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Edwin "Lanny" Hall Collection

Material drawn from a larger tangible collection documenting Lanny Hall's service in the Texas House of Representatives for District 91 (Tarrant County) from 1979-1984.

Added: October 2018.

Hallettsville Area Newspaper Collection

Since 1924, these papers served the Lavaca County seat and South Texas. Printed in both English and Czech, they show the area's deep connections to Czech immigration. Funding provided by a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Added: May 2016.

Hallettsville Rebel

One of 13 newspapers that circulated in the area and state paper of the Socialist Party, this paper ran from 1911 to 1917. The paper featured political news and articles as well as advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Hamilton Record and Rustler

Published from 1912 to 1920, the Hamilton Record and Rustler offers a window into early Hamilton, Texas, and its wider county.

Added: May 2023.

Ladd & Katherine Hancher Library Foundation Collection

The Ladd and Katherine Hancher Library Foundation supports public libraries in Texas that serve populations of 50,000 and under.

Added: April 2014.

Hardin-Simmons Glass Lantern Slide Collection

Scans of glass slides dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Included are scenes from around the world, with emphasis on Palestine, the Mediterranean region, and Europe.

Added: September 2020.

Hardin-Simmons Photography Collection

The Hardin-Simmons Photography Collection features images of the university's buildings, students, faculty, and campus life captured over the last century and up until the present.

Added: May 2014.

Hardin-Simmons University Catalogs

Catalogs describing the governance, history, course offerings, and campus life of Hardin-Simmons University, which was founded in 1891 as Abilene Baptist College.

Added: May 2009.

Hardin-Simmons University Yearbooks

These yearbooks depict photos and information about Hardin-Simmons University, its student body, professors, and organizations.

Added: March 2009.

Harpool Farm Collection

These images from Denton's Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum were taken in the 1920s by H. F. Browder, former county agent for Denton County. The materials include photos of farms, livestock and homes.

Added: May 2009.

Lynn Harris Collection

Photographs capturing the 1976 United States Bicentennial celebration in Denton, Texas.

Added: October 2021.

Margaret Parx Hays Papers

Materials related to Hays' life and multifaceted career. She served 22 years in the Department of State's Foreign Service Office with postings in Latin America, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. Later she returned to Texas, establishing the Cooke County Historical Society, heading the Cooke County Mental Health Hospital, and serving as mayor of Gainesville.

Added: November 2021.

Hellcat News

Hellcat News was a publication dedicated to the activities of the 12th Armored Division and its previous servicemen, namely during WWII and the liberation of the Kaufering concentration camp.

Added: May 2014.

Hemphill County News

From 1939 to 1968, editor Othello Ontje Miller and his wife Elna published this paper. They were the sole owners of the newspaper; he was the publisher and editor and she was in charge of the reporting and advertising.

Added: September 2009.

Henderson County District Court cases

Henderson County was established in 1846 with its county seat in Athens. Its first courthouse was built in 1850. This collection houses historic legal documents and court cases from the 1850s to the early 1900s.

Added: May 2010.

Henderson Times

From 1881 to 1906, this weekly paper was owned and edited by Robert T. Milner, a president of Texas A&M University and notable Texas legislator. Funding was provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

The Hereford Brand

First published by Frank Vanderburgh in 1901 in "The Beef Capital of the World," this paper has documented Hereford's prosperity from its 1898 founding and railroad and cattle booms to a healthy, ethanol-based economy.

Added: October 2012.

Heritage Magazine

Heritage Magazine documents the history and culture of Texas. It contains articles related to preservation and restoration of historical sites in Texas as well as museums and collections in the state.

Added: May 2009.

John J. Herrera Papers

Correspondence and personal items of John J. Herrera, a notable lawyer and civil rights advocate for Mexican Americans. Known for his role in desegregating schools, he fought the exclusion of Spanish-speaking citizens on juries.

Added: May 2014.

Hidden Selections of Houston’s African American and Jewish Heritage

Hidden Selections of Houston’s African American and Jewish Heritage

Added: January 2021.

Historical Collection

Collection of documents, photographs, and personal papers donated to the former museum, known as the Historical Collection, on the University of North Texas campus.

Added: January 2020.

Historical Collection WWI Materials, 1917-1919

World War I-era postcards, letters, and memorabilia drawn from UNT's former museum, the Historical Collection.

Added: April 2020.

Historical Photography Collection

Historical photography in various formats.

Added: January 2020.

O. K. Hobbs Plat Book

This book provides researchers with an objective, historical reference to the layout of the city of the Abilene. Its bulk was assembled in 1927 by O. K. Hobbs and J. P. McKean, and was revised by Hobbs in May 1930.

