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Paducah Area Newspaper Collection

The county seat of Cottle County, Paducah was first settled in the mid-1800s by R. Potts, who originally hailed from Paducah, Kentucky. These newspapers were digitized through a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: April 2016.

The Palacios Beacon

Published near the Texas coast since 1907, this paper served Palacios, or "The City by the Sea." The publishing office is the oldest continuously-run business in the community. The paper was digitized through the Tocker Foundation.

Added: May 2014.

Palestine Daily Herald

In 1902, William M. and H.V. Hamilton inaugurated the Palestine Daily Herald and set to work creating the city's leading paper. Digitization of the newspaper was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Added: January 2010.

Palo Pinto County Album

In an effort to document as much of the history held by people with ties to the county, this album was created to accommodate those who wish to contribute their items of historical value, no matter how small the collection.

Added: May 2009.

Palo Pinto County Newspapers

These materials represent the communities of Palo Pinto, Fort Wolters, and Mineral Wells. Digitized through a Ladd & Katherine Hancher Foundation grant, these newspapers span over a century of this region's history.

Added: June 2014.

Panhandle Herald

Henry Harold Brooks established this paper in a tent in Panhandle on July 22, 1887. It's the oldest continuously published newspaper in the region, issued weekly (for a short time in the 1920s, the paper issued semi-weekly).

Added: July 2014.

Panola College Newspaper Collection

These student-created papers cover more than 50 years of Carthage campus history. Situated in East Texas since 1947, the college was home to author Bill O'Neal. Digitization funded by the M.P. Baker Library.

Added: February 2015.

The Panola County Area Newspaper Collection

Created as a partnership between the M.P. Baker Library at Panola College and the Sammy Brown Public Library, the Panola County Area Newspaper Collection houses multiple newspaper titles, representing the city of Carthage and its surrounding county.

Added: January 2018.

The Panola Watchman

Chronicling Panola County and the city of Carthage, The Panola Watchman is a weekly newspaper that began publication in 1873.

Added: January 2018.

Lorena M. Parlee Collection

Photographs from the collection of Lorena M. Parlee, a filmmaker, business executive, and educator.

Added: April 2020.

Patricia Fertel Paper Doll Collection

Selections from the Patricia Fertel Paper Doll Collection, including sets of dolls, fashion publications, and various other advertising and relevant materials ranging from the later 1800s to the present day.

Added: September 2023.

Pearce Civil War

Letters and documents pertaining to the history of Texas at the time of the Civil War. These resources illustrate the war and post-war era through first-hand accounts from Texas soldiers, as well as from wives and other civilians on the home front.

Added: January 2018.

Pease, Graham, and Niles Families Papers

The materials in this collection relate to multiple generations of three notable American families, all connected to former Texas Governor Elisha Pease and his wife, Lucadia (née Niles).

Added: March 2016.

The Penny Record

Founded in 1960, The Penny Record serves as a primary source of advertising and business news for Bridge City and Orangefield.

Added: July 2020.

Blanche Perry Collection

Born in 1890, Blanche Perry built a reputation as a painter of religious themes that included at least 222 church baptisteries. This collection includes records of names, addresses, correspondence, and other notes associated with the various painting projects Perry undertook.

Added: January 2018.

Pharr Press

Since its founding in 1909, Pharr has amassed a unique history influenced by its rich Hispanic culture. The paper growth into a city made prosperous by the railroad, great feats in civic progress and success in international commerce.

Added: April 2016.

Photographing Texas

These images come from individuals' travels across the state. Subjects include Texas scenery, wildlife, county courthouses, state parks, national parks, libraries, museums, historic sites, outdoor murals, architecture, monuments, and historic plaques -- a little bit of everything Texas!

Added: February 2009.

Photographing UNT

"Photographing UNT" depicts images of various buildings, events, and ceremonies from the University of North Texas in Denton. Faculty, staff, students, and community members can be seen in the photographs as well.

Added: April 2012.

Pictorial History of Fort Wolters

The diverse military history of Fort Wolters been documented and preserved in these materials. Col. Willie H. Casper compiled the multi-volume collection. Casper was deputy commander of the fort from 1965 to 1971.

Added: May 2009.

George Everill Pierce Photograph Collection

Photos from George Everill Pierce during his days as a cadet in the flying schools at Randolph, Kelly, and Brooks Fields and during subsequent missions and postings. Some materials funded by a 2015 Rescuing Texas History grant.

Added: May 2016.

The Pine Needle

This weekly newspaper from Hardin County was a vehicle to protest what attorney and publisher Houston Thompson believed was widespread political corruption.

Added: December 2015.

Polk County Newspapers

These titles, starting in 1892, depict the history of Polk County and the towns within it. Digitization of these issues was funded by a Tocker Foundation grant.

Added: February 2015.

Port Arthur Yearbooks

These yearbooks come from four high schools in Port Arthur, dating from 1912 to the 1990s. They feature information about the students, teachers, and organizations at the schools.

Added: March 2011.

Portland News

A winner of four 2017 Texas Press Association awards, The Portland News represents the citizens of Nueces and San Patricio Counties, in addition to the coastal city of Portland.

Added: August 2017.

La Prensa

Established in 1913 as an independent newspaper, La Prensa was published and edited as a Spanish-language newspaper by Ignacio E. Lozano, in San Antonio. By 1922, the newspaper's circulation was over 16,000 readers, and the newspaper continued publication in Spanish with some advertising in English.

Added: June 2019.

The Prism

The Prism ran from 1915 to 1923, when it was replaced by the current newspaper at Howard Payne University. It covers campus life, personalities, and reflects the way of life and values of past generations.

Added: July 2010.

Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Texas Annual Meetings

The Proceedings of the Society's Annual Meeting have been published since 1937 and include a meeting summary, the remarks of speakers, memorials to recently deceased members, a list of the Society's past meetings and locations, current members and board of directors, a list of newly elected members, and a directory of the Proceedings issues in which deceased member's memorials were published.

Added: November 2022.

Pruitt-Rogers Taylor County Photograph Collection

These photographs were taken from a scrapbook created by Willie M. Pruitt-Rogers. They depict family members, trains, stockyards, and other landmarks and scenes of Abilene and West Texas.

Added: May 2015.

Duane Puryear Collection (The Dallas Way)

Videos related to AIDS awareness and AIDS victims.

Added: November 2020.
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