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[Blanche Perry Painting for Bristol, Oklahoma]

Description: Black and white photograph of baptistry painting done by Perry for a church in Bristol, Oklahoma. Scene depicts wide river with large trees and clouds. The back of the photograph is inscribed with several names, dates, and places: Bristol, Oklahoma, May 29, 1950, Homer Wolfe, Jr.; Hondo, Texas, May 15, 1950; Hooker, Oklahoma, May 29, 1950, Ira Hickox.
Date: May 29, 1950

[Blanche Perry Painting for Christiansburg, Virginia]

Description: Black and white photograph of baptistry painting Perry did for the church in Christiansburg, Virginia. Painting was photographed against a brick wall. Scene depicts water with large rocks, various types of trees, mountains, clouds, sun, shaft of light. Inscription on back of photograph reads in part, "Painted after trip to Quebec ... We came thro Va. [through Virginia] en route home from Quebec in 1950 (Sept)."
Date: November 1950

[Blanche Perry Painting for Decatur, Texas]

Description: Black and white photograph of baptistry painting done by Perry for a church in Decatur, Texas. Scene depicts creek, rocks, different types of trees, mountains, clouds. Inscription on back bears the name "Bob Buchanan" and also the place names "Decatur, Tex [Texas]" and "Snyder, Okla [Oklahoma]."
Date: January 24, 1950

[Borger, Texas Church of Christ Bulletin]

Description: Copy of "Church News" bulletin v.2 no. 26 for the Church of Christ in Borger, TX. Contains photograph of the exterior of the church building, lists elders and deacons, and gives schedule of services. Inside contains notes about sermon, short articles on baptism and on forgiveness, and details about the life of people in the congregation. A short announcement mentions that a baptistry painting by Blanche Perry is being shipped to the building.
Date: November 12, 1950

[Brother McKenzie at a Pulpit]

Description: A photograph of the interior of a church in Arvada, Colorado, with a man at the pulpit and the Blanche Perry baptistry painting behind him. The painting depicts a river flowing over rocks with trees, clouds, and mountains in the background. An inscription on the back identifies the man in the photograph as Brother McKenzie.
Date: May 1957