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Patent for a peanut planter that dispenses a single peanut from the seed cans in to the feed wheel's cells.
Patent for a sleeping shirt designed to secure infants to the bed by removable shoulder flaps.
Water-Gap Gate.
Patent for new and improved water gap gates to protect gates and barriers during natural interference, thereby preventing livestock injury.
Bilge-Water Dishcharger
Patent for the importance of discharging bilge water from a boat.
Cotton-Saw Gummer
Patent for improvements to cotton saw gummers. The patented improvements include a cutter rather than a puncher in the gummer's design, as well as means for adjusting the cutter.
Patent for
Orchard Heater
Patent for Orchard-Heater. Heater enclosed in a structure placed around trees in an orchard to prevent freezing.
Patent for a packing ring that will go on conveniently and will create an effective packing without putting wear on the piston.
Patent for a "new and useful Tombstone-Mold" (lines 5-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for Trousers with Adjustable Waist
Tunnel-Driving Machine.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Tunnel- Driving Machines" (lines 5-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Valve for Explosive-Engines.
Patent for engine valves (rotary type) that are noiseless, connected to the the engine cylinders so that they are self grinding and self adjusting, and that cover and uncover the spark plug in a way that prevents fouling it.
Patent for improvements to wrenches and monkey wrenches in particular, "improved construction and arrangement of adjustable jaw and improved means for locking the latter in its adjusted position and quickly releasing the same for readjustment" (lines 16-19) including illustrations and instructions.
Automatic Fire-Escape.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Automatic Fire-Escapes" (lines 5-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Combination-Lock and Circuit-Breaker.
Patent for a combination lock used to protect automobile circuit breakers from unauthorized use.
Combined Plow and Scraper
Patent for "a combined plow and scraper, which may be employed to alternately break or loosen a surface that is being graded or lowered, and to scrape the loosened material from said surface." (lines 14-18)
Patent for a cotton chopper that is meant to "provide an improved means for controlling the position of the chopper blades." (lines 17-19) It is designed to make the action of cutting cotton more stable and precise.
Dip for Animals.
Patent for a non-poisonous antiseptic and parasiticide dip to cure animal's skin diseases (including mange and Spanish itch) and stimulate the growth of wool or hair.
Patent for a device that is a means of mounting a train car door by which it may be easily opened or closed, and especially easily fixed when stuck.
Dry-Closet Commode.
Patent for a sanitary dry closet commode for areas that do not have a sewerage or water works system. The commode is "readily cleaned, simple in construction, practically odorless, and adapted to be emptied with facility" (lines 15-18). The patent includes illustrations.
Patent for a new hame tug leather strap designed with metal loops and a buckle, including illustrations.
Hub Ball-Bearing.
Patent for a bearing to be employed in a wheel and axle system. The patented bearing is meant to reduce the usual amount of friction in the system to a minimum.
Land-Breaking Plow.
Patent for an agricultural plow that mixes the soil of multiple layers while keeping the soil in its initial layer to conserve moisture and deliver nitrogen. Plow can be motorized or use animals to function.
Mineral-Prospecting Apparatus.
Patent for an "apparatus for drilling and obtaining samples or specimens of minerals" (lines 12-13), and obtaining accurate samples of ores in situations where they would otherwise be washed away by water or broken apart. The patent includes illustrations.
Patent for an oil cup to be used for lubricating bearings that can be regulated with a valve to control the flow of the lubricant.
Patent for an oyster opener that opens an oyster in a single operation of the device while simultaneously cutting the oyster from its shell.
Patent for an inexpensive and easy to store clothesline that doesn't use clips, which are damaging to clothes.
Street - Sweeping Machine.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Street - Sweeping Machines" (lines 6-7), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "new and useful, Improvements in wheels and more particularly to that class known as spring or resilient wheels" (lines 12-15), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an agricultural appliance that incorporates spring teeth allowing for the easy removal of small vegetable growths by cutting close to and below the surface of the soil.
Bale-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a new bale tie buckle made of wire material "in which the buckle is closed by the strain or stress on the bale tie" (lines 11-14), including illustrations.
Patent for a coin sorter that sorts coins according to their dimensions and places in a receptacle with removable bottom cover to collect the sorted coins.
Construction of Railroad-Beds.
Patent for a railroad-bed design that is used to support railroad tracks.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for improved Cotton-Chopper, with illusrations and description.
Patent for a cow-yoke "comprising a yoke formed in sections pivoted one to the other" with spurs included (inwardly) at the ends of these pivoted sections to "prevent the animal from poking his head through a wire fence".
Driving Mechanism for Tractors
Patent for an invention relating to the engines of tractors that provides "improved transmission gearing for controlling the movements of the machine." (lines 17-18)
Patent for a flying machine that is designed to have a lower center of gravity to facilitate more stable operation.
Fruit-Cutter and Juice-Extractor.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements Fruit-Cutters and Juice-Extractors" (Lines 6-7), including instructions and illustrations.
Motor-Driven Table
Patent for "improvements in rotatable tables, such as are employed for the display of goods and for general serving purposes in hotels, restaurants and other places" (lines 12-16) including illustrations and instructions.
Poultry House and Pen.
Patent for Improved Poultry House and Pen, with adjustable height runway.
Seed-Cotton-Hull Extractor.
Patent is for machine to remove the hull from seeded cotton. Machine uses air or suction drafts to hold cotton for extraction and remove waste.
Patent for a wheel-bearing that reduces friction between the wheel and axle, prevents dust from going inside the bearing, and keeps the bearing wheels in place at the bore of the wheel. The wheel bearing consists of a few parts that can be easily assembled and would rarely need to be repaired. The patent includes illustrations.
Patent for a paper bag holder that can employ one or more units, of various sizes, to hold paper bags of practically all sizes. It holds the bags in place and makes them readily removable when needed. The patent includes illustrations.
Patent for a butter container that holds butter and protects against direct handling until it is served. This is inexpensive, two-piece and very easy to clean.
Patent for a flying machine consisting of a cigar-shaped balloon guided by a light-weight gasoline engine.
Lens-Grinding Machine.
Patent for a lens grinding machine that polishes any kind of lens via the means of a reciprocating motion in both the grinding tool and the lens holder.
Patent for a life preserver with features to support both a wearer's waist and neck.
Patent for adding mechanical improvements to ratchet drill tools. These improvements include improved adjustment efficiency and range.
Patent for "an improved self-dumping wheel barrow especially adapted for use for wheeling concrete and also adapted for use for wheeling sand and other material" (lines 8-11) including illustrations and instructions.
Advertising Device.
Patent for an advertising machine that is motor-operated and will display a succession of slides that can be shown during the day or at night. It includes a light to help show slides to the public, a shutter that automatically and intermittently displays slides, a lens for projecting slides on a distant screen, and a master slide to be shown with each slide. The patent includes illustrations.