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[Graduation Class of Palestine High School - 1901]

Description: Photo of the Graduating Class of the Palestine High School, May 30, 1901. Top Row: Alma Vitula Lewis David S.H. Howard Laura Lillian Rutledge Professors D.C. Lake - Superintendant of Palestine Public Schools Lois Ca?? Lake Emma Howard Hearne Bruce Walton Teagarden Kate Albers Allen Second Row: Pauline Sterne Fox Gertrude Hathaway Professor Norman Crozier Dorothy Anderson Professor J.H. Russell Annie J. Gardner Mary Olivia Duguy Bottom Row: Maggie Reed Billman George Foster Price
Date: May 30, 1901

[411 S. Sycamore - A.S. Fox Home]

Description: Photograph of a family on the lawn of the A.S. Fox home, located at 411 S. Sycamore in Palestine, Texas. There are two young girls wearing light-colored dresses, standing on the left side of the image and looking at a spouting fountain in the yard; a man is standing on the right side of the image, holding a toddler. The house is visible in the background. It is a two-story, light-colored building with two chimneys and a widow's walk on the room, as well as a wrap-around front porch with woodwork. A woman is standing on the porch looking toward the camera. A smaller, more ornate building is also visible on the far left of the image.
Date: 1900~

[Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Mitchell Broyles Golden Wedding Anniversary]

Description: Photo of the Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Mitchell Broyles family on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Top row - left to right: William Broyles Dilley Broyles (boy) William Register Lizzie Broyles Register Second Row: Delia Broyles Issac Mitchell Broyles Mrs. I.M. Broyles Unknown (woman with baby0 Unknown (baby) Ed Hayth Bottom Row: Lois Broyles Unknown (woman) Unknown (man) Unknown (woman)
Date: 1900~