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K. K. Legett

The K.K. Legett collection contains the papers of Kirvin Kade Legett (1857-1926), and his son, Kade Bryan Legett (1889-1946). K.K. Legett came to Taylor County for the first time in 1879, where, he became one of Abilene’s leading men. He was a founder Simmons College, now Hardin-Simmons University, and served on the Board of Trustees for a number of years. K.K. Legett also became a Bankruptcy Judge in 1898. Kade Bryan Legett was the oldest of K.K. Legett’s children. K.B. farmed, raised cattle, speculated in land, which led to speculation in oil and natural gas.

Added: October 2016.

Lamar University Student Newspapers

Lamar University presents editions of the Redbird, Lamar Tech Redbird, and Lamar Cardinal, the university's student newspapers from the 1930's to the 1970's. The paper was created when South Park Junior College changed to Lamar College in 1932, publishing an edition every other week until the mid 1950's when it became a weekly. In 1971 when Lamar College gained university status the newspaper became the University Press.

Added: October 2014.

Lancaster Herald

The Lancaster Genealogical Society presents the Lancaster Herald, a weekly newspaper from Lancaster, TX. The Herald was established by Joe T. Green in 1887.

Added: December 2014.

Larry Jene Fisher Collection

Presented by Lamar University, the Larry Jene Fisher Collection reflects the diverse interests and tireless curiosity of the Renaissance man of Southeast Texas. Fisher’s work as a photographer, filmmaker, environmental activist, musician, pilot, and traveler are all reflected in his images.

Added: March 2015.

Legacies: a History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas

Legacies is a biannual publication devoted to the rich history of Dallas and North Central Texas as a way to examine the many historical legacies--social, ethnic, cultural, political--which have shaped the modern city of Dallas and the region around it. Currently, Legacies is a joint publication of Dallas Heritage Village, the Dallas Historical Society, the Old Red Museum, and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

Added: May 2009.

LeMoine Lewis Church History Lectures

LeMoine Lewis (1916-1987) was a professor of Bible and church history at Abilene Christian University from 1949-1986. The collection consists of 267 lectures, delivered between October 8, 1975 and April 30, 1986 at the University Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. Broadly speaking, the lessons proceed chronologically through the history of Christianity. The lessons focus on historical church groups and their leaders, especially those groups and leaders who have most affected the Restoration Movement. These recordings offer a direct, unfiltered window into Dr. Lewis’ knowledge and interpretation of church history.

Added: December 2015.

LGBT Collections

LGBT Collections features publications of interest to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community. The collection includes The Dallas Voice, a weekly newspaper for the gay community in North Texas that has been published since 1984.

Added: May 2014.

Lipscomb County Newspaper Collection

The Higgins Public Library presents a selection of newspapers published in Lipscomb County, Texas including the Lipscomb Lime Light and Follett Times. The newspaper was published weekly beginning in 1917 and featured local, state, and national news along with advertising.

Added: May 2014.

Llano News

The Llano News was established in 1889 and has absorbed six newspapers over the last one hundred years. Over the past decades, The Llano News has been a vital part of the fabric of Llano County reporting and publishing community news as well as state and national news. The Llano News is the newspaper of record for the county and continues to support the people who make Llano a healthy place to live and raise families.

Added: August 2016.


The Loblolly magazine was created by the students at Gary, Texas High School for the purpose of preserving and providing information on their community's past so that they may better understand the present world. The stories and information in the Loblolly tells of traditions and life skills which started in early Texas pioneer days.

Added: September 2015.

Lorenzo de Zavala Online: Empresario, Statesman and Texas Revolutionary

Lorenzo de Zavala Online: Empresario, Statesman and Texas Revolutionary gathers materials from several diverse institutions, bringing them together in one virtual collection. Lorenzo de Zavala's remarkable accomplishments provide a tantalizing glimpse of this versatile individual--newspaperman, physician, public servant, empresario, diplomat, governor, statesman, and first interim Vice-President of the Republic of Texas.

Added: February 2009.

Love Field Album and Photographs

The Love Field Album and Photographs collection features images of the daily life and flight training of Love Field in 1918 while it was an Army camp in World War I and as a municipally-owned airport circa 1965-1990. Also documented are the "Flyin' Frolic" of November 12-13, 1918, and a re-enactment of the Charles Lindbergh Flight Reenactment that took place in 1977.

Added: January 2010.

Lubbock Avalanche

The Lubbock Avalanche documented the early growth of Lubbock, Texas, which was known as the Hub City of West Texas due to its prominence in the region. These weekly newspapers include local, state, and national news as well as advertising.

Added: March 2013.

Resource Center LGBT Collection of the UNT Libraries

Resource Center is a service organization for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community of Dallas, Texas. This collection, formerly the contents of the Phil Johnson Historic Archives and Research Library at the Resource Center, features photographs, pamphlets, t-shirts, buttons, and memorabilia spanning 50 years of the history of LGBT social movements.

Added: June 2014.