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The Daily Cosmopolitan

Published in Cameron County, Texas, the Daily Cosmopolitan began distribution to the Brownsville population in 1879. The Daily Cosmopolitan was issued every night of the week except Sunday. Editor W.P. Guirey was fluent in Spanish and therefore specialized in reporting on Matamoros residents and topics, along with nearby border town news.

Added: October 2011.

Daily Courier Light

The Daily Courier Light began publication in Corsicana, Texas, in 1880. Corsicana was founded in 1848 by Jose Antonio Navarro, who named the town after his father's Mediterranean birthplace, the island of Corsica.

Added: August 2012.

The Daily Democrat

Illustrating late-19th-century Fort Worth, the Daily Democrat bemoaned "Hell's Half-Acre," and documented Fort Worth's gradual rise in status from cowtown to crossroads to booming financial city.

Added: August 2012.

Daily Herald, Brownsville

The Daily Herald collection covers the years 1892 - 1896. The Daily Herald began publication in 1892 in Brownsville, and served a vital role in the community by reporting on national, state, and local news, publishing obituaries, and creating a record of legal notices for the area.

Added: December 2009.

The Daily Panhandle

The first issue of The Amarillo Daily Panhandle was published in 1906 by Peter E. Bosen. It ran every evening except Sunday. As the official newspaper of Amarillo and Potter County, the Panhandle printed local political, school board, church, and social news in addition to state and national news. The Panhandle was unusual for the period because it lacked advertising on the front page.

Added: May 2014.

Dallas County Probate Records

Courtesy of the Dallas Genealogical Society, this collection contains the texts of probate cases conducted in Dallas County between 1846 and the early 1900's.

Added: September 2014.

The Dallas Express

Self-proclaimed as “the South’s Oldest and Largest Negro Newspaper,” the Dallas Express traces its roots to 1892, when William E. King began publishing the Dallas Bee. Renamed the Dallas Express in 1893, the paper served as an advocate for blacks in Dallas and throughout the South for over 70 years.

Added: November 2012.

Dallas Farmers Market

The Dallas Municipal Archives presents their collection, the Dallas Farmer's Market, which includes over 140 photographs of the market, dating as far back as 1950. The photographs contain a variety of images portraying storefronts, farmers, alleyways, and award ceremonies.

Added: February 2012.

Dallas/Fort Worth American Chemical Society Publications

This collection contains the bulletin published by the Dallas/Fort Worth Section of the American Chemical Society. Included are The Activator (1944-1948) and the subesquent title, the Southwest Retort. The bulletins include division information, regional meetings, news about members, editorials, and other items of interest to members.

Added: July 2012.

The Dallas Herald

The Dallas Daily Herald and the Dallas Weekly Herald originated from the Dallas Herald, the town's first local newspaper. Founded by James Wellington Latimer and William Willis in 1849, the Herald circulated as a weekly until 1873.

Added: April 2013.

The Dallas Journal

The Dallas Genealogical Society presents its annual publication containing genealogical information about families in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding area, including family histories, lists of records (births, deaths, registration, etc.), correspondence, and and other documentation.

Added: September 2011.

Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition Records

The Dallas Museum of Art presents the Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition Records Collection which contains published catalogs for exhibitions held by the museum between 1903 and 1983. The catalogs, which vary in length, contain a checklist of objects included in the exhibition, and may include essays and images. The collection also contains related unpublished materials including checklists, invitations, press releases, and other ephemera for exhibitions held by the museum between 1903 and 1990s.

Added: February 2012.

Dallas Parks and Recreation Department Photographs

The Dallas Municipal Archives present the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department Photographs Collection. The collection, in which the dates range from 1915-1977, contains photographs of historic parks, facilities, and activities.

Added: February 2012.

Dallas Police Department Historical Records/Case Files

The Dallas Municipal Archives presents a collection of Dallas Police Department case files, photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and other documents from the 1920's to the 1950's.

Added: May 2014.

Dallas Times Herald John F. Kennedy Photos

The Sixth Floor Museum’s Dallas Times Herald Collection contains original negatives of approximately 700 black-and-white news images taken by the newspaper’s photographers over the assassination weekend and beyond. Included in the collection are many unique and crucial images, and though only a few of these historic scenes were published by the Times Herald in 1963, they provide a powerful visual record of President Kennedy's last hours in Fort Worth and Dallas, including the motorcade, assassination aftermath, and investigations. The images also provide compelling evidence of the grief and chaos that ensued in the days following the tragedy.

