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[Don Sims]

Description: Headshot portrait of Don Sims wearing a naval uniform including a dark shirt with light stripes and hat. It is inscribed on back: " These pictures wouldn't have been half as good as they were if it hadn't been for you. I'll never forget them. You made it seem so easy, and now I say Thanks from the bottom of my heart. "Till I come Home" As Ever, Don."
Date: 1940~
Creator: Briggs, Osjetea

[Soldier in Spanish American War Uniform]

Description: The man in this photograph has been tentatively identified as having been a soldier during the Spanish American war. On the back of the photograph it reads "Property of J.F. Grigsby - 408 So. Sycamore Street, Palestine Texas". The photo is now owned by the Anderson County Historical Commission.
Date: 1898~
Creator: Bushnell

[301 S. Magnolia - Bowers Mansion]

Description: Photograph of the north and east sides of the "Bowers Mansion" located at 301 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story house that has Victorian Italiante-style architectural elements (including a small cupola with bracketed eaves and narrow, paired windows), and a two-tiered porch with Queen Anne-style turned- and jigsawn- wood trim. Part of the yard is also visible, a fountain in the front.
Date: 1979~
Creator: McReynolds, Oliver
Location Info:

[501 S. Magnolia]

Description: Photograph of the south side of a two-story house located at 501 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. The house is brick on the first floor with wooden siding on the front and upper floor, painted light brown or beige with dark brown shutters.
Date: 1979~
Creator: McReynolds, Oliver
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