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[Tarver Family Christmas Card, 1982]

Description: Christmas postcard from the Tarver family including a photo on the left of the card. To the right of the photo, there is a color illustration of two pine cones on a branch and the words "Happy Holidays." In the photograph, the Tarver siblings and their mother are standing in a group in front of a brick wall; there are guns and horns hanging on the wall and shelves on the right containing books and knick-knacks. They are, from left to right: John Arthur, Lawrence Alden, and Byron Lee (back row); Mary Jane (Daniels) and Carol Lynn (front row). A handwritten note under the illustration says, "The Wendell Tarvers, 1982." A handwritten list on the back of the photograph says, "Janie Tarver, Arthur Tarver, Byron Tarver, Larry Tarver, Lynn Tarver."
Date: December 1982
Partner: Private Collection of the Tarver Family