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Catalog of Abilene Christian College, 1947

Description: Summer session catalog describes the course offerings and general information about Abilene Christian College in Abilene, Texas.
Date: February 1947
Creator: Abilene Christian College
Item Type: Book

[Four Photographs of Individuals at Duncan Home]

Description: Four photographs taken at the Duncan Home. The second photograph from the top is of three women and two men sitting around at a dining room table with one of the chairs empty, mostly likely the photographer. The remaining three photographs are all taken outside of individuals standing in a row. Two of the photos are very similar as to the background, as well as probably being taken on the same day. There is a handwritten note on the back of the fourth photograph which reads, "Bro. and Sister Duncan, Jesse Mc., ?? and Bettie - made at the Duncan home - 12/25/47."
Date: 1947
Item Type: Photograph

[Group of Women in Front of House]

Description: Photograph of three women and a girl standing on the small front patio of a house in Beverly Hill, California. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "In front of Dorthy Lamour's kitchen. I wonder who slept in there?"
Date: 1947
Item Type: Photograph