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Cleaner For Firearm-Barrels.
Patent for a cleaner for firearm barrels that is small enough to be carried in a pocket. "May be used for cleaning firearms of the repeating type."
Patent for self-winding secondary clocks that are "connected in series to be timed by a master clock and more particularly to tower clocks" (lines 10-12) with the objectives of keeping perfect time and winding periodically, including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Broom and Cloth Hanger.
Patent for a combined broom and cloth hanger, which allows a broom to be quickly engaged and supported at any desired elevation above the user's floor. It can also be folded against the wall when the broom is not in use, "...whereby the ordinary broom cover...can be conveniently clamped and held securely in position between the lower end of the bracket and against the support by passing the broom cover over and through the rods when the hanger is in a receiving position" (lines 24-30).
Combined Pneumatic Lift and Force Pump.
Patent for a combined pneumatic lift and force pump, which is able to reach the inexhaustible supply of water found at the depths of five to forty or more feet in the arid region of Texas and Great Central Valley of Mexico. The machinery perfects the simplicity and economy of construction needed to reach and lift a great volume of water in a short time.
Cotton Knife and Hook.
Patent for Cotton Knife and Hook, a tool used for cutting and pulling out cotton from the bales. The tool has a knife with a curved point at the tip, as well as a notch for the user to place a finger for support.
Drill-Cable Clamp.
Patent for Drill-Cable Clamp is for a device that clamps the rope to which the drill connects. The rope can be rotated, while connected to both the drill and the drilling machine securely.
Electric Soldering-Iron
Patent for an improved electric soldering iron, "to provide novel means for permitting the flow of solder and for shutting it off" (lines 18-19), including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved garden hoe used for weeding purposes. The improvement is related to, "...the handle of the implement being hollow" (lines 11-12) and able to receive a quantity of seed, and a mechanism that controls the delivery of seed to the hoe.
Interest Calculator
Patent for an adjustable calendar for calculating interest between two dates, including illustrations.
Safety Oil-Tank
Patent for improvements to safety oil tanks to prevent explosions, including illustrations.
Saw Frame
Patent for a transportable support frame for saws as teeth are sharpened or set, including illustrations.
Tailor's-Goose Attachment.
Patent for a tailor's goose which provides a "depressible and detachable dampening means for the goose for supplying water to the dampening means".
Patent for strong and durable standard for wagons that are adjustable to any size bolster.
Patent for a new and improved wrench, which is especially useful for machinists. The improvement to existing wrench technology is present in positions where a thin jaw wrench is necessary and in removing parts upon which an ordinary nut wrench, even thin jawed, would act.
Patent for garbage receptacle that exhibits a hinged lid (attached to pail), enabling one to securely open and close the receptacle at will.
Patent for a door hanger which supports heavy doors, in particular "barn doors, freight car doors, and the like."
Patent for harrows to provide utilizing spring teeth that can either be used for gathering vegetation or loosening soil.
Patent for an intestine protector that protects the intestines from needles (or other sharp instruments) after surgical procedures have concluded.
Patent for ironing tables that can be knocked down and packed into a small compass for transportation or storage.
Patent for a mechanical device improvements to lift heavy loads or to apply great forces.
Soil-Treating Machine.
Patent for a soil-treating machine that makes short furrows in the soil for the purpose of irrigation by retaining rain water or snow.
Automatic Car-Dump
Patent for automatic dumpers that can be readily and inexpensively fitted and adapted to most forms of dump car.
Patent for new and useful improvement to clothes pins to automatically lock themselves against accidental disengagement from the clothes line.
Patent for a cotton chopper that connects to other machines, such as cultivators.
Patent for a cotton chopper. The text describes the construction of the machine and explains how it is different from current cotton choppers.
Patent for improvements for shipping crates, including illustrations.
Patent for metal road culvert improvements. Light weight, but sturdy, interlocking metal sheets are used. They can be stacked for cheaper and easier shipping. The culvert allows large amounts of water to flow through.
Patent for "a new and useful Hydrocarbon-burner...equipped with a safety device adapted to admit only a limited supply of gasolene or other fuel to the burner to enable the latter to be operated with absolute safety by either a woman or a child" (lines 5-19), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a listing plow, "more particularly an improvement upon the structure disclosed in Patent No. 866,679, issued to [Gottfried Persson] on September 24, 1907" (lines 9-11), including instructions and illustrations.
Sanitary Drain-pan for Refrigerators.
Patent for a sanitary drain pan for refrigerators, specifically pertaining to sliced meats. The text explains the benefits of the new drain pan and its components.
Saw-Filing Machine.
Patent for a saw-filing machine that automatically sharpens the teeth of gin and linter saws.
Patent for Tie-Plate, which is an improvement on rail ties for railroad use. The Tie-Plate is a "single piece of material", providing a "rail supporting surface" (pg. 2, lines 13-17). Ribbing in the plate, allow for adjustable height to support the rails and a seat for the spikes.
Type-Writer Cabinet.
Patent for a typewriter cabinet with swinging typewriter support held in position by foot pressure.
Air Pump
Patent for an air pump for the delivery of air to the tire of a wheel.
Apparatus for Cleaning Cotton.
Patent for an apparatus that cleans burs and other foreign matter from cotton through a suction process prior to ginning, including instructions and illustrations. The inventor claims this apparatus is simpler, more affordable, and more effective than previous methods for cleaning cotton.
Automobile Body.
Patent for an automobile body that is designed for people who enjoy doing outdoor activities. Compares this design to the current design of what is called "touring cars."
Cactus Burner.
Patent for a cactus burner that burns spines off of cacti using a liquid fuel burner. Document explains the different parts of the cactus burner and why it is an improvement over current ones in use.
Cotton Condenser
Patent for a condenser for cotton gins.
Curtain Stretcher
Patent for curtain stretcher or frames
Flat Iron Heater
Patent for "a receptacle insertible within a stove opening in which the irons to be heated are placed" (lines 11-13), including illustrations.
Fruit and Vegetable Washer
Patent for a fruit and vegetable washer that will also remove the skins on the fruits and vegetables.
Patent for fire hydrant to help with easy and quick coupling with fire hose and thus to effect prompt release of water from hydrant at full pressure when being coupled.
Liquid or Gaseous Fuel Burner.
Patent for a fuel burner with a simple design, which is readily taken apart or assembled, and is manufactured at a comparatively small cost.
Mechanical Movement.
Patent for improved mechanical movements "applicable to windmills for operating pump-rods and the like" (lines 10-11) including instructions and an illustration.
Oil Burner
Patent for an oil burner
Pneumatic Tire and Armor Therefor
Patent for an armor for pneumatic tires. This armor allows the the tires to move freely and the replacement of the thread easily.
Razor-Stropping Device
Patent for a razor sharpening device in which the razor blade may be held on an incline for efficient sharpening.
Traction-Wheel and Means for Driving Same.
Patent for "a new and Improved Traction-Wheel and Means for Driving Same" (lines 5-7) , including instructions and illustrations.
Wagon Attachment
Patent for a footrest attachment to a child's wagon allowing the operator to push the wagon like a scooter.
Weather Strip or Seal for Sliding Window-Sashes.
Patent for "a new and Improved Weather Strip or Seal for Sliding Window-Sashes" (lines 5-7), including instructions and illustrations.