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Cram's railroad & township map of Texas.

Description: Hand drawn color map showing railroads, counties, cities and towns of Texas in 1879.
Date: 1879
Creator: Cram, George Franklin, 1841-1928.
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Mexico and West Indies

Description: Color map showing the West Indies, Central America, northern South America, Southwest U.S. and Mexico showing place names, political boundaries, rivers and some roads in 1824. Relief shown by hachures.
Date: 1824
Creator: Smith, J.
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Description: Map of Mexico and Texas circa 1824 showing states, place names and rivers.
Date: [1824]
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Carte du Mexique et de la Floride, des terres angloises et des Isles Antilles, du cours et des environs de la riviere de Mississippi / dressée sur un grand nombre de memoires principalement sur ceux de Mrs. d'Iberville et le sueur [...] ; par Guillaume del'Isle ; I. Stemmers, senior, sculp.

Description: Hand drawn map showing North America, Mexico and a northern section of Amerique Meridionale in 1722. Place names and topographical features included.
Date: 1722
Creator: L'Isle, Guillaume
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Description: Hand drawn map showing counties, cities, roads, rivers and creeks in Texas circa 1893.
Date: [1893]
Creator: Wm. M. Bradley & Co.
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[Map showing route of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway]

Description: Hand drawn map showing routes of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway including Texas counties and cities, rivers and topography of part of Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arkansas. On the back of the map is text in German encouraging German Catholic colonization to Pilot Point.
Date: [1891]
Creator: Rand McNally and Company.
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Hispania nova

Description: Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian: Ferro.
Date: 1597
Creator: Wytfliet, Cornille
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Denton Texas & Lake Dallas, Denton County.

Description: Hand-colored. Scale: approximately 3/4 miles to the inch. Shows roads and located camps in vicinity of Lake Dallas.
Date: 1940
Creator: Wright, Sena Mounts
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Asher & Adams' Texas.

Description: Does not show western Texas beyond 7 miles west of San Antonio. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. "55-56."
Date: 1871
Creator: Asher
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Description: A color coded map of Texas from the year 1855.
Date: 1855
Creator: Colton, J. H.
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County map of Texas.

Description: Shows counties of 1858. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. Inset: "Galveston Bay and vicinity. 30."
Date: 1860
Creator: Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus), 1792-1868.
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Description: An 1853 map of Texas territories, landmarks, and a few scattered cities. Along with the map is a document containing information about Texas and some information about the state of Tennessee.
Date: 1853
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Description: A color coded map of Texas from 1835. The map is color coded according to land grants and territories. Many Texas landmarks are present on the map.
Date: 1835
Creator: Bradford, Thomas Gamaliel
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Description: A map of Texas landmarks and territories from 1844.
Date: 1844
Creator: Morse, Sidney Edwards
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