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J. William Blewitt Collection

A collection of photographs by J. William Blewitt presented by the Bosque County Historical Commission. The collection includes photographs of weddings, reunions, and the 36th Texas Division.

Added: May 2014.

The Jack County Newspaper Collection

The Jack County Newspaper Collection has been digitized by the Gladys Johnson Ritchie Library and includes the Jacksboro Gazette and the Frontier Echo.

Added: March 2015.

Jackson County Area Newspapers

The Jackson Area Newspaper Collection represents multiple title iterations of the same newspaper, starting with the the Edna Herald, originally begun on November 22, 1906, and moving up to the Jackson County Herald-Tribune. H.K. “Cap” Staples, an Edna native, began the newspaper, reportedly on Wells Street in downtown Edna.

Added: August 2016.

The Jasper Newsboy

The Jasper Newsboy was founded by E. I. Kellie and has been continuously printed since 1865. The paper is presented here courtesy of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.

Added: August 2012.

Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection

The UNT Music Library's Jean-Baptiste Lully Collection includes almost thirty rare 17th- and 18th-century scores of operas and ballets by the 17th-century French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and his sons. Many of the volumes are first editions and several are second editions. The collection also contains manuscript copies of operas and one ballet that were probably offered for sale at performances.

Added: December 2009.

Jefferson Jimplecute

The Jimplecute was one of Marion County's most influential publications, and survives today as Texas's fifth oldest newspaper. It was published by Taylor and Taylor as the Jimplecute from 1900 to 1907, then under the name of the Jefferson Jimplecute from 1907 to 1926. The weekly served primarily the town of Jefferson, but it also circulated throughout northeast Texas and occasionally addressed its contents to nearby communities such as Lockett. The paper's curious name can be traced to two possible sources: 1) a colloquial expression meaning "sweetheart" or 2) a strange mythical creature composed of elements of a dragon, an Indian, an armadillo, and a lion.

Added: September 2010.

Jesse P. Sewell Photograph Collection

Abilene Christian University Library presents the Jesse P. Sewell Photograph Collection. Jesse P. Sewell (1876-1969) was the fifth president of Childers Classical Institute (later Abilene Christian College, and now Abilene Christian University) in Abilene, Texas. Sewell served as the school’s president from 1912-1924.

Added: March 2015.

Jesse Wallace Williams Map Collection

Presented by the Hardin-Simmons University Library, the Jesse Wallace Williams Map Collection features historic topographic maps of locations in Texas and surrounding states. The detailed maps include precise locations of roads, waterways, structures and more. Jesse Wallace Williams was a historian, teacher, and graduate of Hardin-Simmons University. He authored three books and many articles about Texas history and the state's historic roads and trails.

Added: September 2014.

The Jewish Herald

The first issue of The Jewish Herald appeared on September 24, 1908, but the paper had its origins in a news bulletin that the editor Edgar Goldberg sent to the Jewish community in April 1908. At that time, Houston could count approximately 1,700 Jewish residents and two Jewish congregations. The Jewish Herald was a weekly publication, devoted to matters of interest to the Hebrew citizens of Houston.

Added: January 2010.

Jewish Herald-Voice

UNT Libraries present the Jewish Herald-Voice, the longest running Jewish newspaper in the Southwest. The weekly paper was started over 106 years ago and has served the Jewish community of Houston, TX ever since, providing local and national news as well as advertising to enrich the lives of the Texas Gulf Coast Jewish residents.

Added: December 2014.

The Jewish Monitor

George G. Fox, rabbi of the Fort Worth congregation Beth-el, started the Fort Worth Jewish Monitor in 1914. It was a regional weekly paper designed to connect local rabbis and congregations. Rabbi Fox became the editor, while the board of directors at Beth-el helped finance the project and find investors for the Monitor Publishing Company, which printed the paper.

Added: April 2013.

Jim Bell Texas Architecture Collection

The Texas Architecture photograph collection consists of photographs of historic Texas county courthouses and their surrounding buildings, as well as historic bridges, churches, and landmarks. The photographs are all in color and were taken from 1990 to the present.

Added: April 2011.

John F Kennedy, Dallas Police Department Collection

The John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection contains 404 photographs that include the sniper's nest in downtown Dallas Texas School Book Depository Building, where Oswald allegedly fired on Kennedys motorcade; the back and front yards of the boarding house at 214 Neely; Dealey Plaza; the intersection at Tenth Street and Patton Avenue where Oswald allegedly fatally shot Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippit; interiors of the Texas Theater, where Oswald was arrested by Dallas police; and the basement of Dallas City Hall, where Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald on Nov. 24, 1963.

Added: October 2009.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Collection

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Collection features more than 11, 000 pages of investigative materials from the Dallas Police Department's extensive investigation currently housed at the Dallas Municipal Archives. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza contributed approximately 700 black-and-white news images taken by the Dallas Times Herald's photographers that documents the events surrounding the assassination and four handwritten journals from jurors who sat on the Jack Ruby trial.

Added: November 2013.

John J. Herrera Papers

John James Herrera (1910-1986), lawyer and leading civil rights advocate for Mexican Americans, played a role in key cases that ultimately established that separate schools for Mexican American children were illegal and that the systematic exclusion of Spanish-speaking citizens from service on juries was unconstitutional. Herrera severed as national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and was politically active throughout his life. He relates that one of the most memorable nights of his life was on November 21, 1963, when he introduced President John F. Kennedy to a group of LULAC members gathered at the Rice Hotel for a reception.

Added: May 2014.

John Sharpe Collection

John M. Sharpe, Sr. became the executive head of the Sun Publishing Company and editor of the Williamson County Sun in 1918. He also served the city of Georgetown as mayor and postmaster, each three times. Presented by the Williamson County Museum, this collection of Sharpe family photographs and documents feature historical images of family members as well as biographies and texts of news articles and more.

Added: June 2014.

The Barbara C. Jordan Archives

Texas Southern University features more than 200 photographs from the Barbara C. Jordan Archives. Barbara Jordan ran for the Texas House twice, in 1962 and 1964. She then ran for the Texas Senate in 1966, winning a seat and becoming the first African American since Reconstruction to serve in the Texas State Senate.

Added: March 2014.

José L. Castillo Photograph Collection

José L. Castillo, a correspondent for the international EFE News Service, donated his archive of photographs taken between July 2004 and July 2006 to the UNT Archives. The images depict protests and political events in the Latino community, including the march protesting immigration bill HR 4437 in April 2006 by more than 350,000 people; Hispanic community and political leaders; and festivals, Latino soccer leagues and other gatherings in the North Texas area.

Added: June 2009.

Journal of the Effective Schools Project

The Journal of the Effective Schools Project collection consists of 19 published journals resulting from the Tarleton State University Effective Schools Project. The Effective Schools Project (ESP) at Tarleton State University is dedicated to the goals of improving school effectiveness, raising the achievement level of public school students, and improving the professional development of preservice and inservice educators. Established in 1988, ESP seeks to unite the efforts of public school educators and university faculty in striving for continuous improvement.

Added: May 2014.


The J-TAC student newspaper, now called JTAC News, began regular publication in the fall of 1919. Originally called the Tarletonite, The J-TAC is Tarleton State University's official newspaper. The name comes from the acronym for "John Tarleton Agricultural College," the original name of the university.

Added: February 2011.

Judge Joseph A. Carroll Collection

The Judge Joseph A. Carroll Collection consists of 80 letters of approximately 129 pages written to and from Judge Carroll between 1856 through 1869. Joseph A. Carroll played a major role in the early development of North Texas.

Added: January 2014.