversible automobile taillight that can be changed to four different colors to indicate different things.
Shut-Off Head for Casings and The Like
Patent for a shut-off head for casings in oil wells.
Patent for an under-reamer for use in drilling oil wells.
Patent for an explosive engine that has a reduced risk of backfiring.
Portable Commode
Patent for a portable commode. Illustrations included.
Removable Mouthpiece for Smoking-Pipes
Patent for a removable mouthpiece for smoking pipes that is made of rubber and prevents saliva from going into the pipe.
Apparatus for Chilling and Whitening Lard Compounds
Patent for an apparatus for chilling and whitening lard compounds that produces stiffer lard.
Locking Device for Forms
Patent for a locking device for forms that will not crush the edges of circular forms.
Patent for a moldboard for plows that has a water holder to allow plaster of Paris covering the moldboard to be kept moist which prevents soil from sticking to the moldboard.
Well-Drill Wrench
Patent for a wrench for drill pipes used in drilling wells. Illustrations included.
Relief Valve Gear
Patent for relief valve gear. Illustration included.
Combined Socket and Switch for Electric Lights
Patent for a combined socket and switch for electric lights that allows different bulbs of a chandelier to be turned on separately.
Nut and Candy Depositor
Patent for a nut and candy depositor for sending the nuts and candy into a dipping machine.
Running-Gear for Vehicles
Patent for a running gear for vehicles that can be attached to the axle without putting a hole in the axle.
Patent for a seed planter that has a revolving set of cups that are filled with seed and then planted as the seed planter crosses a field.
Patent for a shingle machine that has a block for adjusting the angle of the log being cut.
Wire-Winding Machine
Patent for a wire winding machine for making well screens.
Patent for a clamp for well tubes that can be used to remove the tubes for repair.
Cotton Picker.
Patent for an improved cotton picker and cleaner that is cylindrical in design, with a drum that contains rows of spikes or teeth and which rotates by a connecting shaft that can be connected to a motor. Includes illustrations.
Counterbalance for Pump-Rods
Patent for a counterbalance for pump rods that increases the efficiency of the pump.
Cylinder for Cotton-Gins
Patent for a cylinder for cotton gins that can have one disk removed for repair without taking apart the whole cylinder.
Patent for an oil burner for stoves that can still operate even if there are impurities in the water used to create the steam employed in getting the fuel to burn.
Triple Valve
Patent for a triple valve for air brakes on trains that gives the engineer more control over the brakes.
Patent for a washing machine that also includes a wringer.
Instep-Plate for Shoes
Patent for a protector for the instep of a shoe. Illustrations included.
Patent for a rotary drilling machine for drilling oil wells that has a stronger grip than previous drills.
Patent for an improved railway tie made of metal and wood blocks.
Patent for a skirt rack for holding skirts for display in stores and protecting them from wear and dust.
Spring Top-Support for Vehicles
Patent for a spring top support for buggies and other vehicles that can be used on vehicles of various sizes.
Patent for a syrup pan for boiling down sap into syrup that keeps the solid matter in the pan and only lets the liquid syrup flow out.
Patent for a washing machine that runs the clothes through hot suds and both rubs and squeezes the clothes.
Patent for a feeding trough for pig sties. Illustrations included.
Patent for a pipe clamp to be used with well pipes and tubes. Illustrations included.
Cover for Pass-Books
Patent for a cover for a passbook with a transparent cover to view the book.
Patent for a whiffletree. Illustration included.
Seed-Opening Plow
Patent for a seed opening and planting plow. Illustrations included.
Automatic Computing Device
Patent for an automatic computing device that can calculate the price of goods and be used to take inventory of stock.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale tie buckle made up of hooks that will not come apart under pressure.