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Smoke Stack Protector
Patent for adjustable smoke stack protector that stays open when in use and covers the opening when not in order to protect from rain, wind, dirt to protect the stack from deteriorating.
Patent for spring wheels for use on motor vehicles, such as automobiles and motorcycles. Producing a wheel that will absorb the shock or jar incident to its passage over rough or uneven roadways.
Stalk-Cutter Attachment for Plows.
Patent for "stalk cutting attachment for plows" (line 10), particularly for chopping cotton stalks.
Boot-Tree Former.
Patent for a boot-tree former, which is used in boot manufacturing to form and stretch the shape of a boot.
Centrifugal Suction Fan
Patent for improvements made towards in suction fans that are found in cotton picking machines to improve efficiency. The primary improvements detailed in the patent describe and illustrate an improved design of the casing inside the fan to prevent damage to the cotton or the seed once they are sucked into the fan, among other design improvements.
Device for Manually Propelling a Body Through the Water.
Patent for a device that can be used by an individual while swimming to propel oneself through the water, or as an oar to propel a boat through the water.
Package Tie
Patent for improvements made to package ties that are utilized by letter carriers to bind multiple letters or newspapers. This patent details improvements in efficiency of use, and construction for mass production to be sold at a small price.
Patent for a planter which distributes seeds from the top of the seed hopper rather than from the bottom, allowing the operator to see that it is distributing seeds properly.
Vehicle for Cotton-Pickers.
Patent for an improved cotton picking vehicle which incorporates seating and an adjustable awning.
Patent for a live animal trap that uses a trigger and allows for live bait. Wire fabric is used to prevent animals from digging and escaping.
Patent for promoting the distillation of crude oil and other substances, separating the different parts of oil and impurities based on their weight.
Automatic Brake.
Patent for automatic wagon brake which removes the strain on draft animals when the vehicle is descending down an incline.
Patent for "a counting machine, and it more particularly relates to an attachment for typewriters (lines 12-14).
Patent for a movable dam wall shorter than the depth of the water behind it, including illustrations.
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for an improvement on non-refillable bottles. The improvement would not let any other liquid be surreptitiously added to the bottle. Also this patent design allows for the closure plug to be reused by the manufacturer of the bottle in new bottles.
Printing Press
Patent for a printing press design that has a "type carrying member" which is a "circular rotary disk," and a "mechanism for elevating the ink supplying rolls and paper carrying platens to permit of the passage of the type therebelow without being affected," (lines 11-12, 23-26) including illustrations.
Windmill Wheel
Patent for improvements made to windmill wheels. Improvements include windmill wheel blades that can easily be taken off or fixed onto the wheel hub, improvements in construction for easy assembly and disassembly, and construction from economic materials.
Patent for a built-in organization system for kitchen cabinets, including illustrations.
Lister Plow and Planter.
Patent for lister plows and planters that will allow "for cleaning the ground at the same time that the ground is plowed and the seed planted" (lines 12-14).
Patent for a pump, designed to increase the flow of water without increasing the length of the stroke or the numbers of strokes of the plunger rod. The pump lifts water by force and suction simultaneously.
Patent for a removable liner for a pump cylinder bore, including illustrations.
Spring Wheel
Patent for a spring wheel design that will "effectually resist both the vertical and lateral stresses to which the wheel is subjected when in use" (lines 11-13), including illustrations.
Spring-wheel for Vehicles.
Patent for an improved wheel with "spring cushioning devices between the sections for insuring easy running of the vehicle by the spring devices absorbing shocks" (lines 11-14).
Patent for stalk cutter that breaks the stalks close to the ground, featuring a lever that enables cutter height adjustments to facilitate the breaking of stalks. This stalk cutter has no cutting edges and will not dull over time.
Patent for a modification to Mr. Layne's previous Patent No. 1,062,717, including illustrations.
Ballot-Voting Machine
Patent for a ballot box that counts the number of votes in the box.
Patent for a bottle cap with a removable strainer.
Patent for a new attachment to cultivators that simultaneously "create equidistant hills of plants" (line 25) while cultivating each row, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a machine that purifies cotton by removing the cotton from surrounding elements and distributing the cotton.
Patent for cultivating ground around certain crops so the crops can flourish.
Drapery Support and Form
Patent for a new kind of drapery system that keeps the drapes pleated neatly and allows drapes to open and close easily with metal fasteners.
Patent for a fly catcher made up of strong wire that is able to hold fly paper in a funnel shape in order to trap flies. Includes instructions and an illustration.
Girth Connection for Saddletrees.
Patent for a device that connects attaching girth rings to saddletrees. It allows for girth rings to be quickly attached and provides swinging movement.
Patent for head lamps that the drivers can turn while driving to light the road.
Patent for a razor-sharpening device that will be compact and simple to produce.
Patent for "an improved and simplified construction" for vehicle steering axles (line 15), including illustrations.
Apparatus for Burning Finely-Divided Fuel.
Patent for an improved apparatus for burning finely divided fuel. It admits air (during combustion) at various access points to vary the air that is confined within the mechanism.
Attachement for Cultivators.
Patent for an attachment for cultivators. The attachment allows for quick attachment and removal of the machinery.
Box-Corner Protector.
Patent for a metal corner protector for boxes. The protector covers both the inner and outer corners of boxes to enhance grip and prevent protruding edges from damaging goods.
Patent for a new and improved hand churn, that rests on any flat surface to create better support during use.
Patent for "improvements in means for improving cement or concrete blocks."(ln. 12-14)
Concrete Tile for Building Contruction
Patent for improvements in concrete tiles for building construction, designed especially for use in building walls, partitions, ceilings, etc. of building structures.
Double-Action Hair-Clipper.
Patent for an improved hair clipper design with both stationary and movable cutter blades.
Mouse-Guard Attachment for Piano-Pedals
Patent for an attachment to prevent rodents from entering a piano by way of the pedal openings.
Plow Attachment.
Patent for the ability to attach one or more plows simply and inexpensively so users can customize their plowing methods as needed.
Round Bale Cotton Compress
Patent for a round bale cotton compress that efficiently creates cotton bales with little manual labor, including illustrations.
Sawdust-Burning Furnace
Patent for a sawdust burning furnace in which wet sawdust can be rapidly burned.
Patent for an improved protection device which may be attached to the bow of a ship.
Patent for spring hubs in automobiles and other vehicles. This prevents jarring and jolting between the spindle and the wheel.
Street-Indicator for Cars
Patent for a device that allows passengers to press a button that tells the driver at which streets to stop.