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The Jack County Newspaper Collection

The Jack County Newspaper Collection includes the Jacksboro Gazette and the Frontier Echo.

Added: March 2015.

Jackson County Area Newspapers

The Jackson Area Newspaper Collection represents multiple title iterations of the same newspaper, starting with the the Edna Herald, originally begun on November 22, 1906, and moving up to the Jackson County Herald-Tribune.

Added: August 2016.

The Jasper Newsboy

The Jasper Newsboy was founded by E. I. Kellie and has been continuously printed since 1865, serving one of the original 23 Texas counties when the Republic of Texas was created. Funding was provided by a TexTreasures grant.

Added: August 2012.

Jefferson Jimplecute

First published by 1900, this was one of Marion County's most influential publications and survives today as Texas's fifth oldest newspaper. Digitization sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: September 2010.

The Jewish Monitor

Started in 1914 by Fort Worth Rabbi George G. Fox, this regional weekly paper was designed to connect local rabbis and congregations. Digitization was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: April 2013.

John F. Kennedy, Dallas Police Department Collection

These photos document the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and its aftermath. They depict landmarks, people, and important events from before, on, and after November 23, 1963.

Added: October 2009.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Collection

This collection contains newspapers, correspondence, legal documents, police reports, photographs, and video footage documenting the weekend of President Kennedy’s assassination as well as the subsequent investigations into both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

Added: November 2013.

Johnson County and Cleburne Area Newspapers

The Johnson County and Cleburne Area Newspaper Collection represents this north Texas railroad community and its wider county over the past 120 years.

Added: July 2020.

Lloyd Jones Aerial Photograph Collection

Images of businesses, educational institutions, and land in the semi-arid West Texas Region around Abilene, Texas. Primarily commissioned by oil drilling companies and land developers, these aerial photographs by commercial photographer Lloyd Jones (1919-1992) document the development of Abilene after 1950.

Added: September 2020.

Mary (Mrs. Anson) Jones Letters

Mary Anson Jones' personal letters from 1866 to 1882 discuss local affairs, family, and friends. The bulk of the letters is to her son, Cromwell Anson Jones. After her death, issues relating to land claims and taxes on family land arose.

Added: May 2009.

The Barbara C. Jordan Archives

Photographs from the Barbara C. Jordan Archives. Barbara Jordan ran for the Texas House twice (1962, 1964). She won a seat in the Texas Senate in 1966, becoming the first African American since Reconstruction to do so.

Added: March 2014.

Terry Jordan Collection

Materials related to the Texas Log Cabin Register project founded by Terry Jordan.

Added: May 2021.

Journal of the Effective Schools Project

The Effective Schools Project (ESP) at Tarleton State University has been dedicated to improving school effectiveness and student achievement since its inception in 1988.

Added: May 2014.

Robert Joy Collection

Considered Houston's premier portraitist, Robert Joy painted more than 350 portraits over a career that spanned more than 40 years. His subjects included lawyers, politicians, and the social elite.

Added: May 2009.


The student newspaper The J-TAC, now called JTAC News, began regular publication in the fall of 1919. Originally called the Tarletonite, The J-TAC is Tarleton State University's official newspaper.

Added: February 2011.

Enid Justin - Nocona Boot Company Collection

Photographs and memoranda drawn from a larger tangible collection of papers held in UNT Libraries' Special Collections. Enid Justin was the founder of the Nocona Boot Company, which operated from 1925 to1999 in Nocona, Texas.

Added: October 2021.

Texas Jewish Herald/Jewish Herald/Jewish Herald-Voice

This weekly publication is devoted to matters of interest to the Hebrew citizens of Houston, first published in 1908 by Edgar Goldberg and still in publication today as the Jewish Herald-Voice.

Added: January 2010.
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