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Railway-Rail Support and Coupling.
Patent for improved combined railway rail supports and joints that increases the efficiency and utility of such devices. Eliminates the need of employing additional bolts or other fastening means.
Patent for improvements to seed planters including "having a revolving seed distributing drum provided with radial slots in which radially moving plungers are arranged, and so operated that at predetermined points seeds are received in the pockets and subsequently ejected therefrom" (lines 12-17) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for new stamping device for "quickly and accurately stamping railroad tickets on their faces with the date of issue, the destination and the time limit or number of the train on which the ticket is to be used" (lines 11-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a wheel for vehicles that has springs within the rim which compress when placed under a load or jolted.
Patent for improved construction and function of wrenches. Improvements include a more simple, durable, and inexpensive method of construction and arrangement of the adjustable jaw as to allow a single hand to hold and adjust the wrench simultaneously.
Patent for a new sliding jaw type wrench which enables objects to be clamped in the jaws of the wrench securely while leverage is used to rotate the head of a nut.
Patent for an advertising machine that reverses the travel of the apron that is used to connect with, and where, the display sign is printed. It also easily and efficiently reverses the driving mechanism once the apron is completely unwound from one of the rollers. The patent includes illustrations.
Caster Attachment.
Patent for casters. An attachment to prevent insects from passing up bed posts or other furniture. Fits to any form of caster.
Feed-Delivering Attachment for Silos.
Patent for a rotatable feed delivering frame attachment for silos. This eliminates the need to manually climb the silo to transfer ensilage.
Patent for a liquid cooler consisting of "few parts of simple form" (line 13) and constructed of wood and metal, including illustrations. The liquid cooler can be thoroughly cleaned, making it possible to maintain a "sanitary condition" (line 17).
Patent for a type of steering shoe for a motor plow powered by gasoline or internal combustion.
Patent for a Paper-Guide that can be folded, when it is not in service position, to allow it to be covered by the typewriting machine it is attached to. The patent includes illustrations.
The Patent for an improved piston to be used in connection with the cylinders of air brakes. The improvement involves making the removal and replacement of worn out packing material easier.
Process of Obtaining Oil and Stock Food from Cotton-Seed.
Patent for a process for preparing stock food and extracting oil from cotton seed. The objectives include obtaining more oil from seed and a very nutritious stock food. The other objectives are eliminating waste of the residue after the oil has been extracted, regulating protein, and killing germs from the food. The patent includes illustrations.
Propelling or Power-Generating Mechanism.
Patent for the constructions of a propelling machine of a vessel, which is provided an electric motor in an engine as a power source for propelling the vessel.
Patent for a connection between a pump and a windmill which varies the speed of the stroke.
Pump-Rod Coupling.
Patent for "a pump rod coupling and more particularly to a coupling adapted to connect together pump rods made of wood or similar substance" (lines 8-11).
Selective Telegraph System.
Patent for a selective telegraph switch which allows current to be directed to a specific place and will minimize resistance.
Antiskidding Vehicle Wheel-Tire.
Patent for an antiskidding vehicle wheel tire that has tread structure which prevents slippage or skidding of the tires on wet or icy roads.
Patent for a new blade similar to "weed blades" (line 10) that can be "attached to a cultivator" (line 11) and includes an illustration.
Check for Draft Apparatus.
Patent for a check attachment for a draft apparatus that pulls rope from the apparatus to effect the draft on the object "which will automatically lock the pull rope against movement under the influence of tension of the apparatus when the force applied to the rope to the effect such tension is removed" (lines 20-24).
Patent for machine that cleans seed cotton before it is ginned by removing dirt, twigs, and other foreign matter.
Flour Sifter and Mixer.
Patent for a "simply constructed" (line 11-12) flour sifter and mixer wherein the flour can be "thoroughly mixed without removal of the sifter" (line 12-13) including an illustration.
Gate-Operating Mechanism.
Patent for a gate-operating mechanism for quickly opening and closing a gate, including farm gates, from either side without the use of springs, including a description of the design and illustrations.
