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Texas Liberty Quadrangle

Description: Tactical map of a portion of Liberty County, Texas from the United States Army Corp of Engineers project. The map includes towns, historic or notable sites, bodies of water, and other geologic features. Scale 1:125,000
Date: 1922
Creator: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers.
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Texas Flatonia Quadrangle

Description: Topographic map of a portion of Fayette County, Texas from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) project. The map includes towns, historic or notable sites, bodies of water, and other geologic features. The back of the map contains a description of the mapping project and the symbols used on the map. Scale 1:24,000
Date: 1920
Creator: Geological Survey (U.S.)
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[Churches of Christ Missionary Portraiture]

Description: Black and white poster of Church of Christ missionary workers, showing the portraits of 60 men, women and children, arranged in a 12x5 patter. Each person is identified with notes on where and when his or her missionary work was done. A series of testimonials from the missionaries are located at the bottom on the poster.
Date: December 30, 1926

[Photograph of Jump Shot]

Description: Enlarged photograph of an Abilene Christian College basketball game where number 7 is jumping in the air with other players with the referee looking on, and a crowd in the background looking on. The photo is very grainy. They are playing in the Wildcat Cage built in 1921.
Date: 1920~

[Photographs of Abilene Christian College Faculty]

Description: Five photographs of various individuals associated with Abilene Christian College. The top left photo is of Dean Speck in front of a brick building. The bottom left photo is of Walter Sikes and Ella Faye Wallace standing on the sidewalk with Daisy Hall in the background. The top photo, second from the left is of young Billy and a very young girl covering her eyes with her left hand. The third photo from the left on the top is of Mrs. Speck and young Billy. The top photo on the right is of the Home Economics Teacher of the time.
Date: [1921..1922]

[Photograph of Wildcat Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of the 1922 Abilene Christian College Wildcat basketball team. Seven young men in basketball uniforms stand in a row with the coach of the team in front sitting on a stool. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Dad Nole's Basketball team: 1. Reynolds Cantrell. 2. Walter Adams. 3. Bryant Longacre. 4. Bruce Currie. 5. Leroy Williams. 6. Jeff Noles. 7. L. Adams."
Date: 1922

[Photograph of Football Team]

Description: Group photograph of the 1920 Abilene Christian College football team. Front row: Emerson Shepard, Sanger Shepard, _____ Huddleston, _____ Wilkerson, Herbert Love, Sewell Jones, Lee Coffman. Second row: Alfred Conway, O. Jones, Floyd Coffee, _____ Vaden, Weldon Russell, Clinton Howell. Back row: Vernon McCasland, Thornton Arledge, _____ Wright, Carl Etter.
Date: 1920