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Pumping Apparatus.
Patent for pumping apparatus. This invention provides a means to elevate liquids by use of compressed air. It is specifically intended for deep oil-wells.
Patent for the improvement of railroad constructions by means of using a fishplate that provides an effective connection between two rail bars and secures the accuracy in lining the bars up.
Patent for sash-lock. This device is designed for locking a window sash at any given position. It may be applied to a window frame without damaging the frame or sash.
Patent for a Saw-Filing Machine. "This invention relates to saw-filing machines; and the object of the invention is to provide a simple and effective device of this character which is adapted to sharpen with accuracy and rapidity the teeth of different kinds of saws." (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Triple Valve For Air-Brakes
Allows the "auxiliary reservoir to be recharged without releasing the brakes" (lines 11-13) improving the triple valve in air-brake systems.
Valve Stem Packing
Patent for "valve-stem packing for locomotives and steam engines." (lines 8,9) including instructions and illustrations.
Water-heaters that can be more manufactured for a lower cost while heating water more quickly and work as a room heater for the bathroom.
Egg Preserving Compound
Patent for a egg preserving compound. This invention consists of an air-excluding coating to prevent deterioration for an indefinite period.
Patent for an improvement in Blind-Stops. "My invention relates to improvements in blind-stops, and has for its object to provide a simple, strong, and cheap device of this kind." (lines 15-18) and illustration.
Marine-Engine Governor.
Patent for marine engine governor "designed to maintain uniformity of speed of the engine when the resistance to the propeller or propellers is varied" (lines 11-13), including illustrations and description of construction.
Patent for a trolley-wheel mechanism for electric trolley cars connected to wires. The trolley-wheel is designed to allow a degree of movement while maintaining stability.
Car Coupling
Patent for a car coupling. Illustrations included.
Patent for a Car-Coupling. "This invention relates to car-couplings of the Janney type..." (lines 9-10) including illustrations.
Patent for "improvements in fence or other posts and bases thereof, and especially telegraph and telephone posts" (lines 13-15). The design involves "a minimum amount of lumber" and "a maximum amount of strength" (lines 17-19). It claims further benefits, such as "preventing early decay" (lines 22-23) allowing "perfect drainage" (lines 25-26), and facilitating the re-use of old posts.
Gate Latch
Patent for "improvements in latches for gates, doors, and the like." (lines 12-13) This latch "may be conveniently operated from either side of the door and may be locked against operation." (lines 15-17)
Patent for an improved hydraulic drill to penetrate and bore holes into earth, clay and similar materials, including illustrations.
Patent for Printer's Quoin. "The invention relates to printers' lock-ups; and its object is to provide a new and improved printer's quoin..." (lines 8-10) and illustrations.
Support for Attachment to Desks.
Patent for "a stand, shelf, or holder for attachment to desks...for the purpose of supporting a type-writer [or] reference-book... the object in view being to provide a support of this character with means for attaching the same to a desk and means for swinging or revolving said support so that the... article may be readily and conveniently brought around to the front of the desk for use... and then swung back out of the way upon the side of the desk." (lines 12-24)
Patent for a vapor burner that improves upon existing vapor burners by using steam to heat oil and mix with vapor. This invention consists of novel features within the vapor burner's arrangement and construction.
Draft Attachment for Railway Cars
Patent for a draft attachment for railway cars.
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a harrow attachment for cultivators. "This inventions relates to a harrow attachment for plow or disk cultivators" (line 12-13). Illustration included.
Machine For Perforating Checks And Printing Thereon
Patent for a machine for perforating checks and printing on said check. The printing application of the press represents dollar amounts rendering it impossible to change the type. Illustrations included.
Antifriction Device for Sucker-Rods.
Patent for a rod sleeve to protect the rod joints from damage or bending. The design also includes rollers to keep the rods centered in the casing to eliminate rubbing.
Baling Press
Patent for Baling Press
Improvements in Metallic Railway Tie
Patent for improvements in metallic railway-ties. Invention designed to allow for cheap production of a adequate tie that can secure a road-bed.
Improvements in Steam Engine
Patent for improvements in steam-engines. The goal of this invention to provide a simple construction that can be equally adapted for locomotives and high speed engines.
Oil Burner
Patent for Oil Burner
Patent for a railroad tie that locks against cross-plates to stay secure.
Patent is for a seed planter that plows and seeds at the same time.
Patent for "an improved spirometer, and has for its object to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device of this character adapted for use by invalids, convalescents, and other persons for exercising the lungs and measuring and indicating the cubic capacity or volume of air expelled from the chest." (lines 8-15)
Patent for a water heater for use in small spaces. This water heater heats water rapidly and is less costly as well as smaller than a standard boiler.
Step For Carriages
Patent for a step for carriages. This invention is meant "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device ... for use on buggies, wagons, and other vehicles" (line 8-12). Illustration included.
Fan Blower
Patent for a fan blower. The invention is designed to provide the maximum amount of air at the minimum amount of power. Illustrations included.
Checkrein Attachment
Patent for checkrein attachment. This invention is intended for use with harnessed horses. Illustration included.
Advertising Device
Patent for Advertising Device
Improvements in Ginning Apparatus
Patent for improvement to a ginning point that provides support and holds points in position for cotton gin cylinder section.
Wire Fence
Patent for wire fence. Illustration included.
Railway Appliance.
Patent for a railway appliance designed to prevent cars from leaving the track, as well as apply brakes to train to quickly decelerate or stop.
Cotton, Berry, or Vegetable Picking or Dairy Stool
Patent for a stool strapped to the user so as to facilitate an ease in picking cotton, berry, or vegetables. Illustration included.
Hay Press
Patent for a hay press. Illustration included.
Car Brake
Patent for a car brake. This is an invention for a brake on railroad cars.
Hip Form and Stocking Supporter
Patent for hip-forms and stocking supporters. This "invention pertains to hip-forms and stocking supporters for ladies wear; and it consists in combined hip-form and stocking-supporter the novelty, utility, and practical advantages" (line 8-12). Illustration included.
Patent for a framometer. This invention is a square and to be used by house builders. Illustration included.
Patent for a lever used to tighten the bands on bales of cotton or other materials, including illustrations.
Patent for new improvements in cotton choppers which allows them to be durable and strong, yet flexible with adjustable parts to accommodate soil and growth conditions including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a cultivator. Illustrations included.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in Ditchers" (lines 5-6).
Patent for "an improved garment-supporter adapted to be secured to an inner garment and to be detachably connected to the waistband of an outer garment, whereby the inner garment may be supported from the outer garment." (lines 11-16)
Insect-Collecting Machine.
Patent for a machine to collect insects such as cotton-bool weevils and other pests from crops.
Spring Tooth for Cultivators and Harrows
Patent for a spring tooth for cultivators and harrows. Illustrations included.