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[Client Card: Mr. Amateis]

Description: Client card describing work completed at the Roman Bronze Works Foundry for Mr. Amateis, including a job number, brief description, monetary amount, and dates associated with each entry. Pieces included: "Cane Handle" (silver plate, 5" x 5"), "Portrait Head" (21.5" high), "Portrait Head" (2 copies, 21.5"; verde antique marble base 9" x 9" x 2.5"), "Head of Dr. Salk" (mounted to Black Marble Base 5" x 6" x 6"), "Portrait Head of Dr. Salk" (plaster cast; 11" x 8" x 5"), "Portrait Head of Franklin D. Roosevelt" (5 copies, 11" high, mounted to Black bakelite base 6" x 6" x 5"), "Portrait Head of Franklin D. Roosevelt" (5 copies; 3 black and gold marbles bases, 2 verde antique marble bases), "Male Portrait Head", "Portrait Head of Dr. Sabin" (plaster cast).
Date: November 1928
Creator: Roman Bronze Works Foundry