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Coin commemorating Roman emperor Caracalla

Description: Commemorative coin of two right-facing portraits within a border of dots on the obverse and reverse sides. One of the men is shown in a laurel crown while the other wears a helmet.
Date: unknown

Coin from Alexandria, Egypt of Antoninus Pius

Description: Coin from Alexandria, Egypt during the reign of Antoninus Pius. Obverse shows laureate head right. Reverse shows the emperor on horse back, with his right hand raised.
Date: 138-161 CE

Coin from Antioch of Psidia of Philip II

Description: Coin from the Roman colony of Pisidian Antioch of Philip II. Obverse shows radiate bust right of Philip II. Reverse shows goddess standing by an altar, wearing a chiton and peplos, holding a spear in left hand and a short staff in her right hand, with a globe at her feet.
Date: 247-249 CE

Coin from Athens, Greece of Athena and Apollo

Description: Early Greek coin from Athens, Greece. Obverse shows a faint portrait of the goddess Athena head right with a Corinthian helmet. Reverse shows Apollo, helmeted and holding a long spear in his left hand and a bird in his right.
Date: 220-83 BCE

Coin from Ephesus, Ionia

Description: Coin from the city of Ephesus in Ionia. The obverse is almost worn smooth, but very likely showed a bee and a laurel wreath. The reverse shows a stag facing right.
Date: 295-280 BCE

Coin from Rome of Claudius Drusus

Description: Roman coin of Tiberius Claudius Drusus (Claudius I) head right with a figure holding long torch in right hand and a cornucopia in the left on reverse.
Date: unknown

Coin from Seleucia Pieria of Claudius Drusus

Description: Coin from the ancient Greek city of Seleucia Pieria, in present-day Syria, of Claudius Drusus. Obverse shows laureate head right. Reverse shows 'SC' within a circled laurel wreath.
Date: 41-54 CE

Coin from Selge (Seruk) of Lucius Verus

Description: Coin from Selge (Seruk), a city in present day Turkey, depicting emperor Lucius Verus, co-ruler with Marcus Aurelius. The obverse shows the emperor's head, radiate right. The reverse shows Nike standing, holding a spear in her left hand and cornucopia in her right. Faint traces remain of the thin gold wash applied to this coin.
Date: 161-169 CE
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Coin from Smyrna, Ionia of Neokorus

Description: Obverse inscription reading IERA CYNKLHTOC surrounds laureate head of the Senate right. Reverse inscription readings CMYRNAIWN G NEWKORWN circles a tetrastyle temple with Tyche standing left within, holding rudder and cornucopiae.
Date: 211-260 CE

Coin from the Byzantine Empire bearing likeness of Christ

Description: Coin from the Byzantine Empire, very likely from the reign of Basill II, bearing a faint front-facing bust of Jesus Christ. The obverse shows Christ surrounded by a nimbate cross. In his left hand is a book of the Gospels. Though worn, the lettering on the obverse flanking the portrait is likely IC-XC, an abbreviatino for Jesus Christ. The reverse carries four lines of text reading IhSUS XRISTUS bASILEU bASILE, Jesus Christ King of Kings.
Date: 976-1028 CE

Coin Issued by Roman Procurator Marcus Ambivulus

Description: Coin during the reign of Roman Procurator Augustus (Marcus Ambibulus), showing ear of barley within an inscription on the obverse; the reverse depicts a palm tree, with two branches, with a date mark across the trunk.
Date: unknown

Coin of Byzantine Emperor Justin I

Description: Coin from the Byzantine Empire bearing on the obverse a faint portrait of Justin I laureate head right; a large “M” and a cross appear on the reverse.
Date: unknown

Coin of Byzantine Emperor Phocas

Description: Coin from the Byzantine Empire very likely struck in the Antioch mint. The obverse bears a faint portrait of Phocas, crowned and facing front wearing consular robes. Though worn and lacking definitive detail, he is likely holding either a mappa and eagle-tipped sceptre or akakia and globus cruciger. Both variations were struck at the Antioch mint that same year. The reverse bears a large M.
Date: 609-610 CE

Coin of Commodus Antoninus Augustus Pius

Description: Coin of Commodus Antoninus Augustus Pius showing on the obverse laureate head right; the reverse has the inscription SC across the fields in the center of which is Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae.
Date: unknown

Coin of Gordianus III Pius Antoninianus

Description: Coin showing on the obverse crowned Gordian III radiate bust right. The reverse shows Security standing or leaning on a shield and column or a long staff.
Date: 238-244 CE

Coin of Hadrian from Britain

Description: Roman coin of Hadrian on the obverse shown bust right; on the reverse is the goddess Piety, seated. This coin was found in a cache near Hadrian's wall in Great Britain.
Date: unknown