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Map Collections from the University of Texas at Arlington

Funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities "We the People" grant, this collection showcases maps from the Gulf Coast region and the greater Southwest.

Added: October 2009.

Marfa, Diversity in the Desert

These photographs document the local history of Marfa and the surrounding area, as well as local families and the ghost town of Shafter.

Added: March 2011.

Jim Marrs Collection

Materials resulting from journalist and author Jim Marrs' career and research. Marrs specialized in reporting on conspiracy theories and government cover-ups. The majority of the collection concerns the Kennedy assassination, but information about evidence of UFOs and other conspiracy theories is also present.

Added: September 2020.

Lory Masters Collection (The Dallas Way)

Materials focused on the life of Lory Masters, founder of the Flying W lesbian biker club, real estate agent, and major player in the Dallas LGBTQ community.

Added: June 2020.

Matagator Foundation Grant Collection

The digital collection is funded by the Matagator Foundation in its support of preserving and providing access to Matagorda County history, as well as wildlife and land conservation, and education, through its local affiliate Spread Oaks Ranch.

Added: October 2020.

Matagorda County Area Newspaper Collection

Serving Matagorda County and the towns it encompasses, the Matagorda County Area Newspaper Collection serves as a window into a unique part of Texas history.

Added: October 2020.

Mathis Area Newspaper Collection

The town’s first newspaper, the Mathis Informer, began in 1912. It was later replaced by The Mathis News. In January 2018, The Mathis News, along with San Patricio County News and Portland News, merged to create The News of San Patricio.

Added: August 2018.

Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

These photos showcase ranching history, ranching practices and changes in the land. Lambshead Ranch is still owned and operated by descendants of its original settlers.

Added: December 2009.

Fred McCain Papers

Newspapers, documents, and memorabilia pertaining to North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) and star football player turned coach, Fred McCain.

Added: April 2018.

Gary McCaleb On-Campus Interviews

Recorded video interviews conducted by Dr. Gary McCaleb with notable luminaries, celebrities, and politicians between 1983-2000. The interviews were a part of McCaleb’s two television programs, McCaleb & Comapny, and On Campus with Gary McCaleb, produced by Abilene Christian University.

Added: October 2018.

C. F. McCann

During the Great Depression, Connie Ford McCann served as a company clerk for two six-month tours in the Civilian Conservation Corps. Included are his diary, documents, and photos from his year with the CCC.

Added: May 2014.

The McGregor Mirror

The McGregor Mirror is a third generation-owned newspaper. The Mirror was founded in its present location at 311 S. Main Street in McGregor, Texas in 1904.

Added: January 2018.

McKinney Democrat-Gazette

Representing 16 titles, this collection spans half a century and was partially funded by grants from the Collin County Historical Commission.

Added: November 2011.

McKinney Examiner

The McKinney Examiner was a weekly newspaper published between 1886 and 1977. Articles covered not only important news from the city of McKinney but also smaller communities in Collin County that did not have a newspaper.

Added: May 2019.

McMurry Chieftain

The McMurry Chieftain is the alumni newsletter from McMurry University in Abilene. The newsletter features information about events at the school and news about the university's students, staff, and alumni.

Added: May 2014.

McMurry Council Fire

The Council Fire is the student handbook of McMurry University in Abilene. It includes information about the school's rules and regulations as well as general information about student governance, campus life, and activities.

Added: May 2014.

McMurry Museum Collection

Images of museum items held in the archives of the Jay-Rollins Library at McMurry University.

Added: January 2018.

McMurry Photograph Collection

Spanning the college's history from its opening day to the present, these photos depict people, organizations, activities, and campus buildings,

Added: January 2015.

McMurry University Catalogs

The McMurry University Library presents their collection of University catalogs that range from 1923 to present day. The catalogs describe the governance, faculty, course offerings, and campus life of McMurry College.

Added: May 2012.

McMurry University Oral Histories

Part of a greater collection started in the 1980s, these video interviews with alumni and professors depict McMurry University history.

Added: June 2015.

McMurry University Yearbooks

This annually published yearbook for McMurry College presents a record of student and campus life during the previous academic year. It includes photographs, formal and candid, of students, faculty, events and more.

Added: May 2009.

Dewey G. Mears Photograph Archive

Dewey Gerald Mears was a noted architectural photographer based in Austin, Texas from the 1940s through 1990s. Photographs from his collection document the architecture, commercial businesses and people of Austin and Central Texas during the mid-to-late 20th century.

Added: April 2017.

The Megaphone

The Megaphone reflects Southwestern University campus life as well as Georgetown and Williamson County events and activities, especially during the early years when "town and gown" were indistinguishable.

Added: April 2014.

Mercedes Area Newspapers

Newspapers serving Mercedes and Hidalgo County. The first paper, The Enterprise, was published by Isadore Moritz from 1908 to 1914. A series of English- and Spanish-language papers have since been published.

