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Seat Lock For Wagons
Patent for a seat lock for wagons. Illustration included.
Well Screen
Patent for well screen to prevent entrance. Illustrations included.
Car Door Fastener
Patent for a car door fastener. Illustration included.
Harness Attachment
Patent for a harness attachment. Illustrations included.
Machine for Pulling Stalks.
Patent for improvements in machine for pulling stalks in which it “can break the stalks in small pieces and guide the stalks into the pulling-section of the machine; the pulling-section may be adjusted to suit the average height of the stalks and bodily raised and lowered at any time to permit the pulling-section to be carried out of the way of obstructions when occasion so demands.” (Lines 11-21) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in plows in which the plow can be “converted into a middle-burster or single-stock, according to the nature of the land and the character of work to be performed.” (Lines 12-15) Illustration is included.
Plow And Cultivator
Patent for a plow and cultivator. Illustration included.
Collapsible Crate
Patent for a collapsible crate. Illustration included.
Rein Holder
Patent for a rein holder. Illustration included.
Plow Attachment
Patent for a plow attachment. Illustrations included.
Tailor's Or Dressmaker's Measuring Device
Patent for a tailor's or dressmaker's measuring device. Illustrations included.
Nut Lock
Patent for nut lock. Illustration included.
Car Coupling
Patent for train car coupling. Illustration included.
Wagon Brake
Patent for a wagon brake. Illustration included.
Method of Purifying Water
Patent for a method of purifying water.
Seat Brace
Patent for a seat brace. Illustration included.
Patent for improvements of patent no. 685838, dated November 5, 1901 by the same inventor George Daniel Hayes. The improvements included “the mounting of the plunger-operating lever, so as to insure a quick and positive disengagement thereof from the plunger-rod at the completion of the stroke and also to arrange for applying the power to the lever in such a manner as to obviate twisting thereof.” (Lines 14-19) Other improvements such as improved tension device for the plunger-operating lever, to provide the press with means whereby all of the bales may be formed of equal lengths and, means for preventing backward movement of the bales. Illustration is included.
Sound Reproducing Machine
Patent for a sound reproducing machine. Illustrations included.
Patent for a switch in which it can be “automatically operated by a moving train either for the purpose of opening or closing the switch, under the control of the engineer, who without stopping the train may open the switch and run his train onto the switch-rails or a siding without slowing up the train further than is necessary to avoid derailing the train when passing from the main line to the switch or siding.” (Lines 11-20) Illustration is included.
Trolley-Pole Head.
Patent for improvements in trolley-pole heads in which a good contact may established at all time between the wheel and the trolley-wire. Illustration is included.
Cotton Picker
Patent for a cotton picker. Illustrations included.
Patent for a beehive. This invention is designed to increase hive production. Illustration included.
Horse Detacher
Patent for horse detacher. Illustration included.
Patent for a wrench. Illustration included.
Hub Wrench
Patent for a hub wrench. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for a cotton chopper. Illustration included.
Sash Lock
Patent for a sash lock. This invention pertains to railway cars. Illustration included.
Artificial Fuel
Patent for artificial fuel made from coal.
Canopy Support
Patent for a canopy support. Illustration included.
Agricultural Implement
Patent for an agricultural implement. This invention is a "novel construction of standard and plow-point, cultivator shovel, rake-tooth, or like implement" (lines 11-14). Illustrations included.
Patent for a pump for the purpose to pump out rising water in deep wells. Illustrations included.
Hame Attachment
Patent for a hame attachment. Illustration included.
Insecticide Apparatus
Patent for an insecticide apparatus. Illustration included.
Patent for planter. Illustrations included.
Cotton Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for a cotton attachment for cultivators. This invention allows for the attachment to any normal cultivator of cotton attachment to cultivate cotton. Illustration included.
Vehicle Top Rest
Patent for a vehicle top rest. Illustration included.
Detachable Reel Support
Patent for detachable reel support. "Invention aims to provide a new and novel form of support to be hereinafter more specifically referred to and which can be readily secured to and removed from a vehicle-wheel" (lines 10-15). Illustration included.
Rail Joint
Patent for a rail joint. Illustration included.
Rotary Motor
Patent for a Rotary Motor. Illustrations included.
Apparatus For Straightening AX-Handles
Patent for apparatus for straightening ax-handles. Illustrations included.
Corn Husker and Chopper
Patent for a corn husker and chopper. Illustration included.
Cotton Thresher and Cleaner
Patent for a cotton thresher and cleaner. Illustration included.
Cotton Chopping Attachment For Cultivators
Patent for a cotton chopping attachment for cultivators. Illustrations included.
Back Band Buckle
Patent for back band buckle. Illustration included.
Patent for a gate. Illustration included.
Cotton Cleaner and Gin Feeder
Patent for cotton cleaner and gin feeder. Illustration included.
Patent for suspensory to prevent binding and discomfort. Illustration included.
Flue Stopper
Patent for flue stopper. Illustration included.
Switch Point Shifter
Patent for swtch point shifter. This invention is for the shifting the points on railroads. Illustration included.
Patent for a swingletree. Illustrations included.