Hoisting and Launching Machinery for Life-Boats.
Patent for machinery to quickly launch and lower life boats from a main ship in case of accident.
Life Boat
Patent for life boats to use for large passenger ships, cruise and other boats that can be installed at the sides of the ships for easy access during evacuation.
Patent for a form of mold that is constructed to expand and contract quickly to form sidewalks and curbs.
Under-Drilling Bit.
Patent for improvements in the design of under drilling bits in order to "reduce labor, time and expense of drilling" and "to permit the drilling of a more perfect hole" (lines 25-27), including illustrations and a description of the design.
Wire Stretcher and Repairer.
Patent for a new wire stretcher and repairer that stretches and repairs broken telephone, telegraph, or other types of wires and also takes up slack in the line when stringing wires.
Patent for a new brake design that forms part of the driving mechanism of a sewing machine. The design has been adapted to include a plurality of small rollers that exert different amounts of friction on brake wheels.
Patent for improvement in combination-saws is to provide a machine in which a planer, a shaper or molder, a rip saw and a cut-off saw are operated by a single motor or engine (lines 12-14). Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in draft-gear by using a drive wheel and an arcuate guide to maintain the line of draft from the load to the center of the main or drive axle irrespective of the position of the load relative to the engine (lines 17-20). Illustration is included.
Patent for internal combustion gas engine "capable of developing maximum power with a maximum power with a minimum consumption of fuel" (lines 11-13).
Harrow Attachment for Cultivators.
Patent for Harrow attachment for cultivators. For tilling soil. Adjustable depth.
Rail Brace for Railway Tracks.
Patent for rail brace for railway tracks. The brace "acts as a chair for the rail preventing sagging ; as a brace for the base of the rail, and also bracing the head, and prevents both rails from spreading though not in any way secured to the tie" (lines 100-105).
Patent for improvements in rail-joint designed to secure the abutting ends of the rails of a railway (lines 12-13). Illustration is included.
Patent for a new rail joint to be secured to a rail having "the lower portion of its web and its base flange terminate a short distance beyond the end of the rail" (lines 28-30), including illustrations.
Patent for spring-based
Sliding-Door Latch.
Patent for "a latch applicable to the sliding doors of common carriers, dwellings, and the like" (lines 10-12), to keep sliding doors shut. Illustrations included.
Patent for improvements in spikes, in which when the spike is driven into a tie, it will not turn (line 11-12). Illustration is included.
Attachment for Windmills.
Patent for improvement in attachments for windmills to “convert rotary motion of the wheel shaft into reciprocating motion for actuating the pitman of the sucker rod.” (Lines 12-14) Illustration is included.
Patent for a coaster brake featuring an improved positive drive and braking.
Combined Scrubber and Mop
Patent for a combined mop and scrubber. The invention consists of a brush, mop, wringer, and water receptacle.
Elevator and Conveyer for Concrete-Mixers.
Patent for improvements in elevators and conveyers for concrete-mixers “whereby the mixed concrete can be fed to the wall mold at different elevations, the elevator being extended and the conveyer raised for constructing the successive stories of the building.” (Lines 17-21) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in hat-fasteners in which the “fastener can be adjustable to hats of different sizes and shapes, …., for securing the hat upon the head.” (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Planter and Fertilizer-Distributer
Patent for Planter and Fertilizer Distributer that has a mechanism for receiving the seed and fertilizer and distributing the same
Patent for improvements in riding-cultivators in which the cultivator is “capable of easy adjustment so that each part may be placed independently of other parts in position for most thorough service” (Lines 15-18). Illustration is included.
Sealing Device.
Patent for improvements in the design of devices used for sealing car doors, including illustrations and a description. The device is designed in such a way that the seal may not be removed in the locked position without breaking the door, thus preventing theft.
Surgical Appliance.
Patent for a surgical appliance, "adapted for the treatment of rectal and uterine troubles".
Patent for a fabric engaging element under the top of the washing machine.