Added: September 2011.

Dallas Voice

Presented by the UNT Libraries, the Dallas Voice is the first newspaper to serve the LGBT community of Dallas, Texas. The paper has provided thoroughly reported news, insightful commentary, and critique of television, theater, and film for over 30 years.

Added: August 2012.

Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-1990 - Photographic Materials Series

The Dallas Municipal Archives present their collection of photographic materials of the Dallas Water Utilities Records, 1882-1990. Founded in 1881, the Dallas Water Utilities is a non-profit water and wastewater service for the City of Dallas, Texas.

Added: May 2012.

Daniel Baker College Catalogs

The catalogs and bulletins of Daniel Baker College span the years of 1908 to 1953. They describe the governance, history, admission, course offerings, and campus life of Daniel Baker College in Brownwood, Texas.

Added: May 2009.

Danish Heritage Preservation Society

The Danish Heritage Preservation Society contributes their collection of over 300 photographs to the Portal. The images date back to the 1800's and portray a variety of events, organizations, people, and places that relate to the Danish culture in Texas.

Added: July 2012.

Daniel Baker College Yearbooks

The Trail, 1913 - 1952, was the yearbook for Daniel Baker College in Brownwood, Texas. The yearbooks feature school songs, yells, student writings and artwork, and photos of faculty, students, student groups, and athletic events. Some early photographs of Brownwood, Texas buildings and homes are also notable. The first yearbook was published in 1913, and was called "The Trail". In 1929, a paperbound volume was issued with the title "The Hill Billie," and was published from 1929-1931. The Trail began publication again in 1933.

Added: May 2009.

The Denison Daily Herald

The Denison Daily Herald is a daily newspaper from Denison, Texas that includes local, state, and national news along with extensive advertising. Presented by the University of North Texas Libraries, the collection contains over 100 issues from the years 1906 and 1907.

Added: May 2012.

Denison Newspaper Collection

The Grayson County Frontier Village presents their collection of Denison newspapers, spanning seventy years and representing all the newspaper titles ever published in the town of Denison.

Added: August 2013.

Denton County Newspaper Collection

Documenting the history of Denton County and its county seat from 1892-1911, the Denton County Newspaper Collection offers a detailed view into the growth and expansion of the county as an agricultural and educational hub.

Added: October 2014.

Denton Independent School District Historical Artifacts

The Denton Independent School District provides historical documents, pamphlets, programs, yearbooks and other pertinent documents chronicling the history of the school district.

Added: January 2013.

Don Shugart Photography Collection

The University of North Texas Archives presents their collection of photographs by Don Shugart, an equine and show-photographer. The collection contains the images of the 1997 National Cutting Horse Association Summer Cutting Spectacular that was held at Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Added: May 2012.

The Dublin Progress

The Dublin Progress was a weekly newspaper for Dublin, TX in southwest Erath County. The paper was established by James S. Daley in 1889, the same year the town was incorporated. In 1916 the Progress was consolidated with the Dublin Telephone to become the Dublin Progress and Telephone. After the papers were merged James S. Daley continued as the editor and publisher.

Added: November 2014.

The Dynamo

Starting as a short column in the Breckenridge Weekly Democrat around 1930, The Dynamo soon offered a full page edition within the Weekly Democrat. The Dynamo was published by the Breckenridge junior and senior high school journalism students and covered PTA news, club news, listed the honor roll, reported on sports events, etc. Encouraging catchphrases were given to the students such as "Study harder: Get your name on the Honor ROLL" or "Back Buckaroo Basketball." This is one of five newspapers provided by the Breckenridge Public Library. Others include: The Breckenridge [Daily] American, The Breckenridge Weekly Democrat, the Stephens County Sun and the Stephens County Times.

Added: September 2010.

From Plowshares to Diplomas: Digitizing Early Denton History

From Plowshares to Diplomas: Digitizing Early Denton History draws on materials from the University of North Texas Libraries, the Denton Public Library, the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum, and Texas Woman's University. Materials will include historic photographs, books, maps, city directories, and records from numerous Denton women's clubs. Work on this project began in March of 2006, and will continue through 2007. Funding for this project is provided by the Forrest C. Lattner Foundation.

Added: May 2009.