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[Western Observer Article on Blanche Perry]

Description: Newspaper clipping from the Western Observer in Anson, TX entitled "Mural for Church of Christ is Painted This Week By Mrs. Perry" (October 25, 1951). Gives background on Perry's life and church service through her paintings. Gives details on the size and symbols of the baptistry painting done by Perry for the church in Anson, TX.
Date: October 25, 1951
Creator: The Western Observer

[Photograph of Childers Classical Institute Alumni]

Description: Photograph of six men and women standing on stage. From left to right: O.M. Reynolds, De Leon; Miss Ada Sikes, Baird, first student to arrive on campus of Childers Classical Institute, 1906; Mrs. L.P. Davidson, Abilene; Charles McLaughlin, Lubbock, first student to register in Childers Classical Institute, 1906; D.M. Cranfill, Abilene; and Mrs. Nora Powers Hendrix, Buffalo Gap.
Date: November 1, 1952

[Newspaper Clipping: Belles of 1918]

Description: Newspaper clipping about the Abilene Christian College students who will be featured in the song "A City Set on a Hill" to be presented at the university's Anniversary Celebration. Includes a photograph of six young ladies all wearing the same polka dot graduation garments, holding their purses up at chest height with both hands.
Date: 1956

[Photograph of Bible Building]

Description: Photograph of thirteen men (Bible Faculty) with shovels lined up and ready to dig for the ground breaking of Bible Building. The men with shovels include: W.R. Smith, Carl Spain, LeMoine Lewis, Frank Pack, Paul Southern, Fred Barton, Paul Rotenberry, R.L. Johnston, J.W. Roberts, Woodrow Wilson, J.D. Thomas, Robert Alexander, and J.P. Lewis.
Date: 1955