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Catalog of Abilene Christian College, 1913-1914
Catalog describes the governance, history, course offerings, and campus life of Abilene Christian College in Abilene, Texas.
[Group Portrait of Preachers]
Photograph of Jesse P. Sewell in the midst of a group of other preachers. Jesse sits in the middle of the front row in a very light-colored suit and wire-rimmed glasses.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian College Band]
Photograph of the Abilene Christian College band, show each student holding his or her instrument.
[Photograph of Baseball Team]
Group photograph of the Abilene Christian College baseball team, showing ten plays and two coaches on either side. Note on the back of photograph reads, "ACC Baseball. From 1913-1914 Catalogue. Top row: 1. _____. 2. Earl C. Hays. 3. Milton Cranfill. 4. Roy Coons. 5. Jesse P. Sewell. Second Row: 1. Leslie Cranfill. 2. Merle McCasland. 3. Arthur Curry - Teacher. 4. Jim _____. Bottom row: 1. Earl Zellner. 2. Zene Powers. 3. Alva Nichols (Elmer's Brother)."
[Photograph of The Six Idiots]
Photograph of a group of young women, wearing matching grey-colored coats and hats, lying on their stomachs in a field. Handwritten note in the bottom margin reads, “The six idiots.” A note in a different hand in the top margin reads, “In uniform.”
[Photograph of W.W. Debating Club]
Photograph of the Abilene Christian College W.W. Debating Club, showing four rows of men in suits. Among those who have been identified include, O.M. Reynolds, Vincent Sikes, Lee Coffman, W. Claude Sikes, Roy Coons.
[Photograph of Women in a Line]
Photograph of nine young women, wearing trousers and bonnets, standing in a row holding hands. Trees and tall grasses can be seen in the background above the girls' heads.
[Photograph of Women in School Uniforms]
Photograph of six young women posed wearing their school uniforms. A short dirt embankment can be seen directly behind them. Handwritten note in the bottom margin reads, “On Elm Creek in our uniforms.”
[Photograph of Women Walking Together]
Photograph of four young women dressed up and walking down the sidewalk with arms linked. All of the women stepping with their right foot first. One of the women is wearing a dark-colored jacket, but they all wear white dresses.
[Portrait of Joe B. Foster]
Portrait of Joe B. Foster, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored suit with a skinny satin tie and pocket watch chain. Joe was the roommate of W. Frauee James.