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[1930 Basketball Portraits]

Description: Eight portraits on cardboard backing of the 1930 Abilene Christian College men's basketball team: Harrell Cheves, Frank Northam, Lennon Hill, O.B. Hendrick, Rudolph Black, Britt Pippen, Goober Keyes, James Lawrence. Beneath each players photo is a typed description, including name, weights, height, and position on the team. Handwritten note written in the lower margin reads, "Presented by 'C' Association."
Date: unknown

[ACC of the Future]

Description: Photograph of an artistic rendering of the future of the Abilene Christian University campus, showing the campus from an aerial view, with the buildings forming a square around a large lawn. A handwritten note below the photograph reads, "A.C.C. in the Future. A dream that must come true."
Date: 192u

[Clebarro College Group Photograph]

Description: Photograph of a large group standing in front of one of Clebarro College's buildings holding two banners. The two men at the top of the photograph are A.B. Barret (left) and Charles Heber Roberson (right). The woman next to one of the banners who is blurred due to moving during the time the photo was taken is Exie Barret.
Date: unknown