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Corn Picker and Husker.
Patent for a corn picker and husker, "wherein the ears of corn are delivered directly from the picker-arms to husking-rolls." (lines 11-13)
Electric Conductor
Patent for electric conductor with switch cord and plug especially designed for use with multiple electrical circuits, as with a telephone switchboard.
Patent for a whirligig toy, containing a rotatable platform carrying horse and sleigh figurines that spin in the same direction.
Patent for a clothes pin consisting of a single piece of bent wire.
Patent for a cotton chopper that can also chop or cut corn, cane, broom-corn, peas, or any similar plants that are planted thick in drills or rows. This particular chopper includes an approved arrangement and adjustment of the chopping-blades that can be set to cut at different angles.
Patent for a spirit level that is simple in construction and can easily determine vertical and horizontal planes accurately.
Wood-Boring Machine.
Patent for a wood boring machine "which is especially adapted to bore holes of extreme length in columns or like structural members by cutting away only a portion of the wood forming hole in same" (lines 11-15).
Patent for "a wrench having a sliding jaw and a handle pivoted to the shank in such a manner that a movement of the handle about the work" prevents the jaw to move (lines 13-16).
Patent for a new and improved animal trap.
Patent for the Cultivator that helps in expanding and contracting the beams and to adjust the length as required.
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an electrical system "whereby the position of a train anywhere between the ends of a track can be ascertained at either terminal" (lines 14-16).
Electrical Signal System.
Patent for an improved electrical signal system which can help ascertain "the position of a train or other obstruction on a railway-track ... at either terminal" (lines 14-16), including an illustration.
Patent for a fruit-canning apparatus that holds multiple cans on a perforated tray for necessary heating and easy removal from a receptacle.
Hame and Trace Connector.
Patent for a hame and trace connector. "The object of the invention is to provide a hame and trace connection having means to prevent the parts of the same from becoming disconnected." (lines 14-17)
Patent for a pump. This patent claims improvements in the design of pumps used for oil or water.
Patent for improvements in railway ties, specifically railway ties in the "metallic" class. The ties in this class are affixed to the rails without the need for spikes.
Self-Locking, Nut.
Patent for a "simple and efficient device" for "securely holding a nut upon a bolt" (lines 76-77).
Ventilating Apparatus.
Patent for a ventilating apparatus for railway cars for the purpose of supplying air to railway car interiors without needing to open a window (which tends to also let in smoke and dust), including illustrations.
Patent for a wrench where the movement of the jaws is partially automated.
Mixing Plant.
Patent for new mixing plants materials and procedures, "comprising novel means for handling, conveying, and mixing the several materials which constitute the feed and for accurately determining the proportion of each such materials" (lines 11-15), including instructions and illustrations.
Mattress-Making Machine.
Patent for a mattress making machine that is more simple but equally-efficient as previous mattress making machines. This patent is an improvement to the inventor's previous patent, No. 679,809.
Solid-Rim Wood Column.
Patent for a new construction for wooden columns that were previously produced by joining strips of wood together.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Baling-Presses." (line 6-7) including instructions and illustrations.
Garden Rake and Cultivator.
Patent for a garden rake and cultivator that can be adjust in various positions to do the gardening works for the growing plants.
Mail-Bag Catcher.
Patent for railway mail service bag-catchers "to provide a catcher which will remove a bag from a supporting-crane and transfer it automatically into the mail-car while the train is in motion" (lines 13-16).
Photographic-Printing Device.
Patent for a new photographic-printing device featuring an improved apparatus, as well as new exposure and printing capabilities, including illustrations.
Patent for a new design for saw-teeth, with illustrations.
Patent for "new and Improved Churn-Cover" (line 5-6) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new clamp to improve support functionality in household construction, including illustration.
Cotton-Handling Apparatus.
Patent for a new cotton-handling apparatus with cleaning mechanisms and a storage-house, including illustrations.
Cow, Calf and Colt Weaner.
Patent for a weaner to be worn by cows, calves and colts "reducing inconvenience by the animal" (line 12) and allowing for the administration of medicine or antiseptic.
Patent for a lock-nut which prevents the nut from accidentally rotating on the bolt, including illustrations. The nut is locked in position when a locking key is introduced to grooves on the lower surface of the nut and the adjacent face of the washer.
Mosquito-Net-Frame Attachment for Bedsteads.
Patent for a mosquito net frame attachment designed to hold mosquito netting material over and around the bed frame, with illustrations.
Patent for a pot-rack which can hold a scalding-crate, cooking-pan, or canning-machine in a boiler at any depth of one's choice, including illustrations. The pot-rack is simple in design, durable, and inexpensively manufactured.
Rubber Shoe Sole and Heel.
Patent for a rubber shoe sole and heel which is adapted to be readily attached to the welt of a hand-sewed or Goodyear rubber shoe, including illustrations. The rubber shoe sole and heel is designed to bring the tread surface of the heel-piece in proper alignment with the tread-face of the sole-piece with a flange around it to facilitate connection to the welt of the shoe.
Patent for "steam-engines of the reciprocating type, the purpose being to simplify the construction, reduce the number of working parts, economize in fuel, and to utilize the steam so as to obtain a maximum percentage of power therefrom." (line 8-13) instructions and illustrations included.
Whiffletree Connection.
Patent for a whiffletree connection which takes up all wear and prevents rattling, including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved fishing reel that allows an angler to control the tension of the line when unwinding.
Musical Instrument.
Patent for a new musical instrument, similar to a lyre, designed to "provide a new and improved musical instrument which is simple and durable in construction, very light, of high resonant qualities, and arranged to permit convenient manipulation of the strings without the player touching the soundboard with the fingers" (lines 10-15), which includes illustrations.
Neck-Yoke Center.
Patent for a device that improves, simplifies, and strengthens the construction of neck yoke centers.
Patent for a plow improvement specifying the method in which the handle attaches to the beam of the plow. Parts of the plow are adjustable.
Patent for a quilting frame that is adjustable for different conditions, as well as constructed so that material to be quilted can be attached without sewing. Additionally, the quilting frame can be folded to occupy less space when not in use.
Rotary for Oil-Wells.
Patent for a pipe rotary for use "in sinking oil-wells" (line 10). The patent allows for the power to be applied to the "pipe-sections which constitute the casing of the well" (line 14-15).
Patent for an improvement in sash fasteners for window attachments. The patent allows the window to be opened without counterbalances and also keeps the window from being opened from outside.
Car Truck Bolster
Patent for a car-truck bolster. The design improves upon existing versions to bolster a car or truck in order to readily makes repairs in a simple and expeditious manner. The bolster can be taken apart which allows for each part to be replaced separately.
Patent for a combination tool that provides "a novel form of tool-head arranged to interchangeably carry a plurality of tools of different characters, whereby the single tool-head may be employed in various capacities" (lines 8-12), including illustrations.
Cooking Stove Attachment
Patent for a cooking stove attachment. The attachment goes inside the oven of the cooking-stove to prevent food from being burned while cooking. Moisture is supplied to the oven to prevent blistering of bread while baking and improve the general baking and roasting qualities of the oven.
Embroidering Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for an Embroidering Attachment for Sewing Machines that permits the movement of the material in any direction in order to improve embroidery designing.
Patent for an improved version of "operating pumps and similar apparatus" (lines 8-9).
Patent for a cheap and simple reed-board that provides a uniform tone that is produced through the register or registers and allows the freedom of communication between the reed-cells and pipe or resonance cells.