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[Unidentified Man]
Photo of an unidentified man
[N.R. Royall]
N. R. Royall
[Three Members of the Dilley Rifles Company]
Photograph of three members of the Dilley Rifles, Palestine. Back of photo identifies them as Warner Williams, Capt; George R. Howard, 1st Lt; and George McClintock, 2nd Lt.
[Unidentified Couple]
Photo of an unidentified couple.
[Unidentified Woman]
Photo of an unidentified woman.
[Don Sims]
Headshot portrait of Don Sims wearing a naval uniform including a dark shirt with light stripes and hat. It is inscribed on back: " These pictures wouldn't have been half as good as they were if it hadn't been for you. I'll never forget them. You made it seem so easy, and now I say Thanks from the bottom of my heart. "Till I come Home" As Ever, Don."
[Unidentified Woman]
Photo of an unidentified Woman.
[Unidentified Family]
Photo of an unidentified family
[Unidentified Infant]
Photo of an unidentified infant
[Unidentified Woman]
Photo of an unidentified Woman
[Unidentified Infant]
Photo of an unidentified infant.
[Unidentified Infant]
Photo of an unidentified infant.
[Photograph of Trinity River: Lock and Dam #4]
Photograph of Lock and Dam #4 - Trinity River - Anderson County.
[Soldier in Spanish American War Uniform]
The man in this photograph has been tentatively identified as having been a soldier during the Spanish American war. On the back of the photograph it reads "Property of J.F. Grigsby - 408 So. Sycamore Street, Palestine Texas". The photo is now owned by the Anderson County Historical Commission.
[Unidentified Man]
Photo of an unidentified man.
[Reverend G.R. Stuart]
Photo of Rev. G.R. Stuart
[Unidentified Woman]
Photo of an unidentified woman
[Davey Lake Dogwood Trail]
Photo of the Davey Lake Dogwood Trail, which is located in the Davey Dogwood Park, near Palestine.
[First Christian Church - Palestine]
Photo of the First Christian Church, which is located on Crawford Street in Palestine.
[Palestine - Jacksonville Highway]
Postcard of the highway going from Jacksonville to Palestine. This highway is now U.S. 79
[Unidentified Man]
Photo of an unidentified man
[301 S. Magnolia - Bowers Mansion]
Photograph of the north and east sides of the "Bowers Mansion" located at 301 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story house that has Victorian Italiante-style architectural elements (including a small cupola with bracketed eaves and narrow, paired windows), and a two-tiered porch with Queen Anne-style turned- and jigsawn- wood trim. Part of the yard is also visible, a fountain in the front.
[412 S. Royall - Royall House]
Photograph of the front and south side of a two-story house, located at 416 S. Royall in Palestine, Texas. It has a long, wrap-around porch with Ionic columns and brick around the lower level of the house.
[501 S. Magnolia]
Photograph of the south side of a two-story house located at 501 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. The house is brick on the first floor with wooden siding on the front and upper floor, painted light brown or beige with dark brown shutters.
[519 S. Royall]
Photograph of the front of a white, two-story, brick house located at 519 S. Royall in Palestine, Texas. It has Victorian Italianate architectural embellishments, including the segmental-arched hoodmolds, bracketed eaves, and main entrance with its round-arched portal and hoodmold. Additionally, there are Queen Anne-style aspects, such as the fish-scaled, patterned shingles in the front-facing gable and the complex roof plan. There is snow on the ground and rooftops.
[619 S. Sycamore - A.R. Howard Home]
Photograph of the front and south side of "A.R. Howard Home," a two-story, Victorian Italianate-style house located at 619 S. Sycamore in Palestine, Texas. This house is noteworthy because of its load-bearing masonry (brick) construction and its segmental-arched openings, bracketed eaves, and low-pitched roof. The house is behind a brick fence with metal ornamentation.
[717 S. Sycamore]
Photograph of the front and south side of a two-story frame house located in 717 S. Sycamore in Palestine, Texas. It has Queen Anne-style details on the porch woodwoork and gable ends with Italianate-style influences (including round-arched upper sashes on the second floor windows, and pedimented architraves).
[722 S. Magnolia - Lucas Davey House]
Photograph of the front and south sides of the "Lucas-Davey House," a two-story Queen Anne-style home located at 722 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. Distinctive features include the asymmetrical massing, a richness in details and materials and superb craftsmanship. There are trees and bushes around the house, obscuring the porch and first floor.
