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[Nettie Williams North Texas Normal College diploma]
Diploma from North Texas Normal College certifying that Nettie Williams has completed the necessary coursework in English to achieve certification. At the top of the document is an illustration of the Normal Building, which was the only school building at the time. At the bottom of the diploma it is embossed with the North Texas Normal College seal. The Certificate is signed by President of Faculty Menter Bradley Terrill, President of Trustees William A. Ponder, President of the Board of Regents Colonel Thomas Walter Abney, Secretary of Faculty J.A. Sanders, Secretary of the Board of Trustees H. F. Schweer, and the Secretary of the Board of Regents Honorable Alvin Clark Owsley.
[Portrait of Henry Estes]
Portrait of Henry Estes, a plantation owner near Louisville, Kentucky, and brother to Mrs. Drye who was an early settler in Denton County.
[Portrait of Letha Vivian]
Photograph of Letha Vivian who came to Denton County with the Drye family in 1836.
President's home, North Texas Normal College, 1895-1901
Home of North Texas Normal College President Menter Bradley Terrill, 1895-1901. Wooden house and trees - snow covered
Ruby Chilton and friends
Texas Normal College and Teachers Training Institute, Ruby Chilton (far right) and friends, early 1890s, Ruby was daughter of first president, a student and supervised library. Three people seated in a horse drawn carriage.
Scholarship coupons for the Texas Normal College Teachers Training Institute
Image of scholarship coupons for various courses offered at Texas Normal College Teachers Training Institute. The coupons are printed on a re-purposed diploma. The coupons are good for one regular course in various departments: Teacher's Training, Music, Commercial, and Collegiate. The coupons were sold to J. W. Medlin and signed by College President J. C. Chilton on September 6, 1892.
Speech delivered by President Chilton
Manuscript speech written by President Chilton and delivered to commemorate the opening of the Texas State Normal College and Teachers Training Institute in Denton, Texas. Page 2 of the speech is missing.
Students and President Terrill
North Texas State Normal College, students and President Terrill, 1899. Individuals standing and sitting for a photo