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[Unidentified Family 2]

Description: Photo of an unidentified family. Back of photo reads: To Mrs. Register - September 9, 1912 - Taylor Tex. - Edna 18 - Emily 16 - Margaret 4. We have no idea who the parents were nor what their surname was.
Date: September 7, 1912
Item Type: Photograph

[Dr. Tucker and Dr. Linder in a 1911 Model T Ford]

Description: Photo of Dr. Tucker and Dr. Linder of Tennessee Colony in a 1911 Model T Ford. This particular car was made in a 56" tread width and a 60" tread. This one was the 60" tread which fit the ruts made by the Studebaker wagons used by the farmers. Dr. Tucker took the train to Dallas, bought the car, then drove it home after getting shown how to operate it. They lived 26 miles from the courthouse and it took 2 hours on an average to "drive in". It is said to be the first car to operate on the country roads of Anderson and Henderson County rural areas.
Date: 1911~
Item Type: Photograph