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Journal of the Central Texas Conference, Fiftieth Annual Session (Which is the Sixth Session since division), Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Description: Journal proceedings of Central Texas Conference include a list of members, committees, condensed minutes of the proceedings, reports of boards and committees, appointments, memoirs, statistical tables, and advertisements. Indexes to the journal and advertisements at the end of the journal.
Date: November 1915
Creator: Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

[Texas Historical Commission Marker: St. Mark United Methodist Church]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Historical Commission marker for St. Mark United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Text: This congregation was formed in 1940 by the merger of several historic Fort Worth Methodist Churches. The Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in 1883 with twenty charter members under the leadership of the Rev. P. S. Juhline. Use of the Swedish language during worship services continued until 1920. In 1924 the name of the congregation was changed to Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church. Six years later, St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church merged with the Broadway congregation. St. Paul's had been organized in 1877 with thirty charter members under the leadership of the Rev. Harvey Webb. Mulkey Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church began in the late 1880s as a mission of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Fort Worth. The church was named for the Rev. and Mrs. William Mulkey, parents of George Mulkey, who was a charter member of the new church. The Rev. John M. Barcus served as first pastor. At the 1940 annual conference, these historic congregations merged to become the Broadway-Mulkey Methodist Eposcopal Church, South. The name St. Mark was adopted in 1945. The congregation has worshiped at this site since 1960. (1985)
Date: 1985

Young Boys at Camp

Description: Photograph of three young boys and a man bringing suitcases into a stone cabin. All three boys are wearing colored shorts, collared shirts and one is wearing a hat. The older man is standing in the doorway holding open the screen door. He is wearing a hat with a card pinned to it, horn-rimmed glasses and a watch.
Date: unknown