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A Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana
Map of Louisiana as explored by Zebulon Pike and expedition. The map shows minimal topographical data, names of locations, and names of rivers including the Arkansaw River, Red River, and River La Platte. Information about Spanish, American, and Indian camps is included.
Map showing Indian Reservations within the limits of the United States
Map showing the Indian reservations in the United State and territories circa 1905. Indian tribes are indicated. A scale of miles is included.
Distribution of the Population of the United States: 1890
This map of the United States is shaded in brown tones according to the population of the area.
Bird's eye view map of San Antonio, Tex.
A bird's eye view map of San Antonio that includes business advertisements. On the back is a Map of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway and Connections.
Map of Wichita Falls, Texas, 1890
Map of a birds-eye view of Wichita Falls, Texas in 1890. Illustrations of the Courthouse, Grocery Store, School, Bank, and other establishments surround the view of the town's buildings and it's lake.
Central Colorado Sheet, 1877
Map of central Colorado in 1877. Printed at the top of the map is, "U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, F.V. Hayden in Charge. Central Colorado."
[Map of an Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, Oregon & North California in the Years 1843-44]
A map of the western U.S.
Map of the United States Mexico &c. 1849.
Map of the United States, Mexico, and South America circa 1849. The map contains minimal topographical data, names of locations, names of rivers and water bodies, and a brief table of distances.
A Correct Map of the Seat of War in Mexico
Map of the Seat of War in Mexico, circa 1847. The map has a written description and illustrations surrounding the land and shows topographical data.
Map of Texas, Compiled from Surveys in 1839
Map of Texas compiled from surveys in 1839. Topographical data and bodies of water are included.
Map of Geo. Antonio Nixon's 11 League Grant, Robertson County, Texas, 1835
Map of Geo. Antonio Nixon's 11 League Grant, in Robertson County, Texas in 1835.
Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico
Engraved map of the United States of Mexico and the surrounding areas. Major cities are marked and the Mexican states are outlined in color. Bodies of water and geographic features are also marked, with relief shown in hachures. Scale ca. 1:4,752,000 Near the lower-left of the page, there is a table showing distances between cities (Tabla de Distancias) and a table of statistical notes regarding size, population, etc. for each state (Tabla Estadistica). There is also an inset map in the lower-left corner titled "Carta de los Caminos &c. Desde Vera Cruz y Alvarado a Méjico" (Map of the Roads etc. from Vera Cruz and Alvarado to Mexico). The inset has markings for geographic features as well as major roads and separate symbols for capitals, important cities, villages, and haciendas. Scale ca. 1:1,267,200
Map of the Mississippi River : from its source to the mouth of the Missouri
Map of the Mississippi River : from its source to the mouth of the Missouri / laid down from the notes of the Lieut. Z.M. Pike ; by Anthony Nau ; reduced and corrected by the astronomical observations of Mr. Thompson at its source ; and of Capt. M. Lewis, where it receives the waters of the Missouri ; by Nichs. King ; engraved by Francis Shallus.