Added: August 2010.

Hockley County Area Newspaper Collection

The Levelland & Hockley County News-Press traces its roots back to 1925 and C.B. McCormick, who founded the Hockley County Herald.

Added: January 2019.

The Home Advocate

This weekly journal served Jefferson, home of the Big Cypress Bayou and a Carnegie library. Digitization was funded by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Hondo Area Newspaper Collection

These newspapers served the Hondo area and greater Medina County. Digitization was made possible through a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: December 2014.

The Honey Grove Newspapers

This collection of newspapers was gathered by the citizenry of Honey Grove as well as local institutions. Funding was provided by the Hall-Voyer Foundation.

Added: October 2013.

Hopkins County Area Newspapers

These newspapers populate the digital repository for The Cumby Rustler, The Daily News-Telegram, Hopkins County Echo, and The Sulphur Springs Gazette.

Added: February 2017.

Horse Country USA Archive

Photos from the Cutting Horse Photography Collection, the Don Shugart Photography Collection, and the Ray and Joyce Bankston Dalco Photography Collection, depicting horses, their riders, and competitions.

Added: May 2014.

The Houston Daily Post

Officially formed in 1886, the Daily Post established itself as the premier paper in Houston and one of the leading daily publications in Texas. Digitization funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

The Houston Post

These issues of the significant Houston title succeeded the The Houston Daily Post. This collection adds new issues, after 1903, to the Houston Daily Post run in the Texas Digital Newspaper Program, and continues to 1923.

Added: May 2015.

Howard Payne Monthly

This collection contains sixty issues of Howard Payne Monthly, the literary magazine of Howard Payne College (now Howard Payne University), from 1902 through 1915. The magazine includes essays, original short stories, editorials, local news items, current events pieces, church news, literary society notes, and advertisements.

Added: October 2018.

Howard Payne University Catalogs

This annual publication covered Howard Payne University happenings, faculty, staff, and organizations. It also depicted the city of Brownwood, including homes and businesses.

Added: June 2009.

Howard Payne University Yearbooks

The Lasso, and the The Swarm represent yearbooks from Howard Payne University in Brownwood. They include photos of students, professors, campus buildings, campus organizations, and sporting events.

Added: May 2009.

Howe Area Newspapers

Since 1910, these newspapers documented the development of the North Texas town of Howe and Grayson County. Funding was provided by a Rescuing Texas History grant.

Added: May 2016.

Hudspeth County Area Newspaper Collection

Hudspeth County was formed in 1917 from El Paso County, and while Sierra Blanca was chosen as the county seat, Dell City has long served as an equally prominent city in Hudspeth County. It is in Dell City where the county newspapers have been published since 1956, first as the Dell Valley Review, and since 1964 as the Hudspeth County Herald.

Added: August 2019.

Judge Sarah T. Hughes Collection

Selection of letters and telegrams regarding Judge Hughes administering the presidential oath of office to Lyndon B. Johnson after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and regarding her nomination for United States District Judge.

Added: April 2020.

Humanities Texas Grant

Since 1974, this grant has enabled communities to develop local programs to promote heritage, culture, and education.

Added: May 2014.

Humble Bee and Baytown Briefs

Humble Bee and Baytown Briefs were publications of Humble Oil and Refining Company, and later Exxon/ExxonMobil. The magazines were produced for employees, and featured safety tips, company news, and social events employees could enjoy or share. Both publications feature the Baytown area prominently, and Baytown Briefs was published specifically for employees at the Baytown plants. This collection includes a range of issues dating from 1921-1999.

Added: July 2021.

Humble Echo

The Humble Echo started in 1942, providing a window into Humble life through local news, ads for local companies, and personal memos from local townspeople to their loved ones fighting in the war.

Added: May 2016.

The Huntsville Item

The Huntsville Item was founded in 1850, succeeding the Texas Banner. It began as a weekly paper, published every Saturday morning.

Added: July 2014.

Don Hutcheson Aerial Photograph Collection

Aerial photographs taken by Abilene, Texas commercial photographer Don Hutcheson (1926-2004) and donated to Hardin-Simmons University upon his retirement in 1989. These images record the architecture, business development, and land use of the Texas Rolling Plains Region and elsewhere in the second half of the twentieth century.

Added: September 2020.

Huth Family Papers

These materials depict the activities of Ferdinand Louis Huth, a merchant, entrepreneur who immigrated to Texas and helped establish Castroville.

Added: April 2012.
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