The Vestnik is a weekly membership newspaper whose name means "bulletin" in Czech. 2015 marked 103 years since Frank Fabian edited and published the first issue in Hallettsville. SPJST members believed then - just as now - in the necessity of effective and regular communication between all parts of the organization. In a very real way, the newspaper has been a builder of images and a shaper of opinions and attitudes about the fraternal activities, insurance, and other benefits available to members.

Through two world wars, the Great Depression and decades of national and international tension and triumph, the Vestnik continues to evolve to reflect the changing needs and special concerns of SPJST members. On a weekly basis, the Vestnik delivers news on a wide range of organizational and cultural topics. In addition, each issue provides SPJST members with a forum for sharing news and information about happenings at their local lodges and youth clubs.

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