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[Gideon Gooch, J.P. Allen, N.W. Hunter and an Unidentified Man]

Description: The man sitting left was Mr. N.W. Hunter, the son of the pioneer, Dr. James Hunter, who came to Texas in 1838 and lived in Ft. Houston. Mr. N.W. Hunter was the father of Miss Kate Hunter, Mrs. J.L. Carson, and Miss Pauline Hunter. He was also the great grandfather of Malcolm Hunter. Mr. Gideon Gooch stands on the left and Mr. J.P. Allen stands on the right. The man sitting on the right is unidentified.
Date: 1880~
Creator: Rose, Philip H.

[Vannoy Cafe]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Vannoy Cafe. Several men and a young boy are seated at the counter; one gentleman is standing next to an open seat. Three women are behind the counter. The young woman seated at the window on the right side of the photograph has been identified as Oneta Faye Killebrew Tyer, and the woman standing beside her as Mrs. Jean Vannoy. Various items are stacked on the counter and shelf against the wall. The front door and windows are visible in the background.
Date: 1960~
Creator: Watkins Studio