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Agricultural Implement
Patent for an agricultural implement. This invention is a "novel construction of standard and plow-point, cultivator shovel, rake-tooth, or like implement" (lines 11-14). Illustrations included.
Air-Brake Mechanism.
Patent for "a new and useful air-brake mechanisms in relation to a pressure controller and distributer designed to perform the several independent and joint functions of a triple valve, a pressure-retaining valve, and a pressure relief or reducing valve."
Air-Brake System
Patent for an air brake system for trains which does not require waiting between uses for the brakes to recharge with air.
Patent for a dirigible airship. Illustrations included.
Apparatus for Coupling and Uncoupling Cars
Patent for "a coupling of such construction as will permit the coupling and uncoupling of the cars to be effected by the engineer and to be entirely and at all times under his perfect control" (lines 16-20).
Ariel Navigation
Patent for an airplane which will maintain its balance in the air and can be easily maneuvered up and down and around in the air.
Attachment for Cultivators &c
Patent for a stalk cutter attachment for cultivators.
Automatic Mail-Bag Catcher and Deliverer
Patent for an automatic mailbag catcher and deliverer. Illustrations included.
Patent for "a press of this character by means of which a direct stroke will be given to the plunger, the latter permitted to rebound by the recoil of the hay, and the hay properly held in position" (lines 8-12).
Baling Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design "consists in the combination, with the follower, the right-and-left-screw, and nuts, of the hinged levers and the bars swiveled thereto; also, in the combination . . . of the slotted bars, the hinged socket, and the swiveled arms; also, in the combination, with the nuts having shoulders and the hinged levers having forked up ends, of the anti-friction rollers journaled in recesses in the said nuts; also . . . of the curved and flattened swiveled arms, whereby the lower ends of the said follower-bars can have a lateral movement" (lines 23-38).
Patent for an improved baling press for hay, cotton, and similar materials granted to Charles M. Stone.
Baling Press.
Patent for a new and improved baling press. This design is "to place two baling-chambers at a suitable angle to each other and to connect both of the followers to the same sweep; to attach each of the filling-doors of the baling-chambers to the sweep, so that when one door closes from its own weight the other will be opened by the movement of the sweep, and to provide each of the filling doors with an automatically-acting bolt mechanism, whereby the movement of the follower bolts the door, so that it cannot be opened upward by the pressure of hay that is being pressed" (lines 15-26).
Patent for "a new and improved machine of this character embodying continuous power mechanism, whereby the plunger is automatically operated. . .the employment, in connection with the press, of a plunger provided with a spring-actuated face, whereby the plunger is caused to rebound after each stroke for the purpose herein specified. . .to provide tension mechanism whereby both sides of the baling-chamber are tightened or released by a single adjustment" (13-26).
Patent for new and improved construction of the class of machine baling press.
Baling - Press.
Patent for a baling press, “an improvement in that class of automatic presses adapted for baling hay, cotton, excelsior and similar materials.” (lines 8-10) including illustrations.
Baling Press
Patent for Baling Press
Patent for improvement to cylindrical baling-press for packing cotton, cotton-seed hulls, bran and similar objects into cylindrical bales, including illustrations.
Baling Press
Patent for a baling press. This invention provides a lever and connection to move the plunger to the sliding fulcrum. Illustration included.
Baling Press
Patent for a bailing press. Illustrations included.
Patent for "...a Bailing-Press for Making Cylindrical Bales of Cotton..." (lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Band Cutter and Feeder.
Patent for an improvement of band-cutters, involving cutting bands and spreading grain in regulated quantities and intervals. Includes illustration.
Patent for improvements in hot air bath cabinets in which it can employ for a foot or body bath, and be able to control or regulate the hot air current. (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for a bed. This invention is designed for invalids that also provides a bed pan. Illustration included.
Bed or Douche Pan.
Patent for improvements in bed or douche pans, in which it will not spill easily and is easy to clean. Illustration is included.
Patent for a beehive that is meant "to provide for the ready or convenient "robbing" of the hive without subjecting the bees to injury , as experienced in the old way, by smoking the bees out of the hive" (lines 16-20).
Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Belt Attachment for Trousers.
Patent for a new invention of belt loops for trousers that are located inside the waistband with "the loop in the middle of the back being located lower than the others, and a belt confined entirely within the trousers and secured to the trousers at the front only and at a point lower than the adjacent loops." (lines 71-77).
Boring and Tenoning Machine.
Patent for a new and improved combined hollow auger attachment and felly-boring machine. This design "relates to an improved felly-boring machine which is adapted with slight adjustment to co-operate with a hollow auger for forming the tenons on the spokes. [The] invention consists in the construction of the frame, the clamp for securing it to the spokes or felly-supports, and in the means for holding and adjusting the auger" (lines 14-21).
Boring Machine.
Patent for a new and improved boring machine. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of a circularly-adjustable rod carrying a pressure screw, an adjustable arm arranged on said rod and having its end or head concave on its underside and provided with bearing indentations or punctures, and a brace having a bearing end corresponding in form to said bearing indentations or punctures" (lines 16-24).
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design is "to provide a device to be applied upon the rump of the animal for the purpose of attachment of the back-strap, the trace-bearers or breeching-straps, and the crupper-strap without sewing. [The] device comprises, essentially, a frame carrying a buckle for the attachment of the back-strap and one for the attachment of the crupper, and a loop for retaining the trace or breeching carrying straps or hip-straps" (lines 9-18).
Patent for a buckle. Illustration included.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful buggy top attachment, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a calendar. This invention relates to a form of calendar known as "perpetual" calendars. Illustration included.
Can Opener
Patent for can-opener which uses a fulcrum point that pierces the center of the can's lid and a circular blade to cut an opening around the circumference.
Patent for a capsule filler which allows a prescriptionist to simultaneously fill multiple capsules with medication. Illustrations included.
Capsule Filler
Patent for a device that fills capsules with medicine. Illustration included.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "[t]he combination of a draw-head, the laterally-movable pin-retaining arms supported therein, and a pivoted wing normally held in the path of an approaching link, and arranged to distend the arms to drop the pin when acted on by the links" (lines 30-35).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists, [primarily], of certain devices whereby the coupling-pin raised in the draw-head is supported until the draw-heads strike each other in coupling, when the coupling-pin falls by gravity" (lines 17-21).
Patent for a vertical hook car coupling that also couple air-brakes. In the invention "the drawheads are provided with interlocking tongues to prevent the disconnection of the drawheads by vertical movement; the interlocking faces of the drawheads are provided with sockets to receive a plug for completing the air passage for the train pipes; the drawheads are provided with means for receiving the ordinary hose-coupling on cars not provided with [the] drawhead, and finally other features of [the] invention are the means for securing the drawhead to the car and for uncoupling" (lines 14-25).
Patent for improvements in car-couplings by enhancing a device called pin-lifter to couple and uncouple rail cars. Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and useful caster to be "applied to light and heavy furniture" (line 13-14).
Patent for a churn dasher that will fit in any size churn and is simple and economical to produce.
Patent for an improvement to a churning by allowing a churn to be attached to a sewing machine. The churn and sewing machine could then be used separately or at the same time.
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved churn-power. This design "consists in the combination, with a vertically-moveable carriage provided with a drum, of a rope wound on the same, and having its upper end secured, from which drum a wheel on the carriage is operated by suitable gearing, the said wheel being connected with the dasher-staff. When the carriage descends under the action of its own weight and of the weight of the parts on it, the drum is revolved and the dasher rod or staff operated" (lines 11-21).
Patent for a new and useful clamp, including instructions and illustrations.
Clothes Line
Patent for a clothes line. Illustration included.
Clothes Pin
Patent for clothes pin. Illustration included.
Clothes Pin
Patent for metallic clothes pins. Illustration included.
Patent for "an automatic clothes washer and soaper whereby the clothes are soaped and cleansed by one and the same operation." (Lines 18-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Clothing - Boiler
Patent for a new and improved clothing-boiler. This design is to "provide a device of this character in which there is practically no danger of the water or suds-boiling over to the exterior" (line 8 - 11).