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[Baptistry Interpretation for Tigrett, Tennessee]

Description: Interpretative essay "Spiritual Applications" by Perry of the baptistry painting for the church in Tigrett, Tennessee. Also includes a copy of a poem "Redbuds for 'Ressurection'" by Lucy Stanley, and a copy of the poem "The Dogwood. For the Cross of Death" by Elizabeth S. Asgood.
Date: May 1948
Creator: Perry, Myrta Blanche

[Blanche Perry Painting Diary]

Description: A record of names, addresses, and other notes associated with various painting projects undertaken by Blanche Perry. Recorded in a paper diary. Entries contain contact information, names, addresses, etc. of churches requesting paintings, record of letters received and sent regarding status of project, money received to cover expenses, painting numbers, etc. Often contains notations on painting theme or descriptions of local baptistries. Occasionally contains personal notes about the people in the congregation. Contains two items tucked inside back cover. One is a color postcard of the Mt. of the Holy Cross in Colorado, which served as inspiration for several Perry paintings. The second item is a black and white photograph of Pasonanca Falls of Zamboanga, Philippines. The inscription on the back reads, "This card sent to me from the Philippines. I copied it as part of the baptistry I sent to the church there. Bert Perry later went there as a missionary."
Date: 1948/1953
Creator: Perry, Myrta Blanche