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Corn-Cropping Tool.
Patent for a manual corn harvesting tool in which a curved cutting knife is secured to a metal plate which fits into the hand(s) of the operator and is secured to the hand(s) by a strap and buckle. Use of this apparatus would replace the two separate actions of grasping the corn with one hand and cutting it with the other.
Patent for pump that allows for ease of maneuvering, via balanced operating mechanism; as well as ease of access and repacking, via a simpler valve.
Patent for "a peculiar construction" (lines 11-12) that will reduce the liability of a trolley running off of the trolley-wire. This construction "involves a trolley-wheel carried on an axis fixed on the trolley pole or harp and an auxiliary wheel yieldingly mounted on the pole and pressed against the under side of the wire, so that should the pole drop slightly the auxiliary wheel will move relatively to the pole and reduce this contact with the wire." (lines 12-19)
Cotton Thinning Plow
Patent for cotton thinning plow. Illustration included.
Patent for an air brake governor improvement that regulates the pressure of fluid or air in the braking system as to prevent it from braking with too much pressure.
Patent for instrument used to break clumps of dirt and smooth rough terrain with the use of smoothing blades.
Patent for improvements and simplification of the permutation lock including a latch-bolt slidable case and a tumbler-shaft journaled in a side wall of the case.
Process of Tanning
Patent for an improved method of tanning that is effective but takes less time.
Patent for improved quilting frame which may be set up easily, and folded down and stored when not in use. Additionally, the improved design provides for fabric to be secured on all sides, and for the operator to adjust the angle of the fabric.
Swab Holder
Patent for improvements in swab-holders consisting of a sectional box or cup containing fibrous material to apply a lubricating oil for the piston-rod to reduce friction and wear on the rod.
Fence Post
Patent for a fence post for use with line wires. Illustration included.
Gin Saw Cleaner
Patent for gin saw cleaner. This invention operates on the cotton bulbs when they are damp and cling to the saw blade. Illustrations included.
Patent for a harrow. Illustration included.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for cultivator attachment improvement "for the purpose of thinning cotton plants to save chopping" (p. 1, lines 9-10). Improved cultivator attachment is used in conjunction with cultivator shovel to cause intermittent deposition of soil on plants to achieve thinning.
Electric Time-Switch.
Patent for an electric, switch-operated construction functioning for timer-controlled circuit completions and breaks, including illustrations.
Patent for anchors, flukes and braces attached to the end of a fence post, pole, or similar that will shore and hold the post in the desired vertical position for installation.
Patent for new usability improvements for hose coupling, designed for novice users, including illustrations.
Patent for lifting-jack invented by Calvin W. and Eugene Tanner. This lifting-jack invention is meant to be more durable in material, the material more inexpensive to acquire.
Patent for a plow, by John W. Hudson. This plow has a beam that can be adjusted to carry different sizes of plows. Beam is designed to help equalize resistance between the two sides of the beam.
Hanger For Draw Heads
Patent for a hanger for draw heads. This invention is designed to support draw-heads in use with street-railways cars. Illustration included.
Supplemental Bed and Guide Attachment
Patent for a supplemental bed and guide attachment. Illustration included.
Rod Coupling
Patent for rod coupling. This invention is for a type of rod couplings formed in sections for use as plunder-rod for wells. Illustration included.
Stalk Cutter
Patent for a stalk cutter. Illustration included.
Patent for improved chicken coop with simplified construction and modified features.
Patent for a spirit-level by Allan T. Gibson. Meant for helping users obtain level and perpendicular lines with more ease and accuracy, as well as for determining any intermediate angle.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for wire stretcher. Illustration included.
Combined Stock and Freight Car
Patent for improved stock-car with provided attachments for conversion to freight-car.
Cutter Head
Patent for a cutter head. This invention is used for shaping and dressing jambs. Illustrations included.
Patent for a nut lock with a locking plate that can be used for multiple nuts, "particularly those used in securing the joints of railroad rails, frogs, switches, and crossings" (lines 10-12), with illustrations.
Railway Signaling-Lantern.
Patent for a railway-signaling lantern designed with a U-shaped handle for easier handling, and safer signaling, with illustrations.
Patent for improved shingle-gage for the measurement and spacing of roofing-shingles.
Patent for an improvement on a pitcher for syrup that prevents drips off of the edge of the pitcher.
Valve-Gear for Engines.
Patent for a valve gear for steam engines that can reverse or stop the rotation of the engine shaft, with illustrations.
Patent for a bed. This invention is designed for invalids that also provides a bed pan. Illustration included.
Rail Joint
Patent for a rail joint. Illustration included.
Telephone Signal
Patent for a telephone signal. This invention relates to electrically operated signals whereby a visual signal for indicating when a telephone rings. Illustration included.
Patent for a cultivator, by William J. Gillentine. It provides a means to adjust cultivator shovel-gangs relative to each other. Includes a lever-and-ratchet mechanism.
Embroidering Attachment for Sewing-Machines
Patent for embroidering arm attachment to be mounted on the needle-bar of a sewing machine with the embossing material passed through the needle eye so that it does not need to go through the presser-foot.
Lifting-Jack, Clamp, and Wire-Stretcher
Patent for a device that combines three tools - a lifting-jack, a clamp, and a wire-stretcher all in one. It does so without sacrificing the functionality of any part.
Train Signaling System
Patent for trains that use an alarm system that alerts the engineer if there is an issue with the automatic air-brakes in any of the train cars. This alarm system allows for users in any car to alert the engineer and does not diminish the effectiveness of the air brake system.
Patent for vehicle running-gear, catered toward machinery that has fifth-wheel reach beams. Designed for smoother vehicle functioning.
Cultivator Hopple
Patent for a cultivator hopple. The hopple is a device for shifting beams of cultivators for the purpose of adjusting plows. Illustrations included.
Railroad Crossing
Patent for a railroad crossing. Illustration included.
Patent for a bedstead that holds a bottom sheet taunt that can be used with existing bedsteads.
Nailless Horseshoe
Patent for horseshoe with extended sides that will bend inward to fit the shape of the horse hoof and that will be secured by screwing on nuts to pre-attached bolts on ears pressed against the hoof. Invention is a light and adjustable shoe that can be put on without the use of nails and can be removed at any time.
Rotary Engine.
Patent for rotary engine "of simple and compact construction, in which the pressure and expansive force of the steam or other actuating fluid may be utilized to the fullest advantage" (lines 10-13), with illustrations.
Well-Drilling Apparatus
Patent for a well-drill swivel designed to improve the function of a well-drilling apparatus. The improved swivel is meant to create a better connection between rod and rope and prevent twisting of water-supply.
Patent for an indicator. This invention is for keeping track of a grocer's list. Illustrations included.
Attachment For Plows
Patent for an attachment for plows. This invention "relates to new and useful improvements in attachments for plows, and my object is to provide means whereby the pitch of the moldboard or shovel may be regulated as desired" (lines 12-16). Illustration included.
Marine Illusion Apparatus
Patent for a Marine Illusion apparatus. This invention is to fit between two boats so that passengers can travel from one boat to another that is attached to a dock. Illustration included.