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Primary view of [Map of Texas Compiled from Surveys on Record in the General Land Office of the Republic of Texas]
Hunt, Richard S. & Randel, Jesse F.
Primary view of Map of the Northwestern Part of Texas Received from the General Land Office in 1845
Solms-Braunfels, Carl
Primary view of [Plat of Lands in the Northern Portion of San Antonio, Texas]
Freisleben, Gustave
October 12, 1875
Primary view of New Map of Texas Prepared and Published for the Bureau of Immigration of the State of Texas
Roessler, A. R.
Primary view of Karte von Texas entworfen nach den Vermessungen welche in den Acten der General-Land-Office der Republic Liegen bis zum Jahr 1839...
Stempfle, G.
Primary view of [The State of Texas, 1836-1845]
Burr, David H.
Primary view of Geological Section from the Rio Grande to the Red River, 1855-1861
unknown creator
Primary view of Geological Map from the Red River to the Rio Grande
Pope, John and Blake, William P.
Primary view of Williams' New Trans-Continental Map of the Pacific RR and Routes of Overland Travel
Williams, Henry T.
Primary view of Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico
White, Gallaher & White
May 31, 1828
Primary view of [Map of the United States (after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) in 1848]
Cooke, Philip St. George Cooke
Primary view of Map of the United States Mexico &c. 1849.
D. Appleton & Co.
Primary view of Ornamental Map of the United States and Mexico, 1848
Ensigns and Thayer
unknown creation date
Primary view of A Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana
Pike, Z. M.
unknown creation date
Primary view of A Correct Map of the Seat of War in Mexico
Bruff, Joseph Goldsborough, 1804-1889
Primary view of Map of Wichita Falls, Texas, 1890
Fowler, Thaddeus Mortimer
Primary view of Map of Arkansa and other Territories of the United States
Calhoun, J. C.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Sketch of part of the march & wagon road of Lt. Colonel Cooke
unknown creator
Primary view of Map of the Territory of New Mexico
Abert, J. W. & Peck, W. G.
Primary view of Sketch Indicating the Advancement of the Surveys of the Public Land and the Military Topographical and Geographical Surveys West of the Mississippi
Wheeler, George M. (George Montague), 1842-1905
Primary view of Map of Indian and Oklahoma Territories, 1893
Rand McNally and Company
Primary view of Supplement to the West Shore, Portland, OR.
unknown creator
Primary view of Map showing Indian Reservations within the limits of the United States
unknown creator
Primary view of [Land Plat South of the Sabine River, Texas]
unknown creator
unknown creation date