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Continuation of Abilene Heights: An Addition to the City of Abilene, Texas

Description: Plat of a portion of the city of Abilene, Texas, along Cedar Crest Drive between North 19th and North 10th streets, bordered to the west by Cedar Creek. Blocks are subdivided to show individual properties with numbered labels and some notations regarding dimensions. Scale 1:3,600 (The scale is listed as 1:2,400 but with the following note: "Scale changed from 200' to 1 in to 300' to 1 in by County Clerk."
Date: June 13, 1929
Creator: Williams, Ed E. & Ross, L. C.
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[Plat of Merkel, Texas]

Description: Plat of a portion of the town of Merkel, Texas. According to the note in the lower-right corner: "Sketch showing the location of division lines on the town plat of Merkel. Index numbers and primary lines are shown here also." Additions are outlined and labeled in red. Scale 1:9,600
Date: April 13, 1931
Creator: West Texas Utilities Company. Engineering Department.