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Karte des Staates Texas aufgenommen in die Union 1846 : nach der neuesten Eintheilung
This map shows the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Some counties are outlined in red and there are areas shaded in color. Major cities, roads, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked (with relief shown by hachures). The names and locations of some Native American Indian tribes are also marked in western and northern portions of the state. There are two insets: "Plan von Neu-Brunfels und Comalstadt" (lower left corner) and "Plan von Castroville" (lower right corner).
Karte des Staates Texas (aufgenommen in die Union 1846) nach der neuesten Eintheilung 1849
Map of Texas. Relief shown by hachures. Insets: Plan von Neu-Braunfels und Comalstadt -- Plan von Castroville. From the Virginia Garrett Cartographic Collections.
[Manuscript Map and Deed, German Emigration Company to F. T. Arnold]
Manuscript Map and Deed, German Emigration Company to F. T. Arnold in Comal County. Signed by the Chief Surveyor, H. Wilke, Th. Herzing, and ?, a Trustee of the German Emigration Colony. Has Adelsverein stamp.