UNT Oral History Collection

The Digital Collection

The UNT Oral History Collection in the UNT Digital Library contains a selection of oral history transcripts covering World War II, politics, community activism, desegregation, recollections of life in Texas, and more. Access to these items is restricted to the UNT community.

The Physical Collection

With more than 1,800 bound volumes of oral history interviews, including more than 150,000 pages of transcript, the UNT Oral History Program collection has amassed the largest public university collection of oral history interviews in Texas and one of the nation’s pre-eminent World War II oral history collections. In addition to World War II history, the collection’s strengths include but are not limited to Denton history, African-American history, entrepreneurial history, university history, histories of the Holocaust, the New Deal, Texas politics, and other subjects, and the archives of the Oral History Association. Students, journalists, researchers, genealogists, government agencies and members of the general public have used the collection to publish journalistic and scholarly articles, books, genealogies, and other materials.

Interview transcripts of the UNT Oral History Collection cannot be loaned. The vast majority of the interviews are available for photocopy for a fee. To make arrangements to access a transcript in the University Archives, please contact Morgan Gieringer, University Archivist, or Perri Hamilton, at 940-565-2766. To purchase a copy of a transcript, please contact Lisa Fox of the Oral History Program, at (940) 565-2549.

For more information, including an index of the full collection, see the Oral History Program's Collection page.

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