[921 N. Cedar - Bailey - Summers House]
Close-up of the southeast corner of the "Bailey-Summers House," a two-story, Classical Revival-style house located at 921 N. Cedar St. in Palestine, Texas. The dominant architectural feature is the front portico with two-story Ionic columns.
[Bratton Drug Store - Corner of N. Sycamore and W. Oak Str]
Photograph of the Bratton Drug Company on the northwest corner of W. Oak and N. Sycamore streets in Palestine, Texas, looking west on Oak. It is a two-story brick building with a series of four-pane windows along both sides of the upper story. There is a sign that says "Bratton Drug Co." above the first story, in between "Coca Cola" signs. Several unidentified people are walking on the sidewalk and vehicles are parked along Oak street.
[Construction on the First Presbyterian Church - Palestine]
Photograph taken during the construction of a new section of the First Presbyterian Church, located at 410 Avenue A in Palestine, Texas. There are two men doing brickwork on a corner, around a stone plaque that says "First Presbyterian Church, Educational Building Erected 1972, Rev. W. S. Blanton Pastor."
[House in Palestine]
Photograph of a two-story house in Palestine, Texas. There is a sign in the front yard that says "Yard of the Month."
[Kolstad's Jewelry Store - 100 W. Oak]
Photograph of the front and east side of the Kolstad Jewelry store, located at 100 W. Oak in Palestine, Texas, taken from the corner of Oak and Sycamore streets. It is a two-story brick building with decorative architectural elements around the upper-story windows and roofline. On the first floor, the walls around the store are tiled and there is a sidewalk cover over the store windows. The name "Kolstad" is above the entrance. There are cars parked on the street outside the store and an unidentified person walking past the entrance; part of an adjacent building is visible on the far right.
[The Old and the New Pilgrim Churches - Elkhart, Texas]
Photograph of the original and newer Pilgrim Churches, located near Elkhart, Texas. There is a small, log building in the foreground and a larger, brick building with a series of windows in the background. Handwritten text on the back of the photo says "Replica of original Pilgrim Church and present bldg. now in use. Oliver McReynolds Photo."
[The Old Pilgrim Church - Elkhart, Texas]
Photograph of a replica of the original Pilgrim Church, built near the later brick church just outside of Elkhart, Texas. It is a one-story log building and the wooden front door is open. A Texas Historical Commission plaque is posted on a stone to the right of the building; the Pilgrim Cemetery is partially visible in the background.
[Unidentified People at a Tree Planting]
Photograph of three unidentified people at a tree planting. One man is crouched on the left side of the image, next to the tree; a second man and a woman are standing together on the right and the man is holding a shovel. A stream and trees are visible in the background.
[Unidentified Couple]
Photo of an unidentified couple
[Two Unidentified Ladies]
Photo of two unidentified ladies. Photo was taken by the Mouzon Studio, Palestine, Texas.
[Unidentified Couple]
Photo of an unidentified couple
[Unidentified Man]
Photo of an undentified man taken at the Naschke Studio, Galveston Texas. Back of photo reads: "1870 - came to Palestine 1885"
[Drawing of the Hearne House at 503 E. Hodges]
Photograph of a drawing of the Hearne home, which is located at 503 E. Hodges in Palestine, Texas. The house has Queen Anne-style architecture including a corner tower with a conical roof on the southwest corner and a 2-tiered porch with turned balustrades.
[Danny Vance]
Photo of Danny Vance 1962 graduate of Palestine High School
[Mack McLellan with Camera]
Photograph of Mack McLellan holding a camera.
[Osjetea Briggs]
Self Portrait of Osjetea Briggs.
[Osjetea Briggs]
Self Portrait of Osjetea Briggs.
[Osjetea Briggs Home - Rusk Highway]
Photograph of the home of Osjetea Briggs, which was located just out of the city limits on the highway going toward Rusk.
[R.C. Holder]
Photograph of R.C. Holder, inscribed: "Luck to the Best Photographer"
[R.L. Stockton]
Photo of R.L. Stockton inscribed, "To Ollie, whose brilliance and talent are excelled only by her beauty."
[Sally Jo Gilmore]
Photograph of Sally Jo Gilmore - Woodhouse Class of 1954
[Unidenfied Group of People]
Photo of an unidentified group of people