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[Map of Army Supply Routes in Big Bend, Texas 1916-1921]
Reproduction of a hand-drawn map showing ranches in Presidio County, Texas with a list of water stops and camp sites on the ranches made available to U. S. Army troops stationed in the Big Bend District between 1916 and 1921.
[Map of the Lower Part of Brewster County, Texas 1916-1930]
Reproduction of a hand-drawn map of part of Brewster County, Texas in the Big Bend region. It includes several annotations and identifies families and ranches in lower Brewster County Texas between 1916 and 1930, WWI quicksilver mines, and provides information on the Glenn Springs Raid of 1916.
[Map of the Overland Route of the Camels in the U.S. 1857-1858]
Reproduction of a map showing the route of the U.S. Army camel train (under the direction of Lieutenant E. F. Beale) surveying for a wagon route from Texas to California along the 35th Parallel to test the feasibility of using camels as military pack animals. The map has annotations and shows the relationship to U. S. Route 66.
[Map of the Pershing Expedition: March 15, 1916]
Reproduction of a hand-drawn map showing routes the U. S. troops took into Mexico on the expedition of 1916 led by General John J. Pershing. Notes the pack train and wagon train routes as well as infantry routes, and the Expedition headquarters at Dublan Mexico.
[Map of the U.S.-Mexico Border from El Paso to Van Horn, Texas]
Reproduction of a hand-drawn map showing the border area between Texas and Mexico from El Paso, Texas (left) to Van Horn, Texas (right). Several towns, forts, roads, and geographic features are marked primarily on the Texas side of the map. A note in the bottom-left corner of the map says "Where the Rio Grande becomes the U.S. & Mexico boundary, and flows towards the Big Bend District. It makes 1,260 miles of the international border. Much of the early history of the south-west was made along the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) by the Spaniards. Their route was through "El Paso del Norte" the Pass of the North. This section of the border was very active during the "Border Trouble Days" of 1916 to 1920."
[Map of Trading Posts in Big Bend, Texas 1916-1930]
Reproduction of a hand-drawn map showing trading posts on the Rio Grande River from El Paso to Eagle Pass, Texas. It includes two lists: "Trading Posts on the Texas Side of the Big Bend in 1916-30" and "Settlements in the Juarez Area." It also has notes near the bottom of the map that say "The trade area was an 80 mile radius from the Rio Grande. Several days travel by burro or horse. Most towns or villages shown were in the news during the border trouble days" and "Most of this part of Mexico and the Big Bend Country is rough mountains.
Overland troop movements, 1916-1935. Map
Photographic reproduction of a hand-drawn map of the Texas/Mexico border showing line of forts from El Paso to Brownsville. Includes chart of mileages between Texas forts, listing of old forts in Texas still active in 1935, information about cavalry speeds and auxiliary units, and inset of U.S./Mexico border showing line of forts from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.
Raid on Columbus, New Mexico and the Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916-1917. Map
Photographic reproduction of a hand-drawn map showing details of raid on Columbus, New Mexico on 9 March 1916 with inset plat of the town, list of "Raider's Objectives," and short summary of the U. S. Army Punitive Expedition into Mexico that followed.
Routes of the historical cavalry overland marches of 1916. Map
Charts routes of the units of the U. S. Army that entered Mexico in 1916 and gives details about the units and miles traveled.
Supply routes to troops in the Big Bend District of Texas 1916-1920. Map
In addition to Army supply routes, shows locations of mines, ranches, and farms in the Big Bend between 1916 and 1920.
U. S. Cavalry detachments and bases of army pilots on or near the U.S.-Mexico border, 1918-1919. Map
Photographic reproduction of a hand-drawn map that identifies towns where Cavalry units were stationed on the border from El Paso to Del Rio in 1918 and 1919. An inset shows locations of the three U. S. Military District headquarters (Rockwell Field, California; Fort Bliss, Texas; and Kelly Field, Texas) for the pilots patrolling the border from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.