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Weather Strip or Seal for Sliding Window-Sashes.
Patent for "a new and Improved Weather Strip or Seal for Sliding Window-Sashes" (lines 5-7), including instructions and illustrations.
Attachment for Water-Pipes
Patent for attachment for water pipes to prevent bursting of water pipes due to freezing of water while it passes through the pipes.
Patent for a bale tie that can withstand strain on the side of the band. The text describes the different parts of the bale tie and how it differs from ones currently used.
Bale Tile
Patent for a bale tie for cotton bales.
Patent for a new and improved churn and cooler which allows for easier removal of the cooling liquid and includes illustrations and description.
Patent for Clothes Pin made of galvanized wire that will remain normally on the line. It will also prevent the adjacent pins from becoming tangled together. It's twisted portions adapted for riding content with the line to hold the pin in operative position.
Driving-Rein Guard.
Patent for a driving rein guard in order to hold the reins of a draft animal.
Flue Scraper
Patent for a new and improved boiler tube scraper which will allow for easier insertion and removal, including illustrations and instructions.
Guide Device For Ironing-Machines
Patent for a device that guides Ironing Machines.
Hitching Strap
Patent for a hitching strap to prevent animals from running away.
Patent for a horse releaser constructed so that the shafts may be released when it is desired to detach a horse from a vehicle. It also provides an improved means of holding the shafts in place and preventing them from moving when it is not desired to release the shafts.
Patent for horse releaser, a device which connects horses to a vehicle. If a horse should decide to run when scared or when there is a stampede, the driver of the vehicle can unlatch the horses from the vehicle, preventing possible injury to the riders.
Marking Attachment for Planters.
Patent for an attachment for agricultural machines, such as planters and cultivators, that marks off the distance between rows. The attachment consists of a marker that projects laterally from the ground to form a guide for the driver of the machine.
Milo-Maize and Kafir Corn Header
Patent for a corn header that uses vertically adjustable heading devices that allows for some flexibility of the heading device with one of the ground wheels of the machine.
Patent for improvements in plow mold-boards, specifically for shedding sticky soil, and includes illustrations and description.
Road Service and Preservative
Patent for improved surface, repairs, and preservation of roads.
Scale Alarm
Patent for an improved scale alarm that automatically alerts the user to scales that are not balanced and is unaffected by temperature changes, including illustrations.
Septic Tank
Patent for Septic Tank for sewage disposal. This patent improves previous models, due to its easily instillation.
Patent for a vehicle wheel that does not wear down as quickly as those currently used and that better absorb shock. The text explains the different parts of the new wheel and why it is an improvement over current wheels.
Patent for a more efficient air compressor with high and low pressure chambers formed of mating sections that can be detached to make repairs to the piston as necessary.
Combination Battery Vault, Cistern, and Semaphore Foundation
Patent for an improvement to combination battery vaults, cisterns and semaphore foundations used in railway signal systems, including illustrations and descriptions.
Cotton Seed Planter.
Patent for "a new and useful edge drop feeder or seeder". (line 14)
Patent for a new drill that is used for pipes in wells, including illustrations.
Floor-Sweeping Compound
Patent for an improved floor-sweeping compound which changes the traditional woody filler with a less flammable and more absorbent mineral wool filler.
Patent for gearing for a flying machine. This gearing will allow for two independent drive shafts to work with tow independent engines to allow both engines to connect to either or both draft shafts.
Horse Detacher
Patent for a new and improved horse detacher which allows the driver to unhitch a horse without exiting the carriage or wagon, including specifications and illustrations.
Powder Blower
Patent for a new and improved powder blower used to insert powder medicine into the vagina, including illustrations and instructions.
Puncture-Proof Tire
Patent for improved armor in tires so they do not puncture as quickly or as easily, including illustrations.
Patent for a composite rock drill composed of granular metal or minerals held together in a binder to present sharp points for the efficient drilling of rock and other substances.
Saw Gage and Filing Clamp
Patent for a combined saw gage and clamp which can be "applied to a saw blade to gage the depth of the cut as well as reversed and used as a clamp for the saw blade in setting the teeth" (lines 16-18).
Stenographic-Writing Means
Patent for improvements in stenographic-writing (typewriting). The object of the invention being "to provide a keyboard comprising keys to cooperate with suitable printing means, and to so arrange said keys...to facilitate the speed at which the writing can be accomplished" (lines 14-20).
Patent for an improved rotary airplane engine patterned after the Gnome type with extra blades attached to the engine cylinders.
Apparatus for Use in Connection with the Refining of Petroleum.
Patent for refining "petroleum for burning oil (kerosene)". (lines 16-17)
Can Spout.
Patent for "new and useful improvements in stoppers and discharge spouts for cans, or receptacles more particularly to cans employed in shipping kerosene oil, cotton seed oil, turpentine syrups and various other liquids." (lines 10-15).
Patent for a vertical dash butter churn with a frame that allows for removal of the receptacle with dash parts still attached to the frame, including illustrations.
Egg Tester.
Patent for "an improved egg tester". (line 14)
Patent for improvements with the construction of flying machines to make them adaptable and more safe, including illustrations.
Rail Device
Patent for a rail securing device which prevents the rails from spreading.
Automatic Gun Firing Mechanism.
Patent for an automatic gun firing mechanism intended to protect gardens, orchards, and fields by scaring off birds and other animals that destroy crops through automatic discharge of a firearm at predetermined intervals.
Combination Stock and Freight Car.
Patent for stock cars and means for converting a stock car in part or as whole into a freight car.
Compound Tool
Patent for a compound tool which combines the features of the nut-wrench and the pipe-wrench.
Patent for providing a cheaper version of removing pipes or tubing from wells.
Patent for "an improved form of incinerator for burning garbage and other refuse, both solid and liquid, as well as the gases liberated therefrom, without the emission of smoke or noxious odors, or gases, and especially suitable for disposing of the refuse of military encampments, farms, hotels, houses, communities, etc., not provided with sewers" (lines 9-17), including instructions and illustrations.
Life-Saving Device.
Patent for a collapsible life-saving device that can be stored in little space on a ship or dock and unfolded quickly for use as a flotation device for several persons.
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil.
Patent for "refining crude cotton seed oil designed to increase the yield of refined oil of the required color, odor and flavor." (lines 11-13)
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil
Patent for improvements in the processes of refining crude cotton-seed oil which increases the yield of refined oil. Improved results are are obtained by "neutralizing the oil with an alkaline silicate and then treating the oil with a mixture of alkaline hydroxid and alkaline carbonate" (lines 28-31).
Process of Refining Crude Cotton-Seed Oil.
Patent for a process of refining crude cotton-seed oil of high acidity (e.g., oils containing from 1.5 to 12 percent acid or higher) to increase the yield of oil of the required color, odor, and flavor.
Wire stretcher
This patent is to help provide an improved wire stretcher.
Attachment for Harrows
Patent for attachment of harrows that facilitate the use of harrows in pilling cotton stalks. This device allows the harrows to be in continuous motion creating efficiency in cotton pilling.
Patent for an improved chicken roost.