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Method of Making Cotton-Bales
Patent for "a new and useful Method of Making Cotton-Bales" (lines 5-6) including illustrations and description of process.
Patent for a combined water-cooler and refrigerator. "One object of the present invention is to improve the construction of devices of this character and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient one capable of enabling the temperature of its contents to be readily controlled and quickly changed. A further object of the invention is to provide a combined water-cooler and refrigerator which may be advantageously employed as a churn-body" (lines 10-19). Includes specifications and illustrations.
Patent for a "new and improved propeller for boats which is simple in construction, prevents a loss of power, and is thus very economical." (lines 8-10). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for...nut lock for threaded bolt.
Patent for an improvement in the science of combination locks. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for...Planter
Patent for...Plow with "rods or fingers" to prevent dirt from collecting.
Patent for...Fruit Packing Press
Quilting Attachment for Sewing Machine
Patent for...Quilting Attachment for Sewing Machine
Railway Signaling Mechanism
Patent for a railway signaling mechanism. This invention "relates to certain new and useful improvements in electric railway and block signaling in which means are provided for indicating in the engine cab to the engineer the condition of the road ahead" (lines 9-13). Illustrations included.
Rotary Fan
Patent for "a new and useful Improvement in Rotary Fans" (lines 5-6) with description and illustration.
Rotary Reversible Engine
Patent for rotary reversible engine. Illustrations included.
Patent for an improvement in the invention of sawing machines. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Patent for an attachment that will allow a plow or harrow to drop seed.
Slime Jigging Machine
Patent for machine in which very little water is used to recover the very finest difference in gravity of the mineral particles
Patent for a Spark-Arrester.
Patent for an improvement in springs. "Designed particularly for use upon carriages, wagons, and motor or other cars and more particularly to the type os springs known as elliptic or semi-elliptic" (lines 10-14).
Stabilizer for Flying-Machines.
Patent for Stabilizer for Flying Machines. "The object of the invention being to provide simple and effective means upon the lateral margins of a main plane or supporting surface operating automatically upon the lateral oscillation of the machine in either direction to restore it to a horizontal or balanced position" (lines: 9 -16).
Stamp-Vending Machine
No Description Available.
Patent for...Sub-structure for waterway bridges.
Switching Device
Patent for switching devices. This invention is for electrically operated switch tongue throwing mechanisms and is for use in switching cars from one track to another. illustrations included.
Tabulating Attachment for Type Writers
Patent for an attachment for type writers allowing for the printing of long lists of figures or statistics
Patent for Tree-Heater. "The object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described for the purpose of generating and distributing heat and so constructed that it may be suspended from or placed beneath small trees and shrubs for the purpose of raising the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the same in order to prevent said trees or shrubs and the fruit thereof from being injured by reason of cold" (lines 11-19).
Patent for Vehicle Wheel. "Our invention relates to new and useful improvements in vehicle wheels. Its object is to provide a vehicle wheel, specially adapted for use upon automobiles, equipped with a substitute for the pneumatic tire, of cheaper and more lasting construction than such a tire" (lines 9-15).
Patent for "a new and useful Washboard" (lines 5-6) including description and illustration.
Washing Compound
Patent for a washing compound that can be employed in cleansing fabrics without danger of causing colors to fade.
Washing Machine
Patent for washing machine with frame or stand adapted to support a tub or receptacle
Patent for improvements to and for washing machines, including illustrations and instructions.
Wheeled Gang Plow
Patent for a wheeled gang plow. "This invention relates to improvements in motor drawn wheeled gang plows of the disk type" (lines 13-15). Illustrations included.
Wire Stretcher
Patent for a device that improves "wire-stretchers, but also adapted to be used for other purposes" (lines 15-19) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for the wrench. "The object of the invention is to provide a wrench which will be readily adjustable so as to fit nut of any size and one which will be held securely on the nut securely on the nut when engaged thereon" (lines 10-14).
Attachment for Harrows
Patent for attachment of harrows that facilitate the use of harrows in pilling cotton stalks. This device allows the harrows to be in continuous motion creating efficiency in cotton pilling.
Patent for an improved chicken roost.
Patent for a fountain brush which allows for the attachment of a wiping cloth, and featuring a spring handle.
Advertising-Shield for Vehicle-Wheels
Patent for a shield for vehicle wheels that can be used for advertising.
Patent for an improved churn for aerating cream by forcing air down a pipe into the churn.
Patent for an automobile tire pump that can be used with any size tire.
Cotton-Stalk Cutter
Patent for a more efficient and simple cotton stalk chopper with the ability for the chopping drum to be moved up and down in the on and off positions.
Patent for a drying machine for stone, clay and related substances that will not burn the materials.
Patent for a horse detacher that easily connects and unconnects to the swingletree.
Patent for an improved juice extractor including a way to remove the strainer for easy cleaning or replacement, a swivel for the handle, and an overall more efficient device.
Knee Pad for Cotton Pickers &c
Patent for a knee pad for cotton pickers with a pneumatic cushion.
Saw-Filing and Gumming Machine
Patent for a saw filing and gumming machine for sharpening gin saws.
Patent for a tree heater for putting under small trees to protect them from cold weather.
Windmill Attachment
Patent for a windmill attachment that allows the windmill to be operated either by wind or hand power without needing to disconnect the sucker rod from the windmill.
Patent for a cylinder shaped animal trap for small furry animals.
Patent for an improvement to churns. "The purpose of the invention is to provide a novel churn structure embodying a pair of oppositely reciprocating dashers mounted in a common churn receptacle or body and operated from a single crank wheel" (lines 15-19).
Device for Tying and Untying Packages.
Patent for a device to easily secure and release cords used to bind packages, including instructions and illustrations.
Explosive Compound
Patent for an explosive compound made of potassium chlorate, granulated sugar, and alcohol that is not unstable.
Patent for a hair singer that contains the odor and smoke produced by singed hair.