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[722 S. Magnolia - Lucas Davey House]
Photograph of the front and south sides of the "Lucas-Davey House," a two-story Queen Anne-style home located at 722 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. Distinctive features include the asymmetrical massing, a richness in details and materials and superb craftsmanship. There are trees and bushes around the house, obscuring the porch and first floor.
[921 N. Cedar - Bailey - Summers House]
Close-up of the southeast corner of the "Bailey-Summers House," a two-story, Classical Revival-style house located at 921 N. Cedar St. in Palestine, Texas. The dominant architectural feature is the front portico with two-story Ionic columns.
[Carroll Building of First Methodist Church - 422 S. Magnolia]
Photograph of the Carroll Building on the grounds of the First Methodist Church, which is located at 422 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. It is a one-story brick building with round white columns on either side of the front porch; the east wall of the church is visible on the left side of the image.
[Dogwood Blooms - Anderson County]
Close-up photograph of Dogwood blooms in Anderson County.
[Dogwood Trails]
Photo of a young girl in Davey Dogwood Park near Palestine during the Dogwood Festival.
[Dogwood Trails]
Photo of one of the roads in Davey Dogwood Park near Palestine during the Dogwood Festival.
[Dogwood Trees in front of the Howard House]
Photo of Dogwoods located in front of the Howard House - 1011 N. Perry Street - Palestine
[Dogwoods around the Sacred Heart Catholic Church]
Photo of the dogwood trees blooming near the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, viewed from the northeast, on Queen Street in Palestine, Texas.
[Dogwoods in Bloom in Front of the Carnegie Building]
Photo of the Dogwoods blooming in the front yard of the Carnegie Building. This building housed the Palestine Public Library until 1985.
[The Old Pilgrim Church - Elkhart, Texas]
Photograph of a replica of the original Pilgrim Church, built near the later brick church just outside of Elkhart, Texas. It is a one-story log building and the wooden front door is open. A Texas Historical Commission plaque is posted on a stone to the right of the building; the Pilgrim Cemetery is partially visible in the background.
[Reagan School - 400 S. Michaux]
Photograph of the south side of the Reagan School located at 400 S. Michaux in Palestine, Texas. The three-story brick building has Tudor Revival-style architectural features and served as a school for various grades between 1916 and 1976, later becoming a museum.
[Unidentified People at a Tree Planting]
Photograph of three unidentified people at a tree planting. One man is crouched on the left side of the image, next to the tree; a second man and a woman are standing together on the right and the man is holding a shovel. A stream and trees are visible in the background.
[Unidentified Road surrounded by Dogwood Trees in Bloom]
Photo of an Anderson County road with Dogwoods in bloom on both sides of it.