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A. F. Weaver Collection

This colorful panorama covers the founding of Mineral Wells through its mercurial growth as a resort center and army town up to the present. It features photos from local historian and photographer A.F. Weaver as well as local families and established research sources.

Added: January 2009.

Aubrey Area Photographs

These items come from the private collection of Bouncer Goin. He, his mother, and grandmother collected local history materials from their hometown of Aubrey, Texas. They include a 1918 Aubrey High School Yearbook; family photos; and images of local churches, businesses, and the tornado of April 1918.

Added: May 2009.

Abilene Christian University Literary Journals

The Pickwicker and The Shinnery Review are student-led literary magazines that include original short stories, essays, poems, artwork, and other creative works. The Pickwicker was published at Abilene Christian University between 1930 and 1990 and The Shinnery Review has been published since 1995.

Added: May 2014.

Abilene Christian University Sermon Charts

Sermon charts, or bed sheets painted with text and/or artwork, were used as visual aids to preachers' sermons. The sermon charts in this collection date from the 1900s to the 1970s.

Added: May 2014.

Abilene Christian University Yearbooks

The Prickly Pear, published from 1916 to 2007, includes text and photographs of students, professors, sports, and organizations. Notable alumni include Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Jack Pope, Olympic sprinter Bobby Morrow, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Leeson, and inspirational author Max Lucado.

Added: March 2009.

Abilene Library Consortium

Featuring thousands of newspapers, photographs, sound recordings, technical drawings, and much more, this diverse collection tells the story of Texas through the preservation and exhibition of valuable resources.

Added: March 2012.

Abilene Photograph Collection

With over 10,000 images that range from the early twentieth century to the present, this collection delightfully depicts images of community members, homes, businesses, churches and ranches. It details Abilene's rich history, capturing a multitude of public events in Abilene and surrounding areas.

Added: November 2009.

The Abilene Reporter

The Abilene Reporter has chronicled the events in and around Abilene since its first publication in 1881, three months after the city of Abilene was founded. The over 7,200 issues in this collection cover the decades from the end of the 19th century into the 1920s.

Added: May 2014.

Abilene Christian University Catalogs

The catalogs and bulletins of Abilene Christian University describe the governance, history, course offerings, and campus life of the university throughout the 20th century.

Added: May 2009.

African American Funeral Programs of San Antonio

The over 1,000 programs in this collection highlight the lives of those who have passed away since 1935 in the African American community of Bexar County.

Added: July 2012.

African American Newspapers

The African American Newspaper Collection represents a broad survey of historic newspapers written for and published by African Americans. These newspapers provide a record of the culture, daily life, and history of the community, across the United States.

Added: November 2014.

Age Index

The Age is a monthly publication reporting current events of the Chambers County Historical Commission, the Wallisville Heritage Park, and County Historical and Genealogical Societies. The Age was established in Houston in 1871 by D.L. McGary and moved to Wallisville in 1897. It was discontinued in 1908 and reestablished by the Wallisville Heritage Park in 1979.

Added: May 2014.

Agricultural Design: Creating Fashion from Fruit, Vegetables, and Flowers

The photographs in this collection depict Weslaco's annual "Birthday Party" fashion show, an event first organized in 1929 by the Chamber of Commerce to highlight the fruit and vegetables grown in the Rio Grande Valley.

Added: August 2009.

The Albany News

Featuring issues from the longstanding The Albany News, this collection depicts the rich West Texas culture that grew in and around the town of Albany and nearby Fort Griffin.

Added: April 2014.

Alto Herald

These issues of The Alto Herald cover the time period from the 1900s to the 1960s and chronicle the rich history of one of the oldest towns in East Texas. Digitization efforts for this collection were made possible by a grant from the Tocker Foundation.

Added: February 2012.

Amarillo Daily News

First purchased by prohibitionists and used to lobby against saloons like the ones in Amarillo's notorious Bowery District, the Amarillo Daily News recorded the lives and times of this West Texas city during the early 20th century. These issues were funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and are featured in the "Chronicling America" project.

Added: August 2013.

American Lumberman Photographs of Southern Pine Lumber Company

The American Lumberman Photograph collection contains over 200 scanned gelatin silver prints made by American Lumberman photographers during visits to Diboll in 1903 and 1907, documenting the lumber company's management, logging operations, Texas South-Eastern Railroad, timber, lumber camps, sawmills, commissary, and social life.

Added: March 2012.


Annotations is a student newspaper that addresses local, state, and federal politics and issues related to the legal profession. The paper also features local advertising and a student directory.

Added: March 2011.


Originally created by Tarleton State University professors, Anthology has given students a creative outlet since it was first published in 1995. It features student-created short stories, poems, musical scores, art, photographs, and much more.

Added: October 2016.

Archer County Newspaper Collection

Made available by a Tocker Foundation Grant, this collection records nearly 100 years of Archer County history. Known as the "Short Grass Ranching Capital of the United States," the county has has long been a center for the ranching and oil industries, lending to the themes found in its newspaper collections.

Added: August 2015.

Arlington Police Department Collection

Legal documents, clippings, and photographs of the Arlington Police Department from the early 1900's to present day, depicting various people, places, and activities concerning the department.

Added: May 2012.

Art Forum Scrapbooks

These scrapbooks detail art events in Abilene focusing on the activities of the Art Unit of the Abilene Women's Forum, from its inception in 1922 through the following decades.

Added: March 2015.

Art Lies

Art Lies is a journal that examines contemporary art production, practice and theory in Texas. Published biannually, it contains essays, commentaries, and exhibition information concerning artwork and current issues.

Added: July 2012.

Aspermont Star

These issues of The Aspermont Star span the decades between its founding in the early 1900s through the 1970s, covering local, national, and world news from the viewpoint of this West Texas town.

Added: November 2010.

The Atlanta Citizens Journal

The Atlanta Citizens Journal is a weekly newspaper first published in 1879 by John Fletcher in Linden, Texas. It was moved from Linden to Atlanta, TX in 1883. The paper features local, state, and national news as well as extensive advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Austin College Chromascope

This collection of yearbooks contains photos and text depicting the student body, professors, administration, and student organizations at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

Added: November 2010.

Austin History Center General Collection Photographs

The General Collection photographs, also known as the Austin Files, depict the city of Austin from the 1830s to the 1970s. They include a wide range of subjects, from images of the Texas State Capitol and Barton Springs to aerial views, cityscapes, and much more.

Added: May 2012.

Moses and Stephen F. Austin Papers

Personal and official records of Moses Austin and his son Stephen F. Austin, also known as "The Father of Texas." The letters cover significant events in Texas history including its colonization; the events leading up to and including the Revolution; and the early months of the Republic of Texas; as well as information about the Austin family and their personal and business activities.

Added: May 2012.

The Austin Weekly Statesman

Originally created as a Democratic newspaper, the Austin Weekly Statesman covered local, national, and international news in the Texas capital. These issues are from the late 19th century and provide a glimpse into a bygone era of Texas history.

Added: November 2012.

Cass County and Atlanta Newspapers

Cass County is situated in northeast Texas and holds a population of over 30,000 people. This collection contains several newspapers that have provided news, entertainment, and advertising to the people of the county over the past 100 years.

Added: September 2013.