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Electrical Fare-Box.
Patent for device "to improve the illumination and increase the efficiency and subserviency of street-care fare-boxes. To these ends the source of light is located in the interior of the box, instead of being placed in a separate chamber at the outside of the box, as is now done, and electrical agency is utilized to produce the light and also to notify the driver that a passenger requires change and when a fair has been deposited in the box" (lines 8-17).
Adjustable Attachment for Freight-Car Doors.
Patent for a mechanism that creates "an adjustable attachment for freight-car doors, for preventing sparks and other objectionable matter from getting into the cars, and means for operating the attachment that is adapted for use in securing the door in different positions of adjustment, and for connection with the body of the car by means of a seal-support, in order that the fixed adjustment of the door cannot be changed without breaking the seal" (lines 12-21).
Cotton Chopper and Cultivator Combined.
Patent for improvement to a cotton-chopper with a "mechanism for cultivating the soil between the hills as well as for bringing the said hills to a regular form" (lines 18-20).
Patent for a simplified washing machine by constructing it with "double bottoms and sides, and in providing the said machines with means by which the washing-liquid is made to flow upward between the said sides and downward upon the article or articles to be washed; and it also consists in providing suitable means whereby said articles or articles may be drained" (lines 14-20).
Patent for "motors designed more particularly running sewing machines and churns and other light machinery" (lines 9-10), including instruction and illustrations.
Patent for dress-chart, with illustrations. The purpose of this dress-chart relating to "pattern charts for cutting any and all garments" regardless of man, woman, or child (lines 9-11).
Combined Buckle and Trace or Breeching Loop
Patent for a "device whereby, in a harness, the back-band and belly-band may readily be connected to a trace-buckle, or a breeching-loop or 'trace-square'" (lines 10-13) without sewing the buckle into other harness pieces.
Disk Harrow.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in disk harrows.
Patent for "handle-bars for bicycles, velocipedes, and the like; and the primary object is to enable the successful use of animals' horns in the formation thereof and to provide for the adjustment and securing of such handle-bars in either a raised or lowered position or at any point within range of a circular adjustment" (lines 8-15).
Patent relating to "a novel corn-planter, and has for its object the production of a simple, durable, and efficient planting attachment which may be applied to an ordinary plow and which when so applied will automatically effect the distribution of corn or other grain at desired intervals" (lines 12-18).
Patent for tool handles relating to "improvements in handles for hoes, rakes, and similar agricultural or mechanical implements; and it consists in the novel devices hereinafter described and claimed (lines 10-15).
Combined Computing Device and Weighing-Scale.
Patent for "a simple, economical, and portable combined computing and weighing scale for ordinary use so simple in its operation that an illiterate person can manipulate it with as much facility as one trained to the practical use of more complicated devices" (lines 20-25).
Patent for a new and improved can opener. This design "consists of can-opener comprising a blade or cutter vertically adjustable to allow it to be forced into a can-head to be cut" (lines 34-36).
Adjustable Rack for Railway-Cars.
Patent for improvements on racks in railway-cars including more storage for smaller items, an adjustable rack for children or elderly persons to be able to reach without needing to stand on the car seat, a titled hinge that allows a rack to be pulled for ward and pushed back, and other improvements.
Gearing For Bicycles.
Patent relating to "a new and useful improvement in gearing for bicycles and the like, and has for its object to so construct and arrange a device of this description as to avoid sudden shocks or jars which are occasioned by unevenness in the road-bed over which the machine is traveling, and also to enable the rider to exert a sudden force upon the pedals without straining the framework or wheels of the machine" (lines 9-18).
Harness-Hame Attachment.
Patent "to provide a hame of strong and durable construction, simple in its arrangement, and having means of ready application of the necessary devices used in connection with harness attachments" (lines 14-18).
Disk Cultivator
Patent for an improved "disk cultivator that will be adapted for the various purposes to which such devices are ordinarily applied. The invention consists in certain details of construction and combination and arrangement of parts" (lines 13-18)
Patent for a new lemon squeezer design for "table purposes" (line 15) and "to provide a sanitary lemon squeezer" (lines 19-20) including instructions and illustrations.
Composition Pulp Plaster and Process of Manufacturing Same.
Patent for "a composition pulp plaster designed as a substitute for ordinary lime-plaster and equivalent materials and particularly adapted for use in warm moist climates, where the ordinary lime-plaster lacks durability and is rendered non-adherent. A further objective of the invention is to provide a cheap substitute for plaster which will be not only waterproof, but also fireproof and gas-proof or practically impervious to air" (lines 9-18). It includes instructions for manufacturing the plaster with various proportions of the ingredients depending on the purpose.
Patent for a tool handle for "hoe-handles, rake-handles, and other like farming implements."
Patent for an improved "oliver," a blacksmith's hammer operated by foot power or another mechanism. It provides improved means for mounting the hammer, adjusting the blow of the hammer or cushioning it, and arranging the hammer at different positions when not in use.
Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for a simplified and "improved cotton-chopping mechanism which may be readily applied to a straddle-row cultivator of ordinary construction, whereby the cotton may be plowed and chopped at one operation" (lines 10-14). It also allows for the chopping mechanism to be adjusted to regulate the chopping operation and provides better support of the mechanism while operating.
Patent for "a simple, compact and efficient extensible frame adapted to be supported for use either in connection with a bedstead or door and window openings, &c" (lines 9-13). It is constructed to be arranged in multiple positions and "to support the fabric of the canopy in the desired position without risk of tearing or otherwise injuring the same" (lines 15-18).
Combined Cotton-Seed and Corn Planter
Patent for a new and improved combined cotton seed and corn planter. The invention has "relation to improved means for adjusting the wheels laterally to provide for increasing or diminishing the width of the rows" (lines 13-16).
Buckle Connection.
Patent for a new buckle connection design "which is peculiarly adaptable to harness" (lines 10-11) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new design "in armor or protectors for pneumatic tires" (line 13) including instructions and illustrations.
Telephone System.
Patent for "a novel arrangement of circuits in connection with a pair of telephone-receivers at each subscriber's station, whereby the subscriber can cut out the station, so that the conversation is being carried on between two subscribers cannot be heard by the other subscribers on the same line" (lines 9-17).
Patent for a bale-fastening device that "may be applied with facility to a cotton-bale or to an equivalent package." (lines 9-11) including instructions and illustrations. The tie comprises "a band, a key engaged with the band and rotatable to coil the same therearound, and a lock fitted upon the band and engaged with the key to prevent reverse rotation thereof" (lines 105-109).
Rail Bond.
Patent for improved track circuit rail joints designed to withstand heavy usage and convey electrical currents between rails, including illustrations.
Patent for new and useful improvements in cultivators of the "straddle-row" or "sulky" style.
Sewing-Machine Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful sewing marching attachment, including instructions and illustrations.
Retaining Wall, Bulkhead, &c.
Patent for certain new and improved invention for protecting the banker or face of the ground from erosion.
Drinking-Goblet, &c.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in drinking goblets and other similar glassware.
Patent for washing machines with "roller-supporting frame for supporting the same either upon a horizontal surface or upon the top of a tub or receptacle in connection with which the machine is used" (lines 10-14) including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in horse-detachers by engaging “straps or chains spring-actuated bolts to the free ends of the pivoted levers; and on the opposite ends of said levers hooks are attached for securing trace or tug straps.” (Lines 21-25) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in “gearing mechanism in which the speed or rotation of a drum or wheel is greatly increased through the intervention of gearing-wheels mounted upon a single shaft.” (Lines 11-14) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in hose-couplings in which the coupling process would be trouble-free and without injury to the hose when the freight cars are uncoupled or when one car breaks away from another in case of accident. (Lines 24-31) Illustration is included.
Grass-Burning Device.
Patent for improvements in grass burning devices in which “the grass may be safely burned on the prairies and the fire kept from spreading.” (Lines 16-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in cotton-elevators by providing means for the air-conduit and the cotton-conduit to communicate with the body of the elevator; and means for the air-conduit to communicate directly to the cotton conduit in order to effectively and uniformly distribute the cotton when fed to the gins. Thus preventing the cotton from being fed unevenly, which would clog and otherwise retard the action of the gins. (Lines 11-15) Illustration is included.
Patent for "improvements in whip-sockets; and it consists in the novel arrangement and combination of parts." (lines 10-12).
Patent for certain new and useful improvements to wrenches for removing nuts from vehicle-axles.
Clothes Pounder
Patent for a new and useful improvements in Clothes-Pounders. The invention "has its object to provide a simple and effective clothes pounder in which the air as well as the water is used as an agent in removing the dirt from the clothes" (line 12- 16).
Check - Book
Patent for a new and useful improvements in check-book for " customer's use, such as are employed by banks for free distribution" (line 11 - 13).
Stenographer's Note - Book
Patent for a new and useful Stenographer's Blank Book to "provide a connection for the covers whereby they may be automatically secured at the desired relative inclination without fastening the tape, cord, or ribbon forming the connection" (line 20 -24).
Sad - Iron Attachment For Pressing Seams.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in Sad-Iron Attachments for pressing Seams to "provide a device of this class which is adapted to be connected with an ordinary sad - iron" (line 12 - 14)
Convertible Package - Carrying Bicycle.
Patent for a convertible package carrying bicycle.
Fire Alarm
Patent for a new and useful automatic fire-alarm to "provide an improved alarm of this character especially designed for use in hotels and other large buildings having a large number of rooms" (line 8 -13).
Valved Coupling for Train-Pipes.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in valved couplings for train pipes, including instructions and illustrations..
Follower For Barrels.
Patent for a new and useful follower for barrels, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in spring latches, including instructions and illustrations.