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Switch-Operating Mechanism
Patent for a information regards to improvements in switch operating mechanism.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Patent for an axle. Illustration included.
Patent for a improvement for cutter.
Fence Stay
Patent for a fence stay. "This invention relates to means for maintaining strands or line-wires of fences in relatively fixed relation to prevent their sagging or being forced apart by the attempted passage of animals between them" (lines 7-11). Illustration included.
Patent for a shoe that describes the benefit for shoe. Shoe control overall health well-being with its flexibility and support.
Process Of Making Fertilizer
Patent for a process of making fertilizer.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment. Illustration included.
Design for a Music-Indicator
Patent for an "ornamental design for a music-indicator" (lines 11-12).
Medical Compound
Patent for a medical compound which "when taken internally, is a cure for gonorrhea, gravel, dysentery, and diarrhea, and when applied externally a cure for rheumatism" (lines 12-14).
Patent for improved planting machinery resulting in easy construction and manipulation.
Shovel Plow
Patent for a shovel plow. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. This invention is designed to mounted on a cultivator carriage. It also provides detachable devices by which the cotton chopping mechanism. Illustration included.
Shutter Fastener
Patent for a shutter fastener. Illustration included.
Stalk Cutter
Patent for stalk cutters.Invention can be horse drawn to fell stalks. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improved self-setting trap that can capture and kill animals while preventing them from reaching the bait.
Patent for a improvement for Drills and its usefulness.
Patent for the invention of gate which can be opened inward and outward by certain features such as supporting brackets and a spirally grooved shaft that can rotate between brackets.
Plow Attachment
Patent for a plow attachment. This invention works with sweep plows and consists of a runner and secured to the end of the plow beam. Illustration included.
Acetylene-Gas Generator
Patent for an acetylene-gas generator which automatically feeds carbid to the generator and in which the gas generated is washed within the bell.
Automatic And Continuous Film Distillation Apparatus.
Patent for Automatic film distillation apparatus.
Continuous Weighing Scale
Patent for continuous weighing scale. Illustration included.
Device for Applying Bands to Bales
Patent for a machine which applies bands to different types of bales. Machine claims to be more efficient than other devices of its kind.
Patent for a fish hook with additional hooks attached in order to ensure a caught fish remains on the hook.
Machine for Cutting Key-Seats in Shafting
Patent for "cutting key-seats in shafting machine. It provides a portable key-seat-cutting especially adapted to operate upon the driving shafts of locomotives in key-seating eccentrics thereon." (lines 7-13)
Patent for a well-strainer, specifically to "a cap or plug applied directly to a cap or plug applied directly to an aperture in a pipe-section used for wells." (lines 9-12)
Patent for new clamping device that holds the mattress and bedding of a folding bed in place, is adjustable, and is not in the way when the bed is in use.
Saw-Oiling Device
Patent for a hand saw blade oiling device built into the handle of the saw. By holding stops and pulling back on the pistons of the device on the saw handle, oil is released and forced into nozzles which deliver oil onto the blade.
Wheel Scraper
Patent for a wheel-scraper, which can be used in connection with a planter, or other farm machinery, or vehicles.
Wind Stacker on Grain Separators.
Patent for an improvement in a pneumatic, wind-powered stacker for threshing machines, preventing straw or chaff from entering into the stacker.
Copy Holder
Patent for a copy holder. This invention is designed to hold a manuscript so as allow for ease of reading. Illustration included.
Railway Tie.
Patent for a hollow metallic railway tie that is braced horizontally and vertically, with a new type and arrangement of tie-plates. This railway tie prevents rails from slipping, and allows for spreading of the track, which is useful on curves.
Plow Point Fastener
Patent for a plow point fastener. This invention is an improvement to plow point fasteners and secure the shovels to the standards of cultivator plows. Illustration included.
Steering Device for Wheeled Vehicles
Patent for steering device for wheeled vehicles. This invention is designed to be used with cultivators, planters, sulky-plows, grain-drills, etc. Illustrations included.
Clothes Pin
Patent for a single piece wire clothes pin. Illustration included.
Electric Switch Throwing Device
Patent for an electric switch throwing device. The invention provides a method of operating the switches of the track so that the motorman can turn switches of the track without stopping the train car. Illustration included.
Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for an improved arch-bar for cultivators that allows increasing and decreasing the space between drag bars without having to stop the team of horses.
Car Door Opener.
Patent for a car door opener, making it possible to open a car door without using a hammer or injuring oneself.
Dental Swaging Apparatus
Patent for a dental apparatus that produces gold facings and cusps for individual teeth, as well as plate and bridge work.
Line-Holder and Cylindrical Type-Chase
Patent for a "combined line holder and cylindrical type chase" (p. 1, lines 10-11) to allow typesetting by unskilled workers.
Line Holder and Type Chase
Patent for a line-holder and type-chase, intended to make possible rapid and easy setting of type by unskilled people.
Patent for a particular pocket and its attachments that allows access by the owner but prevents objects held within from falling out or easily removed by another person.
Patent for an umbrella. Illustration included.
Building Block Machine
Patent for a building block machine. This invention is used to form blocks out of plastic material into artificial stone, as well as molding concrete blocks. Illustrations included.
Letter Clasping Device
Patent for a letter clasping device. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for cotton choppers. This invention is adapted to be attached to a double shovel cultivator so that the chopper will rotate so as to protect plants. Illustrations included.
Corn-Flour and Process of Producing the Same.
Patent for a new type of corn tortilla flour and the process for cooking the corn in lime water, producing a flour that keeps as long as wheat flour and eliminates the need for grinding before use.
Process of Making Hydrochloric Acid and Calcium Carbid
Patent for "new and useful processes in treating fused calcium chlorid with acetylene gas or other gases mixed therewith, whereby hydrochloric-acid gas and calcium carbid may be produced," (lines 12-16) thus making the manufacturing processes of hydrochloric-acid cheaper while also producing calcium carbid more economically.
Patent for a holder or pocket for a watch that provides a simple, safe, and handy device which is detachable fastened to a garment.
Patent for a lawn rocker improvement that provides swing and is durable and inexpensive.