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Modern counterfiet of a coin from Macedon of Alexander the Great

Description: This is a modern cast counterfeit of a tetradrachm from Macedon from the reign of Alexander the Great. The originals were minted ca. 336-323 BCE. The obverse shows Heracles facing right wearing a lion-skin headdress. The reverse shows Zeus seated left, holding an eagle and sceptre with a torch in the left field. Very faint to the right of the seated figure is ALEXANDROU, Alexander. Since Alexander's program of hellenization through hegemony included common coinage, this example is as much a testimony to his military and political power as it is a method of economic exchange. For this reason, and due its high historic value, it is a common target of counterfeiters. The tell-tale sign of forgery in this case is evidence of casting; the original coins were struck from blanks.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Jump Shot]

Description: Enlarged photograph of an Abilene Christian College basketball game where number 7 is jumping in the air with other players with the referee looking on, and a crowd in the background looking on. The photo is very grainy. They are playing in the Wildcat Cage built in 1921.
Date: 1920~

[Twelve Lectureship Portraits]

Description: Portraits of the twelve speakers at the Abilene Christian College lectureship, arranged in a brown cardboard mat of two rows of six. From left to right: T. M. Carney, W. Fledlow, R. D. Smith, G. H. D. Showalter, John Rowe, J. N. Armstrong, Winteround, A. B. Barrett, John T. Smith, T. A. Etheredge, and F. L. Rowe.
Date: unknown

[1930 Basketball Portraits]

Description: Eight portraits on cardboard backing of the 1930 Abilene Christian College men's basketball team: Harrell Cheves, Frank Northam, Lennon Hill, O.B. Hendrick, Rudolph Black, Britt Pippen, Goober Keyes, James Lawrence. Beneath each players photo is a typed description, including name, weights, height, and position on the team. Handwritten note written in the lower margin reads, "Presented by 'C' Association."
Date: unknown