Added: March 2015.

Meridian Tribune

With the earliest paper issued in 1886, these papers were preserved through a Tocker Foundation grant. Founded in 1854 in Bosque County, the town was named for the 98th meridian, which was incorrectly believed to pass nearby.

Added: November 2013.

Il Messaggiero Italiano

Il Messaggiero Italiano was a weekly Italian language newspaper published in San Antonio and Galveston, Texas during the early 1900s.

Added: May 2014.

Mexia Newspaper Collection

These various newspapers served the Central Texas town of Mexia from 1923 to the present day. Digitization funded by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: February 2013.

Mexican American Family and Photo Collection

These photographs depict Mexican American families, individuals, business and work experiences, festivals and community events, daily life and individual achievements within the scope of Texas history.

Added: February 2014.

The Mexican Revolution on the Border: Primary Sources from El Paso

These primary source items relate to the Mexican Revolution. The collection includes 15 books and 10 postcards dating from 1910 to 1919.

Added: March 2012.

Mills County Newspaper Collection

The Mills County Newspaper Collection hosts The Mountain Eagle, The Goldthwaite Eagle, and the Mullin Enterprise. Mills County was organized in 1887 from Brown, Comanche, Hamilton, Lampasas counties and named for early pioneer John T. Mills.

Added: January 2019.

The Mineola Newspaper Collection

Spanning multiple titles, these materials depict the rich center of publishing that was Mineola at the turn of the century. Digitization of this collection was generously supported by the Tocker Foundation.

Added: October 2012.

Miniature Book Collection

These miniature books, 4 inches (10 cm) tall or smaller, include both contemporary and historical works. In some cases, only the covers have been digitized.

Added: December 2009.

Miniature Book News

The Miniature Book News reports on auctions, collections, and aspects of collecting, as well as the history of printers, publishers, collections, and institutions. The Miniature Book News has been published since 1965 with two suspensions, and since 2001 has been published within the Miniature Book Society Newsletter.

Added: December 2009.

Miniature Book Society Collection

Documents related to the annual Miniature Book Society Competition.

Added: July 2019.

Miniature Book Society Newsletter

The Miniature Book Society has published its newsletter under various titles since 1983. The publication serves to highlight the doings of the society, its members, and news and events in the world of miniature books. Since 2001, the Miniature Book News has been published within the Miniature Book Society Newsletter.

Added: December 2009.

Linda Jebavy Mitchell Collection (The Dallas Way)

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, brochures, T-shirts, buttons, and other materials related to HIV/AIDS, Dallas LGBT history, LGBT events, and political campaigns, 1985-1996.

Added: July 2017.

The James Mobley Memorial Collection

The Cedar Hill Citizen was digitized in tribute to its former publisher, James Mobley. Mobley published the paper with his wife, Pat, who was a strong supporter of public access to educational research materials for the greater good of the community. This collection commemorates their contribution to historic preservation.

Added: January 2015.

The Monitor: Mabank & Cedar Creek Lake

The Monitor newspaper continues the legacy of local journalism begun with the Cedar Creek Lake area’s first newspaper the Lawndale Ledger in the 1880s.

Added: May 2016.

Bruce Monroe Collection (The Dallas Way)

T-shirts that reflect Bruce Monroe's LGBT and AIDS activism with various groups throughout the years. T-shirts include the 2005 Lone Star Ride, Gay Urban Truth Squad, Act Up, and Positive Peddlers.

Added: May 2021.

Montague County Area Newspaper Collection

Starting in 1871, the newspaper titles in this collection include the Montague County News, The Bowie News, The Bowie Booster, The Nocona News, and The Bowie Blade. These newspapers have been digitized through the work of the Friends of the Nocona Public Library and the Bowie Public Library. Digitization for these newspapers was made possible through the support of the Tocker Foundation.

Added: March 2016.

Dr. Edwin D. Moten Collection

Dr. Edwin D. Moten (1875-1955) was an African American physician who lived in Denton from 1907 to 1919. This collection contains family photographs along with personal and business correspondence from Dr. Moten.

Added: September 2009.

Mount Pleasant Area Newspaper Collection

Several newspapers have covered news in this crossroads between Caddo Land and pioneer settlement since the 1830s. Digitization of these papers was funded by a Ladd and Katherine Hancher Foundation grant.

Added: August 2016.

Mount Vernon Optic-Herald

The oldest business in Franklin County is the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald. It began in 1874 when W. J. Johnson of Mount Pleasant established the Franklin Herald at Mount Vernon about a year before the Texas Legislature cut Franklin County from Titus County.

Added: February 2018.

Multicultural Center Records

Photographs and documents related to the UNT Multicultural Center, founded in 1994. The materials represented online are only a portion of the full collection.

Added: December 2019.

Museum of the Gulf Coast

These photographs and postcards depict Jefferson, Harris, and Orange counties from the 1890s to the present day.

Added: April 2012.
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