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Interview with Bill Clements, 1985

Description: Interview with Bill Clements, former governor of Texas. In the interview, Clements discusses changes to the political climate of Texas and America, as well as changes in party affiliation, due to Ronald Reagan's Presidency.
Date: 1985
Creator: Clements, Bill & McCaleb, Gary

Interview with Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis, 1985

Description: Interview with Dr. Alan Loy McGinnis, the author of several books, including "The Friendship Factor" and "The Romance Factor." In the interview, Dr. McGinnis discusses his books, including the newest one, "Bringing Out the Best in People."
Date: 1985
Creator: McGinnis, Alan Loy & McCaleb, Gary

Interview with Dr. Robert Handy, Dr. Albert Outler, and Dr. Sidney Mead, 1985

Description: Interview with Dr. Robert Handy, professor of American Christianity at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, Dr. Albert Outler, former professor of theology and church history at Yale and SMU, and Dr. Sidney Mead, former professor of church history at the University of Chicago, Claremont, and University of Iowa. The interview covers the topic of religion and Christianity in America, including political issues.
Date: 1985
Creator: Handy, Robert; Outler, Albert; Mead, Sidney & McCaleb, Gary

Interview with Eddie Chiles, 1985

Description: Interview with Eddie Chiles, Chairman of the Board of The Western Company and former owner of the Texas Rangers. In the interview, Chiles discusses his political views, as well as the importance of sports for children and young adults, and his involvement with the Texas Rangers.
Date: 1985
Creator: Chiles, Eddie & McCaleb, Gary