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Carte de l'Empire Romain depuis l'avènement d'Auguste jusqu'au traité de paix entre l'Empereur Diocletìen et le roi Sassanide Narsès 31 av J.C. 297 ap.

Description: Map shows the Roman Empire from the time of Caesar Augustus until the time of the peace between Emperor Diocletien and King Sassinides Narsès. Includes legend. Scale not given.
Date: [1850..1870]
Creator: Delamarche, Charles François, 1740-1817
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Commercial Map of the World

Description: This sheet includes multiple maps; on the front is a commercial map of the world. The commercial map is color-coded to show different aspects of commerce (the key is in the lower right corner) and also uses red and black lines to mark trade and communication routes as well as ocean currents (the key is in the lower left corner). Additionally, red text marks the locations of products and industries across the world. Bodies of water and geographic features are marked (with relief shown by hachures). On the back of the commercial map, there are multiple other maps on two pages. The page on the left has a central political map of the world labeled "The World To-Day" and is surrounded by maps showing portions of the world from different time periods. On the right half, there are four maps: a small inset of "Ancient Rome" in the upper left corner, "Italy at the time of Augustus" in the upper right corner, "Greece at the time of Pericles" in the middle of the page and to the left, and "Palestine, Lower Egypt and part of Arabia, A.D. 70" at the bottom. All of the maps use colored shading to mark different regions or features.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hinman, Russell, 1853-1912
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library