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The Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket began publication in September, 1923, named to identify with the college mascot at Howard Payne University, the Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket newspaper has been published since 1923 with that name in the masthead, and this collection includes issues from 1950 to 2008. The Howard Payne College, later Howard Payne University newspapers are a treasure of information on campus life and personalities, as well as a reflection of the way of life and values of each decade.

Added: June 2010.

Yoakum Area Newspaper Collection

The Yoakum Area Newspaper Collection includes early issues of the Yoakum Daily Times, the Yoakum Daily Herald, and its later Weekly Herald. These newspapers document the city of Yoakum's history, starting in 1897.

Added: May 2016.

Yorktown News-View

Serving Yorktown and DeWitt County, the Yorktown News-View has reported on local, state, and national events since 1895. Early settlement of the community took place in 1848, primarily by German, Czech, and Polish immigrants.

Added: May 2016.