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Journal of Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Session of the Northwest Texas Conference, of the Methodist Epsicopal Church, South, Held in the City Hall, Fort Worth, Texas, November 15th-21st, 1893.

Description: Journal proceedings of Northwest Texas Conference include a list of members, committees, condensed minutes of the proceedings, supplemental reports, constitution and by-laws of the Northwest Texas Conference Brotherhood, memoirs, and statistical tables.
Date: 1894
Creator: Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Journal of the Central Texas Conference, Fifty-Fifth Annual Session (which is the eleventh session since division), Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Description: Journal proceedings of Central Texas Conference include a list of members, committees, condensed minutes of the proceedings, reports of boards and committees, appointments, memoirs, resolutions, statistical tables, index, and advertisements.
Date: 1920
Creator: Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Texas Methodist Centennial Yearbook: The Story of Methodism During the Last One Hundred Years in Texas. Illustrated With Some Twenty-five Hundred Portraits of Persons and Places.

Description: Texas Methodist Centennial Yearbook includes six sections. From the table of contents: Section I: This section deals with the careers of Bishop H. A. Boaz and Bishop A. Frank Smith--The early beginnings of Methodism in England under John Wesley with illustrations of his family and religious life--His experiences in America--Early days in Texas--Pioneer Methodist educational institutions along with present-day ones--Early leaders of Texas Methodism--Sketches of important events--Portraits of various clerical and lay leaders. Sections II-IV: Minutes of the North Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, Texas, and Northwest Texas Conferences including statistical tables and pictures of the ministers. Index to pictures starts on page 790; indexes to various schools, historic scenes and events and to historical sketches start on page 796.
Date: [1934]
Creator: Nail, Olin W.

[Methodist Conference at Rising Star]

Description: [Methodist Conference at Rising Star near Erath County.] Information provided: The man circled in the picture is identified as James Robert Mace who lived from 11-22-1851 to 3-14-1940. According to his obituary, he was a Steward in the Methodist Church for 67 years and was married to Lida Maude Mace Warren. He and his sons would later build the Methodist Church at Lelia Lake in Donley County, Texas after they moved there in 1904. The photograph was taken prior to the family's move in 1904.
Date: unknown