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[School Children in Palestine]

Description: Photo of children from Palestine area. Age is estimated on Keah Kolstad's age as about 12: Back Row - Left to Right: John Jackson Albert Joast Keah Kolstad Sue Watts Prof. Dechard Mrs. Dechard Texanna Prew Ott Reeves John Link Second Roy - Right to Left: Ella Friend Bea Kirksey Lizzie McCoy Edd Link George Howard Wilber Joast Alice Watts Jimmie Howard Billie Jackson Ben Howard Front Row - Right to Left: Sue Alexander Lizzie Unger Fannie Unger Teta Kirksey Barbara Alexander
Date: 1865~

[A. Joost - Cheap Cash Store]

Description: This is a photograph of the first building constructed on the courthouse square. It was located where number 601 East Lacy is now located, but it extended over approximately halfway into the lot of the current number 603. This was Alexander Joost's store, known after the Civil War as the "Cheap Cash Store". Joost was an immigrant from France who had an earlier store at Fort Houston. As soon as the site was located for the county seat of the new Anderson County, he bought land there and prepared to moved. He rebuilt after the 1874 fire and again after the 1879 fire. Most of the conflagrations that were destroying entire blocks of the city of Palestine in the 1870s and 1880s were set by an incendiary who was eluding the police. Even though numerous merchants in New Town and Old Town suffered from these fires, Joost took them personally, especially when rumors were spread around town that he was having difficulty maintaining a good stock of merchandise. To combat this, he took out an ad in the Trinity Advocate to let his customers know he was still offering the best merchandise at the best prices. However, when his store was burned to the ground in a third disaster on December 5, 1882, he decided to retire from business and return to France for a visit. He did not rebuild, and the site remained vacant for over thiry years, except for a brief period in the 1890s, when a temporary tentlike structure was put up for the Sam Jones Tabernacle.
Date: 1875~

[Collage of Photos Concerning Christopher Columbus Rogers]

Description: Top is the picture of Spring Street, or "Front" street, in Palestine looking as it did when Christopher Columbus Rogers ruled the pioneer metropolis with a smoking revolver. There were four saloons in the block to the left of the corner. Rogers died with his boots on in one of these establishments, Robertsons's saloon. The Colt pistol is supposed to have been used by Rogers in the killing of nine men. It was reported that after he shot a man, he retired the pistol and never used it again.
Date: 1880~

[Gideon Gooch, J.P. Allen, N.W. Hunter and an Unidentified Man]

Description: The man sitting left was Mr. N.W. Hunter, the son of the pioneer, Dr. James Hunter, who came to Texas in 1838 and lived in Ft. Houston. Mr. N.W. Hunter was the father of Miss Kate Hunter, Mrs. J.L. Carson, and Miss Pauline Hunter. He was also the great grandfather of Malcolm Hunter. Mr. Gideon Gooch stands on the left and Mr. J.P. Allen stands on the right. The man sitting on the right is unidentified.
Date: 1880~
Creator: Rose, Philip H.

[Palestine Building - Corner of Spring and N. Sycamore]

Description: Photo of the building at the corner of Spring and N. Sycamore streets. This building was occupied by Durr's Book Store, Kolstad's Jewelry Store and A.W. Gregg's Law Office was in the front of the second floor. You can see the steeple of the St. Phillips church in the background. This church has since been moved to the opposite side of the street. At the rear end, north, was the Post Office. The Watson Hotel was across the street on the corner of N. Sycamore. The Episcopal church then stood where Bratton Drug Store was later located. The man on the horse is Dr. H.H. Link, the father of Drs. E.W. and H.R. Link. Standing alongside is Mr. Ben Broyles, George Broyles father. West on Spring Street were Barnes's Tin Shop, owned by Dr. George Barnes's father; Mr. John Hearne's Drug Store; at least two saloons, one owned by Joe Ampson and one by Sam Stein and in one of the saloons was a billiard hall. Mr. Stein was Mrs. J.W. Henry's father.
Date: 1880~

[Stern Wheeler H.A. Harvey Jr.]

Description: Photo of the Stern Wheeler H.A. Harvey Jr. This boat set a speed record of four days for completing the trip from Magnolia in southern Anderson County to Galveston, while fully loaded with cotton and other freight. In the picture, the steamboat is shown tied up at the Commerce Street landing in Dallas. After plying the Trinity River for several years, it was sold and sailed to Louisiana in 1898 when Trinity River navigation died out.
Date: 1880~

[Palestine Brass Band]

Description: Photo of a brass band that was based in Palestine in the mid 1880's. Left to right: - Dillar P.A. Kolstad Prof Armenda John Hunter Lee Wallace P. Burkett Ezell A.O. Lovely Michen Micheaux J.B. McKnight James Swinney - Olsen
Date: 1885~

[I&GN Railroad Immigrants Home]

Description: The International and Great Northern Railroad Immigrants Home. Built to give people moving to this part of Texas a place to live until their house was built. A play on the part of the railroad to encourage settlers to immigrate to Texas right after the railroad was built in the late 1880's and early 1890's.
Date: 1890~