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Patent for a seed planter that has a revolving set of cups that are filled with seed and then planted as the seed planter crosses a field.
Patent for a shingle machine that has a block for adjusting the angle of the log being cut.
Wire-Winding Machine
Patent for a wire winding machine for making well screens.
Patent for a clamp for well tubes that can be used to remove the tubes for repair.
Cotton Picker.
Patent for an improved cotton picker and cleaner that is cylindrical in design, with a drum that contains rows of spikes or teeth and which rotates by a connecting shaft that can be connected to a motor. Includes illustrations.
Counterbalance for Pump-Rods
Patent for a counterbalance for pump rods that increases the efficiency of the pump.
Cylinder for Cotton-Gins
Patent for a cylinder for cotton gins that can have one disk removed for repair without taking apart the whole cylinder.
Patent for an oil burner for stoves that can still operate even if there are impurities in the water used to create the steam employed in getting the fuel to burn.
Triple Valve
Patent for a triple valve for air brakes on trains that gives the engineer more control over the brakes.
Patent for a washing machine that also includes a wringer.
Instep-Plate for Shoes
Patent for a protector for the instep of a shoe. Illustrations included.
Patent for a rotary drilling machine for drilling oil wells that has a stronger grip than previous drills.
Patent for an improved railway tie made of metal and wood blocks.
Patent for a skirt rack for holding skirts for display in stores and protecting them from wear and dust.
Spring Top-Support for Vehicles
Patent for a spring top support for buggies and other vehicles that can be used on vehicles of various sizes.
Patent for a syrup pan for boiling down sap into syrup that keeps the solid matter in the pan and only lets the liquid syrup flow out.
Patent for a washing machine that runs the clothes through hot suds and both rubs and squeezes the clothes.
Patent for a feeding trough for pig sties. Illustrations included.
Patent for a pipe clamp to be used with well pipes and tubes. Illustrations included.
Cover for Pass-Books
Patent for a cover for a passbook with a transparent cover to view the book.
Patent for a whiffletree. Illustration included.
Seed-Opening Plow
Patent for a seed opening and planting plow. Illustrations included.
Automatic Computing Device
Patent for an automatic computing device that can calculate the price of goods and be used to take inventory of stock.
Bale-Tie Buckle
Patent for a bale tie buckle made up of hooks that will not come apart under pressure.
Counting Attachment for Type-Writers
Patent for a counting attachment for type writers that provides signals when various word counts are reached.
Cultivator Attachment
Patent for a cultivator attachment that keeps the cultivator beams properly separated.
Patent for a horse detacher for use on wagons that prevents accidental separation.
Patent for a boat propeller that does not create a vacuum behind it and is more efficient than other propellers.
Patent for a roundabout ride with an improved method of turning the seats and the seat holder.
Patent for a show case for cigars that easily opens and closes.
Patent for a spigot that attaches to barrels and vats filled with liquids such as alcohol or acid that indicates the amount left in the barrel and can be locked closed.
Union Garment
Patent for union garment underwear for children that can have outer clothes attached to suspenders on the undergarment.
Patent for a windmill that changes directions with the wind automatically and provides more power to the pump.
Tongue Support for Binders
Patent for a tongue support for binders. "A device of this nature for supporting tongues of binders or other machines, in order to remove the weight and the strain from the necks of the animals" (lines 15-18). Illustration included.
Guano Distributor
Patent for the distribution of guano for fertilization over a given area of territory.
Adjustable Shade-Support
Patent for an adjustable window shade support.
Patent for a boat propeller that runs more efficiently by turning in such a way that the load of water on the propeller is taken off when its blades are going up.
Patent for a corn or feed cutter with adjustable blades.
Patent for a tie plate that sticks firmly to the ties, keeps out moisture, and is lighter than other tie plates.
Loose Leaf Binder
Patent for a loose leaf binder. The invention consists of two adjustable sections in order to lengthen or shorten the post. Illustration included.
Extensible Ladder.
Patent for a new and useful Extensible Ladder. The improved Extensible Ladder is comprised of a ladder on each side of the structure, extendable platform, and guard rails.
Folding Bookcase
Patent for a folding bookcase that can be manufactured with any number of shelves.
Internal Combustion Engine.
Patent for improved internal combustion engine design that replaces puppet valves with slide valves to increase port area and speed, while reducing noise. Includes illustrations.
Patent for a vehicle wheel with spring spokes to absorb shocks.
Window-Frame Attachment
Patent for a window frame attachment of bars that shades can be attached to.
Rotary Drilling-Machine
Patent for a rotary drilling machine for drilling oil wells. Illustrations included.
Sash Fastener
Patent for a sash fastener. The invnetion is designed to be of durable use as a window sash fastener. Illustration included.
Attachment for Cultivators &c
Patent for a stalk cutter attachment for cultivators.
Blotting Pad
Patent for an ink blotting pad. Illustration included.
Patent for a cultivator standard which allows the pitch and angle of the cultivator to be adjusted.