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[Account ledger of John Teackle, 1808-1820]

Description: This is a ledger of accounts for merchant John Teackle of Kegotank, dating from 1808-1820. Debtors included family members, business associates and other mercantile houses. He also loaned money to emancipated African Americans such as Isaac Crippen, George Planter, William Planter, Asariah Pepper, Joshua Cropper, Joseph Planter, John Jack and others. The accounts include names such as Littleton D. Teackle, Charles Nicoll Bancker, John Upshur, William Parramore, William P. Custis, John Custis, H… more
Date: 1807/1820
Creator: Teackle, John, 1756-1817
Partner: Somerset County Historical Society

[Account ledger of Zadock Long, 1837]

Description: Accounts ledger of Zadock Long, who also owned the Washington Inn & Tavern in Princess Anne, Maryland. The accounts include names such as Littleton Dennis Teackle, Samuel K. Handy, Samuel Ker, Littleton Long, Matthias Miles, McClure & Co., Levin Miller, James Polk, Elizabeth Pollitt, John W. Done, William Tull, Thomas S. Waters, Rider H. Winder, and many others.
Date: 1837
Creator: Long, Zadock
Partner: Somerset County Historical Society

[Extract from Codicils of the late Andrew D. Campbell Esquire of Ashcraig, July 28, 1852]

Description: Codicils to Andrew D. Campbell's will. He leaves 50 pounds to Elizabeth Quinby, the daughter of his friend Elizabeth Upshur Teackle. If Elizabeth Quinby dies before his death, the money goes to her son, Upshur B. Quinby. He then goes on to talk about when Littleton Dennis Teackle died, John Eyre's health, and he talks about the deaths of some of EUT's cousins that he knew.
Date: July 28, 1852
Creator: Campbell, Andrew Donaldson
Partner: Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library

[Journal of Littleton Dennis Teackle]

Description: Journal of Littleton D. Teackle, dating from 1805-1807. It includes letters written to friends and business acquaintances such as Andrew D. Campbell, Warren Ashley, Barclay Salkeld, George Irving, Samuel Sayer, and many others.
Date: 1805-05-08/1807-04-25
Creator: Teackle, Littleton Dennis
Partner: Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library

[Legal document for moving two enslaved people from Virginia to Maryland]

Description: This legal document lists two enslaved women removed from Virginia and moved into Somerset County, Maryland by Littleton D. Teackle. He states in January of 1801 he brought into Somerset County one negro girl named Sarah alias Sally, about ten years old, and one negro woman named Nanny alias Nancy, about 38 yrs old, filed March 24, 1801.
Date: March 24, 1801
Partner: Somerset County Historical Society
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