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Safety-lock For Keyholes.
Patent for improvements in safety-locks, which makes it secured against skeleton keys and lock-picking.
Patent related to a wrench that is adjustable to fit any nut size. When secured on the nut, this wrench will firmly grip the nut until the handler loosens the wrench from the nut.
Cotton Elevator and Distributer
Patent for a cotton elevator and distributor. Illustrations included.
Controlling System for Motor-Traction Cars.
Patent for controlling systems for motor traction cars. These controlling systems provide automatic control outside the volition of the motorman.
Cotton or Drag Sack Protector.
Patent for cotton or drag protectors used to protect the part of the sack that drags along the ground. This prevents the sack from wearing out.
Patent for a new drafting-pen which includes a tie member that unites and resists separation of the blades of a pen, yet the tie member is movable and allows the blades to separate.
Patent for a flap valve for use in blowing engines that increases the life of the valve plates.
Patent related to a spark arrester with a superstructural frame that can be used for either traction engines or railway locomotives.
Switch-Throwing Mechanism.
Patent related to switch throwing mechanisms, specifically for vehicles. This switch throwing mechanism allows the operator of the vehicle to properly conduct the switch without stopping the vehicle.
Supporting Bracket for Freezing Device
Patent for brackets used to hold edible fluids to be frozen.
Patent for a stalk cutter designed to be an attachment for plows. Illustrations included.
Patent for a device that guards the water cistern against impure water which drains from the roof of a building to which the cistern appertains.
Pipe Connection
Patent for a pipe connection for metal pipes that allows sections of pipe to be easily connected together and bent into different shapes for use in trains.
Preserved Wood and Process of Making Same.
Patent for a method of injecting preservative materials, in a manner that will reduce the cost of the treatment without greatly reducing the preservative action.
Resilient Vehicle Wheel
Patent for a resilient vehicle-wheel. Illustrations are included.
Rotary Hand-Stamp.
Patent for a rotary hand stamp that has an interchangeable printing surface that is simple, convenient, and is especially created for rapid operation.
Cotton-Chopping Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a cotton chopping attachment for cultivators. Illustrations included.
Amusement Device
Patent for an amusement device. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements to cotton pickers providing a wheeled machine that will "remove cotton lint from the plants by mechanical means" (lines 15-16) with added new features to construction and operation, including instructions and illustrations.
Display Device.
Patent for a display rack adapted for exhibiting various fabrics.
Patent for an improved fly trap.
Guard-Rail Clamp.
Patent for guard rail clamps to securely clasp guard rails with the main rail with features such as spikes and braces.
Improvements in Target-Controlled Roundabouts
Patent for a target-controlled roundabout comprised of a "revoluble member arranged to be operated by a plunger" (lines 11-12).
Mail-Box-Transmission System
Patent for improvements in mail box transmission systems. The invention aims to facilitate the retrieval of the mail through a cable transmission system in rural communities.
Neck-Yoke or Tongue Attachment
Patent for a neck-yoke or tongue attachment. It is adapted for use with any "type of breast-bar, neck-yoke, or tongue and pole equipped vehicles" (lines 12-14).
Process of Electrostatic Separation.
Patent for new improvements to Processes of Electrostatic Separation, "particularly to a process where the comminuted material subjected to the influence of an electrostatic field" (lines 12-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Rotary Churn.
Patent for a manual rotary churn with two dasher blades, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for windmill "utilizing a horizontally movable wheel" (line 10) that keeps a steady rotation and will have a wing tripping element that can either lock the wings or shift wings at proper time, including instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Making Carbureted Hydrogen Gas.
Patent for improved apparatus for manufacturing carbureted gas at small cost for illuminating and general heating and power purposes.
Attachment for Windmills.
Patent for a windmill attachment that will increase the pumping capacity of windmills or other lifting pumps.
Patent for a new and improved fountain pen that provides a “novel means for manipulating the compressible reservoir” (lines 13-14) of the pen and of which the contents "may readily be fed manually, to the ink-applying portion of the pen" (lines 10-11) including instructions and illustrations.
Furniture Appliance.
Patent for a piece of furniture that contains a retractable length of carpet material, intended for use in shoe stores to allow trial of the products without causing damage to the soles. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvements in Automatic Advertising Devices
Patent for an automatic advertising device that can show various signs or display cards and provides "an endless belt of transparent material which is differently colored" (lines 12-15) so that the sign may be "artistically changed" (lines 17-18). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for suspension bridges and a mechanism to overcome the vertical motion in floors of spans of bridges and provides a permanent anchorage for the cables.
Patent for a metallic casing for a railroad tie. Illustrations included.
Patent for a cut-off for water pipes, which provides a new construction to control the flow of supply of water from a roof.
Patent for a conveying lure used in dog races. Illustrations included.
Cotton-Thinning Machine
Patent for a cotton thinning machine. Illustrations included.
Combination coat and pants hanger.
Patent for a combined coat and trousers hanger that is formed strongly of wire to maintain its shape and durability, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement for harrows, "which may be adjusted so as to spread them apart or bring the same close together." (lines 15-17) The adjustable frame of the harrow allows the device to be used for different purposes of cultivation.
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for a harrow attachment that permits the attachment to be held with its teeth disposed in any desired relation to the cultivator.
Patent for a hay-press that automatically compresses hay into bales that is cost effective and easy to operate, including illustrations and instructions.
Plow Frame
Patent for a plow frame "to which may be attached plow bottoms or cultivator beams" (lines 11-12).
Rail Joint
Patent for improvements in rail joints that use fish plates
Patent for cotton feeders to facilitate the replacement of feed rollers without damage to the cotton feeder and be disposed of efficiently, including illustrations and instructions.
Patent for a gearing that is designed to improve the construction and power obtained from machines utilizing horse powers.
Patent for a saw toothed drums or cylinders (such as used for gins that denude cotton seeds).
Patent for a hydrocarbon burner with an improved fuel passageway.
Patent for an electric lamp socket that regulates the intensity of the current passing through the socket. It has multiple contact posts and a manually operated slide that makes contact with the posts.
Patent for pipe tongs used for rotary well boring machinery. The tongs are designed to be carried with and used by rotary machines.