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History of the regulators and moderators and the Shelby County war in 1841 and 1842, in the republic of Texas, with facts and incidents in the early history of the republic and state, from 1837 to the annexation, together with incidents of frontier life and Indian troubles, and the war on the reserve in Young County in 1857
Pamphlet from Texana Collection
Bird's eye view of Denton, Denton County, Texas: 1883
Illustrated aerial map of the city of Denton, Texas depicting streets, buildings, trains, and farmland. Indexed for points of interest.
County Map of the State of Texas: Showing also portions of the Adjoining States and Territories
Map of the state of Texas denoting the counties in different colors, as well as some major cities and roads, with relief shown by hachures. Portions of neighboring states are included around Texas, with counties noted for New Mexico and Oklahoma (Indian Territory) and geographic features in Arkansas and Louisiana. An inset in the lower-left corner shows an enlarged portion of Galveston Island, including the city of Galveston and some geographic features.
Biographical Encyclopedia of Texas
Biographical view of Texas and its history including narratives of the individuals who helped shape Texas history and information about important point in history including: the pioneer days of Texas, Texas' transition from a Mexican state to being part of the United States, and the wars in which Texas citizens took part.
Indian wars and pioneers of Texas
A history of pioneers in Texas and their confrontations with local American Indians.
History of Dallas County, Texas : from 1837 to 1887
A history of the settlement and political organization of Dallas County as well as altercations between Anglo-American settlers and the indigenous American Indians of the region.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1881 December 12.
Land Grant for 99 7/8 acres in Montague County.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1883 December 17.
Land Grant for 160 acres in Montague County.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1888 January 26.
Land Grant for 99 2/5 acres in Montague County.
Bird's eye view of San Antonio : Bexar Co. Texas 1886 looking north east.
Hand drawn aerial map of 1886 San Antonio showing streets, buildings, vegetation, and landmarks.
Drink and the drink question : a discriminating license the true policy ; prohibition a fraud and failure.
Anti-prohibition booklet arising from the Anti-Prohibition State Convention held in Dallas, 1887.